Does Stress Cause You To Age Faster?

The genetic information of all organisms is contained within the chromosomes making them the source of our organizational patterns like color, health, behavior and so on. Each chromosome in our body is buffered by the presence of structures at either of its ends made of protein-DNA complexes called telomeres. These telomeres protect the genome from being degraded nucleolytically; prevent them from getting fused with other chromosomes or recombination processes. In general terms, they protect the genome from undue erosion. The telomeres are therefore key to the preservation of our genetic code and can not be done away with. According to the normal physiological process, in each cellular division a little portion of DNA from the telomeres is lost as well. Beyond a threshold point of the telomeric length, the cells undergo orchestrated death through apoptosis. The length of the telomere therefore may act as an indicator that determines the cell or organism lifespan. Various agents that we encounter through our lifestyle may lack the shortening of the telomeres. These agents could cause damage to the DNA or directly affects the telomeres thereby modulating the general health and / or the lifespan of the individual. Therefore, there are factors that can accelerate the telomere shortening and interfere with healthy life and aging. Efforts are now being focused on decelerating this process and reverse the associated phenomenon of aging and related disorders.

Variability of the telomere length

Although the general notification is that the telomere length varies according to the age of the individual, there are high degrees of variation of the telomere length even among individuals of similar age. Existing reports suggest that the telomere length is determined genetically and that inheritance accounts for this variation in (40-80)% of the cases. According to the work of Okuda and his group it was observed that the lengths of telomeres from the DNA samples of neonatal showed significant synchronization that were isolated from umbilical artery, WBCs and skin. However, this was not the case with the telomere lengths of different newborns which seemed to vary to a great extent. The synchronization that was observed within the tissues of neonatals are lost and become more heterogeneous in the aged individuals. There are also literatures available which suggest that the length of the telomere varies between people from different ethnic background. The telomere lengths in African Americans are longer than those of the Caucasians while no significant difference between the telomere lengths was observed from the newborns of the two races. It was also significant that the adult women possess longer telomeres than their male counterparts. Women also show a lower rate of shortening of the telomere. A cue to this may be found from the study that estrogen stimulates telomerase activity. Significant association between estrogen levels and the activity of telomerase have been established. Misiti et al. have suggested that estrogen is also effective in up-regulating the gene expression of telomerase besides its activity.

Stress can affect telomeres

Besides the genetic factors in the determination of telomere length, exposure to varied environmental factors has a significant role to play in it. The telomeres due to their genetic make up show a high degree of sensitivity to oxidation induced stress. Such is the impact of the oxidative stress on telomere length that it has now been accepted that it causes greater damage to telomeres than even the cell division process. Increase in lifestyle related psychological stress enhancers oxidative stress that results in decreased telomerase activity and accelerated telomere attrition. Studies have revealed that the exposure to stress for longer duration of time can result in the reduced activity of telomerase that in turn pastens telomere shortening in cells of both endothelial or smooth muscle origin. Accordingly, it has been demonstrated that the intake of anti-oxidants causes the enhancement in telomerase activity with a concomitant reduced telomere shortening. An increase in the level of LDL oxidation has been linked to the leucocytes with shorter lengthened telomeres stiffening the artery.

Other environmental factors and length of telomeres

Evidences have been put forward that suggest that infection contributes to a large extent in the shortening of telomeres in immune system cells through the promotion of leucocytes. The telomere length has been negatively affected by the increase in the levels of some cytokines like C-reactive protein (CRP) and IL-6. It has even been observed that during childhood, illness of chronic nature and adverse events of life are linked to the formation of short telomeres at an early age. Smoking results in an increase in the inflammatory responses through oxidative stress and a consequent shorter lengthened telomere. Female smokers are more at risk of eroding the telomeres early. Smoking stimulates the telomere shortening according to a concentration gradient; more the smoking, more is the shortening of telomere. Good habits of physical exercises relating to improvements in telomeres in adults as also in the adolescents thereby suggesting its association with anti-aging process. Intake of marine foods rich in ω-fatty acids also positively influences telomeres. Cherkas and colleagues recently added to this growing list and stated that the socioeconomic status of the individuals can have an impact on the length of telomeres.

Mechanisms to lengthen telomeres

The main function of the telomeres is to support DNA erosion from the ends of chromosomes during replication thereby buffering the process. The enzymes involved in the replication process (DNA polymerases) are able to copy the entire template as a result with each cell cycle a length of the chromosomal end is not copied and is lost forever. However, in order to prevent this incomplete genome replication and DNA loss, the organizations have evolved different mechanisms. The majority of the organisms make use of the retro-transcriptase, telomerase to lengthen their telomeres. However, it has been found that organizations that are deficient in telomerase activity have devised other alternatives to protect and lengthen their telomeres by processes known as Alternative lengthening of Telomere (ALT). In some organizations, the RecQ helicase is required for ALT. In addition, the removal of Mismatch Repair Pathway can cause an increase in ALT process.

