Despite having information about the intense potential which bee pollen products contain manufacturers have not been able to get a patent for the same. They seem to have beaten aback by the extreme regulatory practices of the government which make it extremely expensive for them to get a patent for the product. No clinical studies have still been manufactured by manufacturers of bee pollen supplements to provide a single reason about how this product can prove to be an extremely potent anti-aging measure.

The regulatory bodies have a stipulation that for a product to be patented, the company making the application has to conduct research and invent a product on its own. Companies that are involved in the production of bee pollen supplements definitely conduct research about the product they market. Unfortunately, this is not an invention which is created by the manufacturers, and therefore, they are not in a position to get patent rights on the same. In order to conduct clinical trials on a product which will not be given a patent, manufacturers are expected to spend millions of dollars and more. Under the circumstances, they are left with little to no choices and rely on the information they have when trying to promote products like these.

Another factor which again hampers the efforts of manufacturers is the fact that bee pollen can not be created in clinical conditions. Mother Nature seems to have beaten all others in this matter and has taken a lead which will never be overcome by the rest. In clinical trials, it is commonly observed that manufacturers tend to conduct studies on just one or two ingredients. They do not attempt to study multiple ingredients, which contain different compounds like bee pollen do at the same time. Under the circumstances, it can safely be concluded that clinical tests on this ingredient will never be completed at least for now. It could certainly happen sometimes in the future if the government of the country decides to relax some of the patent laws that are currently in force.

The anti-aging properties of bee pollen quite exactly on the theory is also adopted by products like resveratrol. While it can never prove that resveratrol improves heart health, there is simply no evidence to prove that bee pollen supplements can reverse the process of aging. History, however, shows different results because people who have used these supplements have shown abilities to live longer and also age slower. This is evidence enough about the properties of such products, which have been verified by Mother Nature herself over a number of years.