How to Choose Anti Aging Skin Care Products Online

Aging is a gradual, successful process of natural change that begins in early adulthood. It is obvious that each of us will grow old and experience the effects of the aging process. anti aging skin issues, including wrinkles, skin sagging or age spots can bring a lot of change on one's skin appearance. Unfortunately, these changes are not expected by many people. People who are skin care obsessed should try out for the anti aging skin care products to reverse the signs of aging. Instead of sitting and watching these aging signals, it is better to search for quality anti aging products online. The finest quality products contain the right amount of essential ingredients required to cure aging. The professional products have been proven successful in delivering the promises they made.

The online market is flooded with anti aging skin care products, so it becomes difficult to choose the right product for various anti aging problems. Each product differs from another that may be its size, components, designs and forms. One of the main differences includes the costs, not all products cost the same. Depending on your skin issues and budget, you can choose the specific product for yourself.

The best anti aging products will not only reduce, but will eliminate the signs of aging completely. These products are specifically designed to address your specific skin problems and help you improve your skin finish. It can range from simple daily face moisturizer to intestinal acne treatments to miracle eye cream. This ultimate array of creations can deal with all the aging issues effectively and professionally. It will protect and beautify your skin, which is a big concern for the most of the people these days. It is available for both men and women so they can prevent these signs from showing up too early in life.

When choosing anti aging skin care products, look out for the products containing vitamin B5, vitamin E, manuka honey, and other natural and chemical ingredients that are beneficial for your skin. These elements will keep your skin hydrated and make you feel protected from those harmful UV rays.

To find an effective range of anti aging products, it is advisable to find it online. You can do the proper research either by checking the reviews of customers or by analyzing the ratings or rankings of the brands. Purchase online has been considered as one of the best ways because here you can get the quality and professional products with all information attached to it. You can also compare the prices of different products and then make your choice.

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Topical Antioxidants: Learn How Topical Antioxidants Work for Aging Skin

We often say that the key to great skincare does not boil down to a single ingredient or class of ingredients. Since skin itself is so complex, it takes a variety of beneficial ingredients to give it what it needs to look and act healthy. Antioxidants are an essential part of a good skincare routine.

What Are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are molecules that can prevent some types of cell damage that occurs with sun exposure or pollution. Many antioxidants occur in fruits and vegetables we eat every day. Vitamins A, C, and E, beta carotene, green tea extract, soy extract, pomegranate extract, and turmeric extract are few examples.

Free-Radicals: The Major Cause of Skin Aging

To understand how topical antioxidants work for aging skin and how they will improve your skin, it is important to also understand where the damage comes from. Free-radical damage is one of the largest causes of aging skin. Free-radicals are unstable, destructive molecules that form due to environmental factors like unprotected sun exposure or exposure to irritating ingredients. Over time, free radicals damage healthy cells-those responsible for maintaining your skin's youthful, smooth and firm appearance. Free-radical induced cellular damage can lead to signs of aging such as sagging skin, wrinkles, and brown spots.

How Topical Antioxidants Work for Aging Skin

Here's how topical antioxidants work for aging skin and step up to protect your skin from free radical damage. These remarkable substitutes stabilize free radicals, ending their ability to damage healthy skin cells that are busy keeping our skin looking young. By stabilizing free radicals, antioxidants play a large role in helping prevent the signs of aging.

In addition to reducing free-radical damage, antioxidants also counter some effects of inflammation. Inflammation can cause destruction of collagen and elastin, prevent skin from healing, and actually cause skin to thin. Stopping this from happening is cruel to your skin appearing healthy and youngger.

It's never too late to start using antioxidants in your skincare routine. By doing so, you'll begin to repair the damage done and protect your skin against additional environmental free radicals – pollution, sun exposure and more. Whether it's a toner, serum or moisturizer, the good news is that you can find antioxidant-loaded options for nearly every step in your skincare routine.

Antioxidants work in yet another way to help skin stay healthy. Research has shown using abroad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 25 or higher every day is one of the top ways to prevent wrinkles, brown spots, and sagging skin. While sunscreen is good on its own, it becomes great when it's paired with antioxidants, because antioxidants can boost their effectiveness as well as help skin resist environmental damage.