Therefore the telomere length is crucial in maintenance of our health and lifespan. On the other hand, the telomerase activity is absolutely necessary to lengthen the telomeres and keep us healthy and prolong our lives. With our lifestyle we expose ourselves to increased levels of oxidative stress that interferees with telomerase activity and accelerates telomere shortening. Therefore, the intake of supplements that can stimulate the telomerase activity can be quite beneficial in maintaining our health and acting as anti-aging factors. The administration of anti-oxidants could help in this regard by enhancing the activity of the telomerase which in part explains their effectiveness as age reversing agents.

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Being a Part of the Huge Business of Anti-Aging

Some members of the world's population through the ages have quite likely always been concerned with looking old as they age, but the anti-aging products have become more numerous and popular on the market since the baby boomers started to age. The oldest of the boomers turned fifty (which may be considered as the beginning of older age and approaching the age of seniors) more than fifteen years ago. Some are now bona-fide senior citizens, having attained what used to be the normal retirement age of sixty-five.

The baby boomers have been influencing product lines since they were newborn babies. Now as they are advancing in years, anti-aging products have found increased popularity. There must be thousands of different items available to fight the effects of the aging process. It has caused anti-aging to become a huge business on the marketplace.

Because the baby boomers have been a portion of the population which has always seemed concerned with good health and fitness, exercise centers and spas have become very popular businesses. Any product which is touted as being beneficial for anti-aging and remaining vibrant is likely to have a potential of picking up at least a small portion of a huge market. Many people have become extremely wealthy by catering to this segment of the population over the years. Anti-aging products have now taken center stage for these people.

Creams, lotions, and potions which are advertised to reduce or reverse the effects of aging have become the norm. All cosmetic companies seem to carry them. Pills and liquids are available to help keep the body younger as the years pass. Everyone sees interested in finding that “fountain of youth” which will help keep a person looking or feeling younger. Although there are some benefits to becoming older, it is said that old age is not for the fault of heart. So many changes occur in an older person's life and body with which younger people usually have little or no concern. Remaining healthy is a major goal for everyone despite it is more challenging for those in the older groups.

On the shelves of every drug, department, and grocery store can be found anti-aging products of one kind or another. They are also being sold through the medium of network marketing (also called multi-level marketing or MLM), where products are not generally publicly advertised but are sold through people telling people are them. Usually a person trying to encourage others to join a network marketing business would have to have sufficient familiarity and success with using the product to convince another person to join the business to also push the products.

Anti-aging products are extremely plentiful in this day and age. Anyone who is concerned with trying to remain younger looking and healthy can find numerous products to assist in that quest. Almost everyone who becomes older is a part of this huge business of anti-aging products by becoming a consumer. He can also be involved in this area by getting into a business which distributes these popular products.

The Japanese Americans who were incarcerated in camps during World War II by their own government are now senior citizens. They suffered greatly when they were held behind barbed wire and watched over by armed guards. Their lives were disrupted and damaged so that many had emotional problems later in life. They are part of the anti-aging movement as they now still try to recover from those trying times.

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Getting Older? Throw Away The Rocking Chair!

You're going to age no matter what, but how quickly you suffer age-related problems is partly determined by your lifestyle. Incorporate a few sensible tips into your daily life, and you will soon feel and look better and be able to realistically look forward to a healthier, happier, longer life. You will be stay happier for many years to come by employing advice like that found below.

Avoid wrinkles by not frowning. It sounds silly, but it really is true. If you find yourself frowning, give yourself a sharp pinch. Finally, you will be free of the horrible habit.

One of the most important things to remember when aging is to not focus on any numbers. It is simple to focus on your age, especially as it increases, or even worse the amount you weigh. While it's important to know your weight to keep in control, it's more important to focus on how you feel and not what preconceived notions tell you a person your age should feel like. Do not dwell on those numbers, and instead focus your time and energy to doing fun things that you really enjoy.

Do not measure yourself in numbers – measure instead in content. Doctors get paid to think about the things such as age, weight, and height. If you only dwell on your age, your weight, or your shrinkage, you can miss out on things that can keep you young.

A well-balanced diet may be your key to growing old in health and happiness. Your diet should be low in cholesterol and saturated fats, and high in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This gives your body the essential nutrients that it needs not only to survive but to thrive.

Everyone ages. At some point, the elderly are no longer able to care for themselves. When this time is upon you, it is time to make a tough decision and choose a nursing home that will suit your needs. While this can be an unpleasant thought for some, it may be the best option. Nurses, doctors and other nursing home staff will help provide you with a quality of life you may not be able to provide yourself.

Wherever you are, look for ways to make others happy. When you make someone's day better, you automatically make yourself feel better as well. Joy is a free, infinite resource, so spread it around freely and experience the benefits.

