As we get older, we find that our hands are one of the first areas that tend to show signs of aging more than other parts of the body. Dry skin, wrinkles and sunspots on the hands are a dead giveaway of our age.

We use our hands all day, every day, whether it's doing the housework, gardening or daily exposure to the weather. The sun, wind and rain, over the years, can cause our hands to become scaly and sun-damaged, with wrinkles and visible veins, and this all makes them look older than they are.

The hands, face and neck are the most visible areas of the body as they are not usually covered with clothing. People tend to concentrate their beauty routine on their face, using the best moisturisers, anti-aging serums, sun-creams and make-up to help keep it looking as youthful as possible, for as long as possible. However, we do tend to overlook the hands.

Over time the hands lose volume, fat and elasticity and become translucent and wrinkly and these results in the veins, tendons and bony structures becoming more obvious.

There are many signs of aging on the hands:

  • Age / Sun spots – We get pigmentation spots on the hands after years of exposure to the sun, and without intervention they will multiply, so when you're applying sun cream, do not forget to rub it into your hands.
  • Prominent veins – The loss of volume that occurs with aging will leave the hands thinner and bony, and this will make the veins more prominent.
  • Dry skin – As with the face, a dry, dull complexion will make your hands look older than they are, so putting on an emollient-rich hand cream will help to improve the skin. Always use a hand moisturizer on the hands as dry skin can make the skin look wrinkly.
  • Crepey skin – As we get older, the body produces less collagen and when the hands lose collagen, the skin on the hands gets thinner and starts to look dry and crumpled. UV light also results in collagen damage.

Exposure to the sun can quickly age your hands, but the bigger problem is volume loss. Dermal fillers will restore lost volume and plump up bony hands, making prominent veins look less obvious. A topical anaesthetic gets applied before treatment and most dermal fillers contain anaesthetic which makes the procedure much less painful, and then the dermal fillers are delicately inserted with very fine needles. The quality and texture of your skin improves with dermal filler treatment and decreases wrinkles and prominent veins.