Antioxidant Results

Now that you know how topical antioxidants work for aging skin it is important to point out that the results are not going to be instantaneous. While antioxidants can help improve some aspects of skin in the short term, particularly reducing irritation, they're best thought of as a long-term skincare need.

Use a variety of antioxidants every day, both AM and PM. Plenty of research shows they can improve cell function, increase collagen production, and reduce sun damage, and the more potent antioxidants you use, the healthier and younger your skin will be!

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Cheap Botox Parties Are to Be Avoided

Everybody loves a party!

Make-up parties, naughty underwear or pamper parties at home are still all the rage. And so it sees are cheap Botox parties. But at what cost? It's amazing to find that women, and men, are putting themselves in the hands of any “beauty professional” that can offer a quick, cheap facial fix!

A Botox party – a social event with alcohol and refreshments at a friend's home, may seem like a relaxing and fun way to try this treatment, sometimes at a discounted price. However, there are safety measures required for Botox such as: informed consent, keeping a detailed medical record, sterile injection procedure and continued refrigeration of Botox, which may not be in place at parties in the home, and if problems do arise afterwards there's no access to follow-up care.

Cheap Botox parties held at home, when the product is either self-injected or being administrated by inexperienced hands, can easily go terribly wrong. When Botox is not infected properly, or in exactly the right place, it could end up paralysing the wrong muscles, resulting in droopy eyelids and eyebrows, or in the worst case scenario it could even paralyse the muscles that move your eyeball, which could give you problems with your eyesight.

The risk of infection when administrated by an untrained person is higher than with a fully trained provider. When something gets injected in the skin, it's vital that it's administrated in a sterile, clinical environment, to avoid the risk of infection. At a Botox party, whether in someone's home or in a salon, it's illegally that the environment will be as sterile as it would be in a clinical setting. Administering Botox treatment in a non medical setting is putting people at risk … and the risks greatly outweigh the benefits.

Botox, made popular by a vast number of celebrities who have admitted using it, is a licensed medicine. Administering it, is an art that requires a high level of ability, along with a talent for the craft. Do not let price be your guide. If you see an offer for a treatment that is much less than the standard fee then it's likely that there are compromises being made, either in the skill of the provider, the product's quality or the amount of it being used.

It's better and safer that a trained medical practitioner with knowledge of facial anatomy performances any medical procedures in an established clinical setting, not a Botox party. At a clinic, clients would receive pre and post treatment instructions and be reassured that they can contact the doctor / practitioner in case the need ever arises.

The advice is … save your parties and drinking games for the weekends and visit a licensed medical establishment for any cosmetic treatments. After all, when you look in the mirror, you want to see a face you are proud of. Can you put a price on that?

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The Top Five Treatments to Try in Time for Spring

1. Ellanse Liquid Facelift

These days, we no longer have to resort to expensive plastic surgery to turn back the clock. According to Dermatology and Cosmetology Specialist, today with the introduction of lasers and IPL machines, our overall attitude has shifted with regards to aging as well as the vast improvements in injectables, namely Botox and dermal fillers, has enabled treatments that boost and lift facial areas minus surgery.


Also known as soft tissue or wrinkle fillers, these minimally invasive aesthetic medical implants are used to add volume and alter facial contours. “This combines the benefits of both immediate wrinkle correction as well as stimulating the generation of the body's own natural collagen for beautiful, fresh, and longer-lasting results,” and uses the body's natural response to stimulate the generation of the body's own collagen which restores a fresh, youthful look. The Ellanse is the first and the only dermal filler which acts as a bio-stimulator of collagen with results that can last up to two years.


Ellanse yields very natural results that are flattering and smooth and gives the look of higher cheekbones, defines the jaw and chin area, and gives an overall rested, youthful look. The best part is over time, the results get even better as the body's collagen is stimulated naturally.

2. The Perfect Peel

Many of us shy away from peels simply because of the associated downtime however, Perfect Peel is the answer to these problems. According to a Senior Dermatologist, a key anti-aging ingredient in 'The Perfect Peel' is Glutathione. “Glutathione is the ultimate antioxidant, penetrating deep into the cellular level of the skin to fight oxidant damage and is the anti-aging answer to premature wrinkling.” Glutathione is also proven to reverse melanin's metabolism which helps to lighten dark pigmentation.