As people grow older, most find their home to be a place of solstice. Make your home personalized to fit your needs and comforts, so you can always have a welcoming place to return to after dealing with the daily trials of life. Your cozy home will be awaiting you at the end of each day.

Powder makeup and foundation may actually cause your skin to age prematurely. When aging, your skin needs all the hydration it can get. Try to stick with lighter items including lip glosses, mascaras and eye pencils.

Takes steps to stay away from people that like to focus on the negative and spend your time with happy people. There have been studies that have proven laughter and smiles that keep you looking young. You will want to surround yourself with people that make you laugh rather than make you frown.

Sugar is one of the largest factors in having a shorter life. Eating significant amounts of sugar can cut years off your life. Studies have shown in every animal on the planet that sugar will reduce the lifespan by significant reductions.

As this article shows, aging is not necessarily such a bad thing. You are able to maintain an active lifestyle if you take care of yourself. Do not wait another day to start incorporating these ideas into your daily life.

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Tips on How to Apply Coconut Butter

Due to numerous benefits of coconut butter its popularity has significantly increased in recent years. Indeed, the number of benefits provided by the coconut is impressive. Numerous scientific findings prove that it helps boost immune system and increase energy level. At the same time, it is essential for weight loss, skin and hair care. In fact, coconut oil can be used in a number of ways, some of which are described below.

Butter Substitute

Unlike most fatty foods, coco butter contains medium-chain fatty acids which function more like carbohydrates than fat. Consuming medium-chain fatty acids is quite beneficial for us, because they are quickly burned by the body filling it with the necessary amount of energy. This means, they give additional energy and are never stored as unwanted fat. While using coconut butter in cooking, you will prepare healthy and delicious meals.

Reduces Craving for Sugary Foods

Probably the most interesting benefit of the coco butter is its ability to reduce craving for sweets. Natural butter is sweet, however it is free of empty calories and manufactured sweeteners found in most goodies. A spoonful of butter will help resist a temptation of eating candy or cookie.

Body Lotion

A high content of lauric acid and natural antioxidants found in coconut butter makes it a great body lotion. When used as post-shower lotion, it gives an excellent moisturizing effect which makes skin luminous through the day. On the top of that, it protects skin from the negative impact of sunrays and helps get rid of a number of skin diseases.

Energy Booster

Coconut Butter is an awesome energy booster. Due to the metabolic process involved in breaking down medium-chain fatty acids, this butter gives human body an amount of energy that no other food can give. Consuming this butter is especially recommended for athletes and people engaged in rigorous mental and physical activities.

Weight Loss Diet Component

The process of coconut butter digestion is accompanied by thermoheneses. During thermogenesis, food is metabolized through heat which hastens calorie burning. So, if you are on a weight loss diet it is recommended eating a small amount of coconut butter during or before the meal. However, do not get obsessed and keep this amount low.

Hair Care Solution

Coconut Butter is widely used as an effective remedy for damaged and dried hair. Regular usage of home made masks made with coconut butter helps restore damaged locks and restore their beauty. It hastens hair growth and advances the appearance of split ends. It is also proven to abolish dandruff and scalp dryness and itching.

Indeed, there are many awesome ways on how to use this miracle butter. It is ideal for cooking, baking and can do wonders to your health, skin and hair.

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Common Botox Myths Debunked

It's no doubt. Botox treatment has hit the mainstream. Just like everything else popular, Botox treatment is surrounded by several myths. Here are some of them.

Botox is a surgical procedure

Many have been saying that Botox is a surgical procedure. This is not true. During a surgical procedure, a surgeon makes incisions on your body. This is not the case with Botox.

In Botox treatment, only a small needle is used to inject the formula directly into the affected area. The injection sites are usually too small to be seen by the naked eye. In fact, you can have the injection now and nobody will notice it in the next minute.

Botox can prevent development of wrinkles

While this is a debatable issue even in the medical circles, it has not been proved that Botox has the capability to prevent wrinkles from developing. Before you take a stand on this myth, you need to understand that wrinkles develop as a result of your face's natural muscle movements.

Therefore, for you to remain wrinkle free, you need to remain motionless. This is impossible, Right? Due to this fact, it's doubtful that your face will remain wrinkle free even with Botox injection.

Botox freezes your face

Many people joke that they do not want the treatment because they are scared that they will be unable to make facial expressions. Although, the treatment aids in minimizing the movement of muscles, it does not cause the entire face to be motionless.

While it's possible to have a 'plastic' appearance when you inject excess amounts of Botox, the effects are short lived and fade after a few weeks. To ensure that you do not suffer from a 'plastic' appearance due to excessive Botox injections, you should ensure that you seek the services of a qualified and experienced surgeon. As rule of thumb, always seek the services of a surgeon working in a well established institution.

