Cellulite are those little pockets of fat on our skin that seem to crop up as we age. First, let me say that this is not a sales pitch for those creams and other gadgets that are provided to fix the problem, because they do not. They may provide some very short-term benefits, but in the long term there are no quick fixes for cellulite. You must get to the root of the problem, and that can be done through diet, vigorous exercise and keeping your lymphatic system healthy.

So just what is cellulite and why does your lymphatic system becomes so important in getting rid of it? For most people cellulite results from the buildup of toxins in your fat cells. These toxins come in many forms, both external and from many of the junk foods we eat, and when they can not be properly processed by the liver they are stored in our fat cells. And anyone who has issues with cellulite knows that it shows up on our fatty areas.

Our lymphatic system produces a clear, colorless liquid called lymph. It is part of our circulatory system and has a few functions, but in our discussion here we will talk about it as part of our circulatory system. It flows through the small capillaries under the skin and acts as an agent for flushing waste, toxins and other poisonous substances from the cells and tissues. If this lymph can not flow freely through the capillaries, it obviously will not be able to do its job.

We can see from this that doing spot treatments on certain areas sooner to cellulite will not alleviate the overall problem. It is a systemic issue that requires a total solution, and that means proper exercise, healthy diet and keeping our circulatory system in good shape. If we do not do these things cellulite, for as ugly as it may be to look at, it is certainly an indicator of greater health problems.

So what are a few of the things that we can do to keep our lymphatic system operating well?

1. Regular vigorous exercise. This will not only boost metabolism and increase blood flow to the capillaries, but it will also aid in detoxification by providing support to the total lymphatic system.

2. Healthy diet. This means a diet rich in nutrients needed for metabolic and hormonal function, but also one that eliminates those toxins from processed foods that are a major source of the problem.

3. Giving the skin a good stimulation. Hydrotherapy, or alternating between hot and cold water in the shower will boost the body's ability to burn fat and assist in detoxification. These techniques have been around near forever in many cultures, such as the Finnish sauna, where the body is heated to the extreme and then dipped suddenly into a cold lake.

Massage therapy and dry skin brushing are also a couple of activities that can boost circulation, exfoliate and generally stimulates the lymphatic system. Any and all activities that get the blood flowing through those dormant, fatty areas are going to provide the flushing necessary to remove the toxins, along with removing the cellulite.