Once the skin is cleansed, the Perfect Peel solution is evenly applied all over the face including the lower eyearea. For mild peeling and skin rejuvenation, the skin has to turn a mild-red color starting with the forehead and across the rest of the face. A second layer of the peel is applied which resembles frosting and indicates the peel has penetrated deeper. The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes and can be used every three to four months.


This helps to reduce pore size and soften fine lines and wrinkles, reduce hyperpigmentation and acne scars, improve acne skin conditions, remove or reduce sun damage and age spots, improve the overall tone and texture of your skin.

3. Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Olimpia Carmen, Laser and Skincare Specialist and Anti-Aging Expert explains that Fractional CO2 Laser is one of the most versatile lasers used in cosmetic dermatology today because of the array of skin conditions that can benefit from this laser treatment.


CO2 has different wavelengths and different depth penetration in the skin and can treat almost every skin condition with minimal downtime and pain. “The best part of this laser is that the skin is not traumatized entirely on the surface,” she explains. “As the laser makes microscopic holes and burns tiny channel wounds deep into the skin, it's helping get rid of old skin cells and in turn, revealing brand-new skin.”


Immediately after the treatment, the patient will feel a sun-burn sensation for about two hours. A healing cream is used for the next seven days to help speed skin recovery. Downtime is four days, with minimal to no discomfort at all. This is a very attractive option for those with deep-set wrinkles and acne scars.


The results are very significant and noticeable after one session only: the skin becomes lighter and softer, age spots and sun damaged skin will brighten up, and fine lines and wrinkles will get even. The skin will continue to improve for around six months following the procedure provided properly skincare is used and sun exposure is minimized.

4. ScarLet Lift

Get fresh firm skin with the ScarLet Lift which combines fractional Radiofrequency (ScarLet) with PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) in order to lift, tighten, and rejuvenate. According to Dermatologist, this treatment is ideal for patients with mild to moderate aging. “It helps reduce wrinkles on the treated areas and tightens saggy skin,” It also gives excellent results in reducing enlarged pores and is not only for the face, but also the neck and upper chest area. ”


The treatment is usually administrated as three sessions in succession every four to six weeks, “We start by applying an anesthetic cream on the area for 30 minutes and then after that, the ScarLet treatment takes around 20 minutes to complete,” meanwhile, the nurse withdraws your blood to be prepared and ready for the treated area. The downtime is usually less than two to three days with some mild redness.


Results start to appear after three to four weeks and the skin continues to improve for around 10 weeks after the treatment to reach the final result. After the first three sessions, this treatment can be repeated after six months and then every year.

5. AQ Growth Factor Treatment

AQ Growth Factor treatment, uses a Recovery Serum which is a pharmaceutical-grade product containing the highest concentration of natural Human Growth Factors. It is designed to enhance the skin's natural process of regeneration and repair by stimulating collagen production, promoting healthy circulation, and increasing cellular renewal.


Once the applied aesthetic takes effect, the skin is wiped clean and a thin layer of the AQ Recovery serum is first applied followed by the Dermal Stamp in a criss-cross pattern to create tiny micro channels. The AQ Recovery serum is again applied in between the stamping and also after once the entire area is covered.


This is excellent for all acne except cystic, helps reduce fine lines and wonderful wrinkles, and reduces epidermal hyperpigmentation. Following a course of treatment, there is visible skin tightening effects and an improvement in facial contours. A course of four to six sessions every two weeks is advised with a maintenance session every two months to maintain results.

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Botox Treatment For Anti-Ageing – Treating Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Forehead Creases

It's said that women look at themselves in the mirror at least eight times a day. The reasons include:

  • checking that their make-up is still in place
  • any mascara smudges under the eyes
  • lipstick on the teeth
  • or maybe to check if there's a pimple … but mostly we check out our reflection for a sense of reassurance.

Statistically, women begin to show signs of facial aging at around the age of 25. The first signs of aging in women are fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and the “number elevens” – the two frown lines between the eyebrows are common too . Forehead lines too, are aging, but unfortunately you can dramatically reduce or even remove them with some strategically placed Botox injections.

There are times when our face seems to look older than our years, sometimes it's bad luck with our genes, smoking lines at the mouth or over exposure of the sun, these things give us more lines than the norm.