Botox is painful

Pain is scaring. When many people hear of the term Botox, they think of the flu or tetanus shot. While Botox treatment is almost similar to the flu or tetanus shot, they are not exactly the same. This is because tetanus shots require large needles that cause a lot of pain, while a Botox usually requires a small needle that is usually painless.

The Botox needle used is identical to the one used by diabetics to inject themselves insulin. If you have sensitive skin and you feel pain even with the small needle, most of the surgeons use anesthesia.

Botox is toxic

While this myth has been floating around since the discovery of Botox, it's actually not true. Botox is basically botulanium toxin A. This is a chemical that has been approved by the FDA to be safe for human use.

Although, Botox is effective in decreasing the signs of aging, it can cause food poisoning if used in excess amounts. Luckily, surgeons inject very small amounts of it. The small amounts injected are very safe and do not cause any side effects. To ensure that only small amounts of Botox are injected, only seek the services of a qualified surgeon.

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How Has Stem Cell Culturing Affected the Health and Wellness Industry?

The ability to derive stem cells from plants or humans has had a significant effect on the health and wellness industry. While stem cell research is most often associated with the medical industry, it has also become a mainstay as an anti-aging ingredient. The role of stem cells in cosmetics was once a complex issue from an ethics perspective, however this has changed with the introduction of stem cell media.

In order to understand how cell culturing has affected the health and wellness industry, it is important to take a closer look at what cell culturing actually is. Culturing is the ability for healthcare professionals to take a single adult cell and cultivate it in a laboratory setting. The results is human fibroblast conditioned media or human adipose cells. The progenitor cell of human fibroblast is often taken from human adipose cells. From the progenitor cell, thousands of new cells can be grown. Conditioned media is the solution which is put in a petri dish to facilitate cell growth. It is typically a combination of sugars, amino acids, and proteins.

The resulting conditioned media include proteins that have been secreted by the cells and it is these proteins that are added to the serums use within the health and wellness industry. Using adult cell conditioned media a number of different serums have been produced to target specific degenerative related conditions.

One of the most popular types of serums is anti-aging serum. The purpose of this type of serum is to control wrinkles, stretch marks, reduce scars, and reverse the visible signs of aging. A majority of the visible signs of aging relate directly to cell health. For example, wrinkles are typically the result of skin cells losing elasticity. The application of anti-aging serums aims to replicate healthy cells and jumpstart cell regrowth to visibly reduce the signs of aging.

Using the same promise, a number of cell culturing related serums have been developed to address hair loss, blood vessel formation, and improving the body's ability to heal minor wounds. Over the past few years a number of clinical tests have been conducted that show a correlation link between using serums based on adult conditioned media. While the specific reasons this type of serum has been shown to be effective is still unclear, there is substantial evidence to suggest the adult conditioned media is the primary driving force behind it.

Overall, cell culturing has significantly affected the health and wellness industry. Not only has it led to the development of new serums, but it has also given the industry the ability to leverage previous research to produce a variety of new approaches to providing potential anti-aging solutions.

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A Body Friendly Way to Stop Aging With Aches and Pain

What are you doing about aches and pains?

Research and clinical observations suggest that pain is associated with immune dysfunction. With the health industry reporting that present treatment for Knee osteoarthritis is not as it should be, with patients not getting the pain relief they seek, it is good to seek an alternative approach for relief.

I am totally convinced that a change in diet can bring amazing results to stop the progress of aging with pain.

This is simple and inexpensive. You however need a dose of courage, and a belief in the power of making healthy food choices.

Here's why! Pain is usually produced when the immune system feels overworked or compromised. For example, this system becomes stressed when the body has to process too much of the same type of food on a regular basis. One of the ways to have a tiptop functioning immune system is to feed it a variety of foods that enhance its function, and help it to work like a well tuned engine, or an automatic clock.

The immune system is alert, and wants to do a good job of securing your health without you having a whimper. But it needs the right energy! Fortunately the energy for support of this system comes from choosing fresh foods that support immune function.

I am sure most people do not get up in the morning and say, let's see what I can feed my immune system for breakfast …

But thanks to the tradition of drinking fruit juice, such as fresh orange juice at breakfast we get a head start of immune support. One of the foods your immune system thrives on is fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those that are high in vitamin C.

When the immune system is functioning without the stress of poor nutrition and under the influence of the necessary support nutrients, you experience wellness, along with protection from diseases like cancer.

Choosing to eat fresh foods high in Vitamin C is a major step towards keeping this system doing a tip top job of managing body energy, and reducing oxidative stress. This is the kind of stress that can surreptitiously damage body cells and organs without you even being aware of it … The power to support your immune system is entirely in your hands. Only you can take the necessary steps to less oxidative stress, and so get relief from the pain of nutritional stress. And all of this is accomplished by your mindset to seek making healthy eating choices. This is simple stuff.

