Have you ever considered whether people live their lives the way they drive their cars? The jury is still out on answering that one, but if there is a relationship between them, I'll leave it to you to consider any implications.

Next time you're out 'n' about put your observation skills to the test and see whether or not you agree with those that I have identified.

I name one group 'Dozers'. They get their name from dozing-off at traffic lights. It's as if the color red invokes a strange power over them, putting them into a trance-like state. So powerful is this color that, when the light suddenly turns green, the Dozer just fits there as if spellbound. And continuous urging by other drivers hoping for some sign of action, the Dozer just sits there. And when he or she finally wakes up to the fact that others are becoming increasingly impatient, the light resumes its redness. Usually it's only the Dozer who makes it through in time.

Another group are what I call 'Bummers.' They earn their name from their practice of tailgating: they're particularly curious in Queensland. Bummers insist on driving so close that, when you look in the rearview mirror, another car appears to be in the back seat. And accelerating or breaking has little or no effect on the Bummer: they seem hell-bent on staying put. The only way you can rid yourself of them is to pull-over and let them pass.

'Colorblinds' are another type. They're usually males who confuse the colors red, orange, and green. Colorblinds can not be count-on to drive according to the color of the traffic lights. An orange light could result in acceleration to avoid stopping when the light changes to red, or it could mean stopping in preparation for a change to red. And their action this time does not mean that it will be repeated next time. Just because a light changes color, it can not be assumed that colorblinds will continue, accelerate, or stop.

'Frog-Kissers' get their name from the many fairy stories where someone must confront their fear by kissing the frog. The beautiful princess, for example, must kiss the frog if her Prince Charming is to materialize. Frog-Kissers behind the wheel can be a danger to themselves and to others. How they ever got a license to drive is a mystery. Their fear of driving is exceeded only by their determination to bring to life the joy that the advertisers pose as part of the driving experience.

'Staccatoes' are stop-starters who speed-up, slow-down, and stop-dead for no apparent reason. Just when you think it's safe to follow the car in front, its brake lights come on, indicating a slow-down. Not only does this happen without warning, there's seemingly no reason for this action. And when you decide to pass, true to their type, Stocatoes accelerate again-without warning, of course.

'WHOGAS'ers' are the scariest of all types. WHOGAS is an acronym for 'Who Gives AS ***. These drivers are the ones who cruise along, ostensibly without a care in the world. (As the saying goes: if they were any more relaxed, they'd be fly-blown.) They may even appear to be sleep behind the wheel: it seem as though they really do not give as ***. Their mantra seems to be, 'This car is helping me get from A to B. Nothing else matters'.

As you see by my descriptions, if people live their lives the way they drive, society could have problems. If your driving-type did not get a mention, how would you describe it?