Just think of wrinkles in the same way as a breeze. If a breeze is continuously banged, then it does not get a chance to heal, just as skin which is regularly being creased in the same place, does not get a chance to smooth out. Lines and wrinkles form from the constant movement of muscles, in actions such as scowling, squinting and the raising of eyebrows. In time, these creases become permanent. This is where Botox treatment can help.

Although Botox is a toxin, it is not a high risk procedure at all when used properly and has been safely used for the last 25 years. Having Botox treatment is quickly becoming as common as getting your nails done, your roots touched up at the hairdressers and having your legs waxed! Ten minutes of your time having Botox can give you a much fresher, smoother look, as it relaxes the facial muscles so that you can not frown and softens any deeper lines that you may have.

It concerns many people that they may end up with a “frozen face” – that rabbit caught in the headlights look that the media looks to consider consistent with Botox treatment. The tell-tale signs of bad Botox are obvious: a glass-smooth forehead, a surprised expression or the inability to show any emotion. A less is more approach, that leaves the face looking relaxed but still mobile, is a far more desirable outlet and any good cosmetic practitioner should advocate this.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes and needs no anaesthetic. Botox gets injected with a very fine needle into specific muscles with only minor discomfort. Botox usually takes effect within 5 to 14 days after the procedure and the result is that we do not frown as much, or crinkle our eyes when we are smiling. Botox often updates up to four months and you will find the lines and wrinkles looking less less with time because the Botox has taught the muscles to relax.

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Importance of Ingredients Present in Anti-Aging Wrinkle Creams

Ingredients are always considered to be an essential part of every preparation whether it is your favorite dish or an anti-aging cream. One of the most common problems among women which come up with the growing age is wrinkles.

Wrinkles are considered to be the primary signs of aging. The very thought of wrinkles looks to be scary for most of the women due to which they generally start using a distinct anti-aging wrinkle cream. However, any significant wrinkle cream only proves to be effective when it contains useful ingredients. These creams can distinctively prevent you from the issues related to wrinkles as well as aging only if they contain the desired needful content.

Variety of Options

Every time you browse for a significant anti-aging wrinkle cream, an extensive diversity of options becomes available for you. This does not mean that every cream will prove to be effective and useful for your skin. Skin, being the most sensitive part of human beings can not be treated with any kind of material. The extensive variety of creams available in the market generally contains both helpful as well as harmful ingredients. Various dermatologists suggest preferring the creams with natural and healthy ingredients in place of the creams consisting of various harmful components.

Effective and Must have Ingredients

There are certain ingredients which prove to be extremely useful for a healthy and young looking skin. Women are always suggested to primarily check these must-have ingredients in their anti-aging wrinkle cream. The ingredients which are rich in Vitamin A, C, B and E, prove to be a boon for the skin. Some of the necessary and active ingredients which should be present in an effective anti aging cream include:

• Retinol – a distinct component derived from Vitamin – A for smoothing the wrinkles.

• Niacinamide – a distinct component derived from Vitamin B3 to fight back pigmentation and melanin.

• Hyaluronic acid – to provide effective hydration to your skin.

• Olive Oil

• Jojoba Oil

• Argan Oil

• Cupuacu Butter and many more.

Ingredients to Avoid

Besides the content of these must-have ingredients, there are several other ingredients also present in the anti-aging wrinkle cream, which can significantly prove to be harmful for your skin. The women are advised to avoid using creams with such ingredients. These harmful ingredients include:

• Mineral Oils: Different types of mineral oils like paraffin wax, liquid paraffin and petrolatum are generally used in the creams which significantly hinder the natural capacity of your skin in eliminating toxins and clog the pores.

• Variety of Fragrances: Some creams use distinct variety of artificial fragrances in their content which are produced by toxic ingredients. These ingredients may cause significant damage to your skin.

• Content of Alcohol: The significant amount of alcohol present in some of the anti aging creams can distinctively lead to the consequences of drying skin along with irritation.

So it is very much essential for women to avoid all the above given contents in an anti-aging cream to remain vivid and beautiful always.