Thankfully, vegetables high in antioxidants and Vitamin C like, mustard greens, Swiss chard, collards and turnip greens, and winter squash are inexpensive and readily available in grocery markets and stores. For instance, choosing green vegetables like kale, spinach or parsley as part of your diet regimen, would ensure that your blood stream constantly has the antioxidant support it needs for proper immune function.

The immune system also gets a boost from healthy levels of zinc. Good sources of zinc can also be found in green leafy vegetables and squash. Fortunately vegetables are easy to cook. You do not need a recipe. I prefer to steam vegetables in the microwave, or a wok or saucepan. Steaming requires a small amount of water, so that you do not lose all the beneficial minerals and vitamin from the vegetables into the water. Parsley should not be cooked because it has a tremendous amount of vitamin C and heat will destroy most of it. It's best to make a pesto.

Vitamin C is essential for good immune function. You can add more vitamin C to your diet by adding a squeeze of fresh lemon to your water … Vitamin C is a volatile substance and is easily dissipated. This is why for major support, it is wise to eat fresh oranges instead of bottled orange juice, to get more potent vitamin C.

With these small and inexpensive endeavors, you might get through the flu season without a sniffle. I am fully prepared to do this because last January, I was not as vigilant about protecting my immune system and I had the flu for the first time in 40 years.

You can also improve your protective efforts by adding various types of Mushrooms such as crimini, reishi, maitake and shiitakes which are also known to enhance immune support.
This is the genesis of total body protection from disease.

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Skin Care Benefits of Healing Organic Lemongrass Oil

Organic Lemongrass, or Melissa herb, is easily recognized by its tall fronds of leaves and strong lemon-citrusy scent and is indigenous to Sri Lanka and India. Applying this healing botanical to the skin can help alleviate common skin disorders and problems, such as bacterial infections and even large pores. In addition, organic lemongrass is even used an excellent mosquito repellent.

Inherent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties give organic Lemongrass the ability to discourage bacterial or microbial growth on the skin. The essential oil reduces the occurrence of skin infections as well as alleviates skin irritations, such as folliculitis and cellulitis, that are caused by bacterial infections. Lemongrass oil is also fungicidal, as it clears fungus infections on the skin.

This healing essential oil from nature's bounty has been gifted with unique antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial / antiseptic chemical qualities that allow it to also be a very effective astringent. Facial skin toners, cleansers and soaps containing organic lemongrass oil do a great job of firming and tightening the skin. When used as an astringent / toner, this lively-screened oil is very effective in minimizing skin pores, while it forms a protective barrier for the skin that guards it against daily free radical exposure.

Astringent herbs and oils constrict the skin, contract pores, provide skin-firming, limit the secretions of oil in the skin and help to clear and fight the recurrence of acne. Astringents / facial toners are intended to cleanse, stimulate and remove excess oil from the skin, leaving it feeling toned and fresh. Organic Lemongrass essential oil makes an excellent, healing addition to toners and soaps, due to its natural astringent and antiseptic qualities.

This lemony-spotted, invigorating organic essential oil is also well-known for its aroma-therapeutic qualities that calm and relieve stress. Managing stress is very important in healing the skin and body as a whole. Stress is a large contributor to reduced effectiveness of the immune system and to risk of disease.

Adding organic lemongrass to your daily skin care regimen or bath is fairly simple and enjoyable way to increase the healing properties in your daily skin care. Simply add a few drops of the essential oil daily to your favorite organic facial or body moisturizer, facial toner, foaming cleanser or bath gel and apply or use the product as you normally would. Its fragrance is especially nice and rejuvenating to use in your morning shower or after-shower body care. The essential oil's anti-biotic, anti-fungal and toning qualities will soon be evident in the health and smoothness of the skin.

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The Benefits That We Can Get From Using Collagen Skin Creams

Are you beginning to notice fine lines on your face? If yes then its time to act now before it gets worst. Good thing that a few anti-aging treatments offer to enhance the look of your face, neck and hands. One of the many alternatives will be collagen skin cream. Could it produce a change to your health or it is just a plain gimmick?

Do you know what collagen is? As well as what it can do on your epidermis? Effectively, it is one of the necessary proteins and one of important foundations of your skin to help keep lines and other signs of aging away. Lower levels of collagen and elastin are usually major causes triggering your skin to look wrinkled and sagging.

As you grow older, your body will not generate quite as much of those two healthy proteins like when you were young. The skin drops elasticity, sags, as well as dries up creating increasingly greater facial lines. So if you want to prevent those things from happening, you need to raise collagen and elastin re-growth ranges by using the best collagen skin creams.

These kinds of creams help promote brand new elastic fibers because it contains the best natural ingredients that are proven and tested effective in boosting collagen levels. One of several 100% natural ingredients which have been demonstrated to accomplish that will be Coenzyme Q10. Some studies showed that it helps increase the number of pro-collagen molecules found in the skin levels.

Collagen skin creams that function should also contain an ingredient called practical keratin. Creams that have this ingredient when applied topically can easily permeate deeply in your skin to excite your individual collagen and elastin to build all over again.

Take note that collagen skin creams should be clear of man-made preservatives in addition to added perfumes, simply because these are a couple of reasons behind hypersensitive reaction. So instead of these ingredients, it must have natural ingredients and antioxidants like pure vitamin e which is an excellent ingredient and it is beneficial to skin's health. Many businesses avoid natural kind simply because it costs more.

So remember that the best creams to boost collagen levels should be free of toxic irritants along with allergens. It should not have a reminder that states similar to “discontinue use if side effects show” do not purchase that. There are much more great products available on the market. There is no need to look at additional risk.

Remember also not to choose a cream based on its price. Many pricey goods are not that useful. Brand name is not going to assist you to avoid lines and wrinkles. Always base your decision on picking a cream with its ingredients like the ingredients mentioned previously.

Collagen skin cream is not just some sort of gimmick or fad, for it is an effective method of minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. By far the most successful as well as safe way of boosting your bovine collagen is using a collagen skin cream with natural ingredients filled with age reversing benefits.

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Chill Out And Live Longer

Not so long ago, my daughter told me to 'chill out'. In everyday-speak, I found out that 'un-freezing', 'de-stressing', or 'reducing my level of stress' were pretty accurate translations for the free advice. Given that stress has many undesirable side effects – premature aging is one of those – I thought that I should explore how to reduce it.

First-off, I thought I'd look out my stress potential; in particular, whether I am what's often referred to as Type A or Type B personality. Type As are considered to be what you do not want to be – the stressful people who can end up with chronic health problems. I always associated Type A behavior with a fellow I knew who, when he went for a pee, would press the flush-button before he started. His aim (no pun intended) was to finish taking a pee before the toilet finished flushing and the cistern refilling. 'If that was typical of Type A behavior', I concluded, 'then I must be Type B'.

My daughter's advice encouraged me to question other situations, too. Some other examples included:

  • When I play Scrabble, cards, or sport, am I out to win – do I fight all the way? (Type A) Or do I like to win but mainly play for the fun of it? (Type B)
  • Am I a fast driver? Do I get irritated by the car in front traveling too slowly? Does the (unlucky) person in the passenger's seat usually try to slow me down? (Type A)
  • Do I set aside time for hobbies? (Type B) Or are hobbies only to fill in idle time when there is nothing important to do? (Type A)
  • Do I get impatient when things are done slower than I think they should be? (Type A)
  • Do I think about workplace problems while eating or in the bathroom? (Type A)
  • Do I get irritated when I have to wait for a table in a restaurant or queue-up for service elsewhere? (Type A)
  • Do I always feel that I never get done all of the things I want to do in a day? (Type A)

It turns out that such Type-A hits can be possible predictors of heart attack and forerunners of stress that can inevitably lead to undesirable events such as premature aging.

The good news is that Type A behavior can be reversed – or eliminated, of course. Examples could include:

  • taking regular short breaks (about every 90 minutes) from what you're doing;
  • practicing relaxation techniques;
  • eating only nutritional foods, and steering clear of processed foods;
  • committing yourself to exercise;
  • having an annual medical check-up;
  • avoiding harboring resentments;
  • having fun and enjoying life;
  • thinking positively;
  • developing a network of social support; and
  • protecting your leisure time and making time for play and hobbies.

For me, chilling out involved one more step. I decided to start saying 'no' more often. I realized that I'd be judged on what I had completed and not on the amount that I had taken on. My focus has become engaging in the things that really matter. And, above all, I resolved to keep in mind that it is not what happens to you, it's how you choose to let it affect you that matters.

You're right that there are other ways to manage stress: we each have our own stories to tell. For me, chilling out has slowed down and marching to the beat of my own drum.

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Information About Dark Circles Under Eyes That People Should Know

If you wish to know how to eradicate dark under eye circles then it is important that you learn all the non-invasive approaches before you consider going any kind of surgery. There are lots of techniques available for you to definitely target this matter. The ultimate solution would depend on how you got those nasty dark circles below your eyes.

There are plenty reasons why you get under eye circles. Stress or fatigue and insomnia are a few of the common components associated with this issue. In a scientific mindset, the skin layer below your eye is getting darker and paler due to lack of sleep that you're expected to acquire quickly.

Another reason is actually a result of hyper-pigmented locations that will make the area under the eyes to look darker compared to the other parts of the skin on your face. This condition becomes more visible as you grow older and will make you look older and tired.

There are times that having dark circles are due to genetics. When your parents or relatives have them then there are chances that you will have it too. Whatever the reason why you have them, read on to see ways you can get rid of them and revel in some sort of fresher and more youthful looking skin.