Read More Details:

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Every Season Can Affect The Condition & Appearance of The Skin & Can Be Corrected With Botox

The weather has a huge effect on the health of our skin. When it's too hot or dry outside, our skin lets us know, and the sun is not the only thing that can cause damage, the cold, rain and wind plays its part as well. Skin is the largest organ the body has, and it's extremely vulnerable to external elements like heat, cold and moisture. The skin is the outer layer that we expect to the world every day, and we all want to keep it looking as nice and healthy as we possibly can. With each new season, there comes new skin concerns.


Legs and other body parts have probably covered up through the cold winter months and ignored, but come springtime when the days start to become warmer, it's time to think about shaving and waxing again! Make sure you prepare the skin before you start removing any hair, so that you do not get any razor burns, rashes or irritations. In spring, even weak the sun, sun exposure can still cause sunburn which increases the risk of premature skin aging and skin cancer, so always apply sun cream.


We all hope for a nice hot summer, but it brings problems that we should become aware of. Summer is the time for outdoor activities, and as we enjoy barbecues, picnics and visits to the beach, most of the time we are spending this time outside in the sun. Over-exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn but it can also cause facial damage, such as fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation. If you do not wear sunglasses you will find yourself squinting in the sunshine, causing unwanted wrinkles around the eyes! The body tend to get dehydrated during the summer and this shows up on the skin, so drinking plenty of fluids is a must. Some skin conditions such as rosacea can also be worsened by sun exposure, however, some sunlight is good for acne. To protect your skin from the sun, you should always use a high factor sun cream.


When the summer is over and the cold, wet, windy, autumnal weather arrives, it's not only unpleasant, it can also be harmful to the skin, leaving it feeling drier, tighter and dull. The hands and face get exposed to the cold and wind the most, therefore, taking good care of these body parts is essential. Moisturiser applied to the skin twice a day is advisable and wearing gloves when out and about will protect them from drying out. Get into the habit of putting body lotion over the entire body straight after a shower and this will act as a barrier and keep the moisture in your skin.


Winter is one of the worst times for the skin, with icy cold temperatures, low humidity and cold wind wreaking havoc on the face and body. In winter, there are freezing temperatures outside and the central heating turned up inside, extremes leading to chapped lips, sore red patches and flaky skin becoming a daily occurrence. The winter months bring harsh, cold winds that irritate the delicate skin on our face and hands, stripping the skin of natural oils. Exfoliate regularly as a buildup of dead skin can cause dull lifeless skin, so it's important to exfoliate at least once a week to rejuvenate and show fresh new skin. It's important to keep the skin hydrated, so after exfoliating, apply a moisturizer, making sure you apply morning and night. Skin conditions like eczema and rosacea can flare up in colder weather.

Squinting in the sunshine and scrunching up the face against the blustery wind and rain, can cause the undesired appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Women and men can both benefit from botox treatments, helping to keep the wrinkles at bay!

Cosmetic procedures such as botox, dermal fillers and other face enhancement treatments can help you say goodbye to those wrinkles. Botox has been around for many years and works by relaxing muscles in the face, which when they contract can cause facial lines. Botox corrects the fine lines, crows feet around the eyes, frown lines on the forehead and the horizontal lines that appear when you look up.

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More On Living Longer Better

As we age, a common quest seems to be how to add years to our life and life to those years – one without the other would be pretty much a waste of time. The good news is that there's plenty of help available in our quest. Barring accidents and severe medical conditions, the 5Fs – the right F ood, F itness, Friendships, Future, and F inances – provide one source of help.

  • Caloric reduction is acknowledged as a sure way to live longer. So, the correct food that provides the fuel enabling us to live in the way we choose is essential.
  • Regular exercise ( fitness ) is also considered important in the longevity, life-quality stakes.
  • The necessity to make and maintain friendships is essential. Friendships, we're told, can help to add up to seven years to our life – and lower blood pressure.
  • A future provides a reason to get out of bed each day. It's important that we have something to look forward to whatever 'something' is.
  • Finances comes down to working out what we'll need for life's journey. And there are many available resources to help figure out this amount.

DIET acronyms can be used to provide a helpful reminder – D O IE AT T HAT? D O IE XERCISE T ODAY? D O I E NCOURAGE T HEM? D O I E NVISAGE T HIS? D O I E ARMARK T HESE?