One of many ways should be look for the most effective eye serum with regard to under eyes circles that you could discover in your city. Pick an eye serum which has caffeine because this helps to compress the bloodstream.

Anti-inflammatory creams can also be known to work, as these may also reduce the look of under eye circles. Serums or creams with green tea are said to be effective too for they make the capillary walls less inclusive and prevent it from becoming weak.

If the dark under eye circles is caused by hypersensitivity, antihistamines will be the key treatment. You may also consider receiving a treatment that triggers collagen production within your epidermis, for instance a product with Cynergy TK.

In the event that dark circles result from lack of rest or sleep, then take some time to sleep at lot at night time. Make sure to sleep at least 8 to 10 hours a day. Lots of sleep can be very beneficial to the look of your skin below your eyes and other parts of the skin.

Another method to deal with under eye circles is usually to undertake it the natural way. Balanced diet is necessary to handle daily strain. You can also try some home-made treatments, including putting cucumber or potato slices or cold tea bags on top of your eyes for a few minutes.

By using this info, you do not have to worry much about dark circles. All you need to do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and employ organic products that contain active ingredients that can fix skin very quickly.

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Is The World Ready For An Ageing Population?

So, is the world ready for an Aging Population? Heck, no! I would not think so. Can it be that you too, have never given it a thought? Then, we are in denial – condemning that there are booming numbers of Elderly people around the Globe; in comparison to the much younger generation that populates the world. I can even bet that most countries are unprepared to support the rising numbers of their aging population. Likewise, nations are not swift enough in their actions to handle a population graying faster than before. Assuredly, that by 2050, seniors who are older than sixty, will in time, outnumber Children younger than fifteen.

Millions of people, many are unaware and since unprepared, to save for a rainy day – to provide for their old Age. Others who are acutely aware, but neverless, are struggling to “make ends meet” … realize that they are plunging into Old age, without a safety net! To the destitutes and helplessness, their main concerns are, a “Roof above their heads”, and what about their next meals? Whereas, for those who are struggling, their nightmares will be the medical care, which they can ill-afford, when they are sick and disabled as they aged!

Still, Ageing is a global issue. With Reports that show the fastest Ageing countries are the developing ones – like Jordan, Nicaragua, India, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines & Mongolia. Is not it a Testimony to advanced health-care and nutrition, that people are now living their lives longer? This itself, is a fact! However, many are the countries that still lack a basic, social protection plan that provides income, health-care and housing for their senior citizens.

Now, how are we to prepare and provide for such an Aging population? The idea that the Governments of each nations, should take responsibilities by planning, helping and providing for its own senior citizens in their golden to twilight years, should materialize.

  • They should allocate a fiscal budget for monthly aid to aid all those who are disabled, the sickly Elderlies and the aged who have no family support.
  • Provide free medical treatment and health-care for the retirees and the aged.
  • Provide menial jobs with living wages for those above sixties and who are still fit and able to work.
  • Provide free bus transport for the Elderlies to commute within the cities and rural areas.
  • Provide nursing Homes or Institutions, run by charity and communities for the homeless.
  • Set up a trusted and charitable Fund for public donors, whereby food, commodities and money, can be distributed to the Aged, disabled and the helpless need, by a committee of trusted people.

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The Key To Anti-Ageing

Ageing is a fact of life and one can wish to age gracefully. You can not prevent it but yes, with a little bit of care and anti-aging solutions, you can manage to look much younger to your age. One must remember, to look young, you must feel young. A jovial spirit and happy heart work wonders for your looks. It's important that you look fresh and lively. And to do that, you must follow a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.

A little bit of exercising and nutritious diet make you look healthy and naturally you look younger. The regular lifestyle that we live, comes with its share of stress and tensions. However, one must find out ways to take it on his / her stride and live a stress free life. The key is to keep yourself involved in things that you love to do.

Here are some tips to anti-aging that will help you to look young and fresh.

Top anti-aging tips:

It's in the mind!

A mentioned earlier, you look as old as you feel. There is no secret to feel good. You have to find out ways to keep yourself happy and content. According to a research, your mind controls the cellular activities in your body. It's important that you find out ways to indulge into things that you enjoy doing. And foremost, you must stop stressing about getting old. You must take it on your stride as it's a natural phenomenon and the key to a good life is to age gracefully.


When you work out, your body strengthens and reflects in the way you look. A sense of well-being and health makes you look much younger to your age. It also makes you feel young, which is the most important thing. Start with the easy exercises and then move on to the heavy ones. This will also help you to cut fatigue.

Sleep Well!

It's important you get adequate sleep to look fresh the next morning. 7 to 8 hours sleep a day is a must. You must get proper rest to carry on with your regular life.

Proper Diet!