As an active participant in the aging process, and communicating with others in the same boat, two additional Fs have been uncoovered – the need for FUN and FAITH .

  • Until now, I had always included fun as part of friendships but I have come to the realization that fun is so important and needs to be considered separately. Regular doses of fun are an essential ingredient of a life well lived: laugh, usually from enjoying and sharing a joke, is a great tonic. Your DIET agreement could be, D O IE NSURE T HRILL?
  • Faith requires belief in something, be it a deity or whatever. Included also are the need for a positive attitude – toward self, others, and life's situations such as aging – and realizing the multiple benefits that can be derived from regular meditation. We're told that people with a positive attitudes are likely to live up to 7 years longer than the less-positive brigade, and daily meditation has much to recommend it. Your DIET agreement could be, D O I E XPLORE T HIS?

So the 5Fs have become the 7FsF ood, F itness, Friendships, Future, F inances, F un, F aith. Who would have thought that living longer, better was so straightforward?

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3 Reasons to Use a Wrinkle Reduction Cream

Ever notice how people seem to scoff when a wrinkle reduction cream is mentioned? Let the skeptics be skeptics. Personal choices have to be made. If the answer to “Do you want wrinkles?” is yes, then, yeah, an anti aging wrinkle cream is not for you. But if it's no … then here are three reasons to support the decision to use an age defying cream.

Better Skin for Longer

When people take care of their skin they tend to have healthier, better-looking skin for longer. Using a wrinkle reduction cream by itself is not going to yield the same results as when it is partnered with a skin care routine.

Think about:

  • Face wash
  • Moisturizer
  • Facials
  • Skin masks
  • Skin treatments

There are a lot of different ways to make a winning skin care combination. As with anything going on skin, make sure it is skin-safe by applying it to a small section first.

It may seem tiresome to wash in the morning, but the effects will still be noticeable years later. Doing these basic things to help by using an anti aging wrinkle cream is going to make skin shine.

Fewer Wrinkles

It should be obvious that fewer wrinkles are a perk of using a wrinkle reduction cream. A cream is going to strengthen skin to prevent skin from breaking down.

When skin breaks down that is how fine lines and wrinkles are formed on the forehead, around the mouth, eyes, and nose.

A skin serum or cream will boost healthy skin production. This gives skin a new elasticity so even if wrinkles and fine lines are already present the cream can diminish their appearance.

More Compliments and Confidence

Once a skin cream has had the time to work, people are going to notice. Friends, family, and co-workers will be able to notice fewer lines and healthy skin. Soon, they may even be asking for tips themselves on how to keep their skin looking so young.

Being able to feel confident about how skin looks, with or without makeup, is worth the time of most skin care efforts.

By taking care of skin and using a wrinkle reduction cream, the skin will look healthier for longer. This means fewer wrinkles and almost no fine lines. So as each year passes, the wrinkle reduction cream keeps skin strong and beautiful.

The jury may still be skeptical about a wrinkle reduction cream. But there's one thing that is certain: doing nothing about wrinkles will not stop them from happening. A wrinkle cream is easy to plug into a skin care routine, gives skin a fighting chance against wrinkles, and keeps people smiling.

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Why Am I Fat and Aging Prematurely?

I just have to speak out after seeing sponsored ad, after sponsored ad, about weight loss and anti-aging; the most recent being about eat this, and eat that; use this skin care product, and that one. It does not matter what you eat or put on your skin if it's toxic. Our food supply is toxic. Our personal care products are toxic. Both cause obesity, premature aging, and disease. If you think the FDA thinks of your safety first; you're sadly mistaken. The FDA does not care about your safety. It's time you realize it. Why do you think Organic is 'All-The-Buzz' today? I'm talking about Certified Organic foods and Certified Organic personal care products.


Allow me to give you a little insight.

The food and beauty industry has not only created a huge market for its wares; it has also been specifically designed to target women with weight loss foods and beauty products designed to appeal to our desire to age beautifully. Obviously, their advertising campaigns have paid off. Unfortunately, unsuspecting women from all walks of life are unaware they are really being lied to by these industries who have orchestrated one of the most successful and well-planned marketing maneuvers in history.

By distorting and hiding facts, by manipulating the statistics, and by with scientific research in the pursuit of profits, these powerful industries has once again jeopardized lives by exposing women to premature aging and to an increased incidence of illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, allergies, arthritis, kidney stones, birth defects, and other toxic related diseases.

We have unknowingly bought premature aging upon ourselves through poor habit habits, lifestyle factors, and exposure to toxins. It is our ignorance that has made us vulnerable to the food and beauty industries that have intentionally distorted the facts and willingly sacrificed the health of millions of women for profit and greed. It is only by our willingness to take responsibility for our bodies and make the commitment to return to a healthy, balanced way of life that we'll be able to reverse the damage, regain our health, and our beauty.


Let's talk about our food supply first. The toxins in our food supply cause disease and obesity. It's not you or your DNA makeup; it's the chemicals that are in our foods. GMO's (Genetically Modified Foods) are produced with chemicals that kill over time. I'm talking about wheat, corn, golden rice, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, and so much more. The toxins found in them go straight to your gut and grow from there. Your body can not process the toxins so your organs are burdened to the point that, over time, your immune system weaknesses and before you know it, health problems ensue.

Another horrendous thing that comes to mind is bleached flour. In the beautiful, trusting days of the past, flour was bleached in the sun but now it's sprayed with chemicals and if you were in the same room? You would die. The chemicals used, kill the cells in the pancreas that cause diabetes. Why do you think diabetes is so prevalent today? Well, now you know. Unfortunately, the cells can not be replenished. It's a death sentence. Still think the FDA has your safety in mind first?

Another horrendous thing that comes to mind is milk. Seriously? Milk is marketed as a wholesome to the school system and Americans, but it is not. Did you know that milk causes osteoporosis? Now you do.

And this is only what I've discovered through experience. No doubt there is so much more. All you have to do is search the internet to know what I say is true.

Another thing you should know is that Certified Organic foods, for the most part, are fat burning foods. Why? Because they are not toxic! Toxins cause obesity, not naturally occurring foods. Does not matter what they are because there is nutritional value to them.

It's not how much you eat; it is what you eat. Organic foods are fat burning and delicious! You could actually eat more fat burning foods and not have a problem with obesity; wild-caught fish, tuna, salmon; grass-fed beef, free-range chickens and eggs, wheat-free bread, real butter, organic desserts, organic foods that are produced on chemical-free farms, and animals that are not fed GMO feed or given growth hormones or antibiotics.

Did you know that 86% Cacao Intense Dark Chocolate is fat burning? Did you know that Black Rice has the highest level of antioxidants to prevent premature aging and is the most powerful of all super foods? Did you know that Chinese Wolfberries has the highest level of antioxidants of all superfruits?


Now, let's talk about personal care products that are adding, even more, toxins upon our already burdened bodies. Your body is failing because it is overloaded with toxins from our food supply. Then you use shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, soaps, beauty creams, serums, etc. Preservatives in our personal care products are just as toxic. Take a look at the label. If you see Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, or 'fragrance'; you're looking at disease and premature aging.

Parabens are estrogen-mimicking chemicals widely used in cosmetics and body lotions as preservatives and have been linked to hormone disruption and cancers of the endocrine and reproductive systems.

Phthalates are another class of hormone-disabling chemicals that cause a host of serious health issues. They mimic or block the hormones your body naturally produces. Even slight alterations in hormone levels can cause infertility, breast cancer, metabolic disorders, birth defects, etc. Is anyone experiencing any of these problems?

Formaldehyde, another conservative, has been linked to skin irritation and cancer. Read the labels; what are you putting on your hair and skin that is absorbed into your bloodstream that causes disease and premature aging?


You do not have a chance. Or do you? You do! Let me explain.

Organic foods are not only nutrient dense, they are healthy and I say this with all sincerity. Any drink or food that is diet is actually more fattening. Any substitute for real butter is more fattening. Let's talk about diet sodas. Really? There is more added sugar in diet drinks, and that sugar is more fattening than regular soda. Wow … it's all in the marketing right? Do not believe me? Just do a little search of your own. It will be eye opening. Anyways, I digress; let's move on.

You want to look for foods that are Organic … Non-GMO; even then you have to read the label. Gosh, I'm tired already; but believe me, it's necessary if you want to live a beautifully rich healthy life.