Avoid junk food! Your body reflects what you eat. A nutritious balanced diet helps you to stay fit and look healthy and a healthy body always looks young. Have lots of vegetables and fruits to keep your body healthy. Drink lots of water to keep your system flushed. Water also keep your skin healthy and gives it a glow.

Take care of your skin!

Your skin shows what kind of lifestyle you have. Take care of your skin. Protect your skin from the sun. Do not apply too much of harsh make-up regularly. Natural is beautiful and your skin loves to breath. A glowing and blemish free skin makes you look younger to your age.

Stop Smoking and too much alcohol

You need to stop smoking now! Smoking accelerates the aging process and makes you look unhealthy. Go easy on the alcohol as well. These habits are better given up for a better health and life.

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Forever Young – How To Slow-Down Ageing

Perceptions on aging differ. So, whether or not you're 'old' depends on what you ask. A recent Australian survey (La Trobe University) found that the meaning of 'old age' was skewed: young respondents identified 56 as 'old' while older people considered that 67 was a more accurate description. My six-year-old grandson reckons that I'm old, but qualifies his observance (and stays in my good books) by telling me that I'm not as old as his other grandfather. Bottom line is you're 'old' if someone says or thinks you are.

Despite a 'softening' in a media and the ways that older people are presented, the general public still has a negative perception of older people. Whenever a photograph is required to accompany an aging-related story, the subject is usually pictured in an extreme situation, either parachuting out of a plane or sitting in an armchair suffering from dementia. But let's not be too tough on the current media. What we're experimenting is an age-old stereotype.

Stereotypes can be positive or negative and are difficult to change. The negative stereotype linking beauty and youthfulness was present in ancient times. In early Greek society, for example, youthful heroism, physical perfection, and beauty were valued. Growing old and aging was considered to not have much going for it. In fact, the elderly were often portrayed as ugly and feeble with words such as' hateful ', accursed', and 'sorrowful' often used to describe old age. Even the gods, we're told, (Aphrodite, for example) hated old age. It's no surprise that the image linking youth and beauty has become an archetype. That link still remains, today.

Three of the main things you can do to help remove the negative and emphasize the positive are as follows.

  1. Become increasingly vocal about both negative and positive stereotypes of aging. Your views matter. Tell someone who can act on your response.
  2. Stop acting your age. If the 75 year-old Joan Collins can feel like she's still 30, follow her lead. Never let chronological age be the most important determinant of age. As Mae West said, 'You're never too old to become younger'.
  3. Accept that there will always be discrimination according to age, and get over it. Gray hair (or no hair) should mean a lot, but the experience and wisdom that comes with maturity is likely to go on being ignored: that's the way life is. Do not spend too much time regretting lost opportunities. Perhaps Michael Flocker was close to being right when he said, 'Once seventy hits, all bets are off. Carbohydrates, alcohol, and pain killers are the name of the game, and everyone shares in the riches'.

Do not delay! Take whatever action you consider necessary to slow down the aging process, because, according to Charles Schultz, 'Once you're over the hill, you're beginning to pick-up speed'.

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Tips Before You Have Microdermabrasion

I'm sure some of you might be wondering “Why should I prepare myself for microdermabrasion, is not that the job of my dermatologist?” Truth be told, it is his / her job to get you ready, but you can do quite a bit to help him out and make sure the procedure goes as smoothly as it should.

Do not worry, I will not force you to make any radical changes, I am just here to offer you some friendly tips and help you and your skin go through this procedure with the best possible exit.

Do It Yourself Or Hire A Professional?

Unfortunately, for many people it all comes down to finances; you will often hear them say “How much will this cost me?” Well, the usual cost of a single microdermabrasion treatment will go up to as high as 200 dollars.

Furthermore, you need to multiply that with at least 5, which is the number of procedures you will need to get the results you want. So, before you even begin thinking about this treatment, you need to decide whether or not you want to go to a beauty salon or buy the machine and do it yourself.

Avoid Any Medication Prior This Treatment

If you are taking any medication, you should consult your doctor and see which ones you can stop using for at least one week prior the procedure, since it has been noted that some medication may affect the ultimate result.

Avoid Using Skincare Products

Skincare products you are currently using may or may not make your skin more sensitive to the treatment, so it would be best not to risk it and stop using them altogether. You should also be careful when choosing the products you will be using after the procedure, since your skin will be very sensitive.

Alcohol And Smoking

There is no definitive proof that alcohol or smoking will interfere with the procedure, making it less effective, but you will hear most dermatologists advising you to cut down or eliminate these bad habits, at least for the duration of the procedure.

I have to say I agree with them so I am going to recommend that as well.

Talk To Your Dermatologist

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is to schedule an appointment with your doctor / dermatologist and go over the entire procedure together. If you have any questions make sure you ask them prior the treatment itself so there is no confusion in your mind and that you can be certain this procedure will have the effect you desire.

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