Beauty is having the health strength to care. If you are unhealthy it's easy to say, 'Oh well, I'm over the hill and who cares. I do not care because I do not have the strength '. So why not choose to be healthy? With that mindset, you will be healthy and beautiful. Beautiful! Instead, your mindset will be, 'I'm strong, healthy and I care; it matters'. This is the difference between choosing toxins or choosing to be healthy. Which will you choose?


Let me give you, even more, insight. In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, an independent division of Eastern University in Cheny, Washington built the first frequency monitor in the world. Tainio has determined that the average frequency of the human body during the daytime is 62-68 Hz. A healthy body frequency is in the range of 62-72 Hz. When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. If the frequency drops to 58 Hz cold and flu symptoms appear; at 55 Hz diseases like Candida take hold; at 52Hz Epstein Bar; and at 42 Hz Cancer.

Fascinating is not it.

According to Dr. Royal R. Rife, every disease has a frequency. He found that certain vacancies could prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy disease. Substances with higher frequency will destroy diseases of a lower frequency. The study of frequencies increases important questions relating to the frequencies of substances we eat, breathe, and absorb through our largest organ, our skin. Many pollutants lower healthy frequency. Processed / canned foods have a frequency of zero. Wow! Think about that. Fresh produce has up to 15 Hz, dry herbs from 12 to 22 Hz, and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 Hz.

Toxins are lowering our healthy frequency. It's as simple as that. But there is hope. Essential Oils start at a frequency of 52 Hz and go as high as 320 Hz. These frequency levels are much higher than fresh herbs, and according to Dr. Royal R. Rife, these higher frequencies prevent and destroy disease.

Still want to use toxic over-the-counter personal care products and eat toxic foods? Now do you see how exposure to them causes premature aging and a host of health issues?

I'm 61 at the time of this writing and I'm proof that Organic Non-GMO foods and Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils can and does reverse the aging process. I am strong; I am healthy; I am beautiful.

To Your Health and Beauty

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A Guide to Protein and Fat Requirements for Seniors

As you age your natural ability to burn energy slows down considerably. Older people also usually have less muscle and body mass than when they were younger. Those two health characteristics, combined with a slow metabolism, create a diminished need for fuel. This means your protein and fat requirements as a senior may be very different from they used to be.

It is critical for you to understand the dietary requirements and guidelines which lead to maximum health. Your individual situation is unique. However, the following recommendations will give you a rough guideline of how much fat and protein you should be consuming on a daily basis.

How Much Protein Should a Senior Citizen Eat Every Day?

As a secondary source of energy when you do not have enough fat and carbohydrates to draw from, healthy protein levels are especially important in senior citizens. According to the US Institute of Medicine's Food and Nutrition Board, women over 50 years of age need to consider 46 grams of protein a day as the absolute minimum.

Men over 50 should try to get at least 56 g of protein in their daily diet. Remember, these are minimum recommendations. Your health and weight status will directly impact how much protein you should be eating.

Healthy fish like salmon and mackerel, lean meats like chicken, and healthy foods like eggs, nuts and beans, all deliver high levels of protein. ( Senior Protein Tip – you should consume at least 0.8 grams of daily protein for each kilogram (2.2 pounds) of body weight.)

How Much Fat Is Recommended for Seniors?

The key here is making sure you focus on the right kinds of fat. For example, trans fats are dangerous and deadly. They should be avoided as much as possible. However, essential fatty acids are absolutely required to enjoy a healthy life. Fat is calorie density, at 9 calories per gram. So you definitely need to watch how much fat you ingest, no matter how old you are.

As a senior, 20% to 30% of your daily caloric intake should be fat.

After age 50 women should be consuming 1,600 to 2,200 calories a day, depending on their physical activity level. Men should eat 2,000 to 2,400 calories every day after age 50, again depending on how active they are. Using those calorie totals, women need between 320 and 660 grams of healthy fat each day. Men should aim for 400 to 720 grams of daily fat after age 50.

Limit saturated fats like those found in most animal foods. Focus on monounsaturated fats, which are found predominately in plants. Polyunsaturated fats are found in fish like salmon, and they are healthy as well. Almonds, avocados, extra-virgin olive oil, flax seed, and walnuts are other foods that deliver healthy fats.

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How to Increase Your Chances of Living Past 100

The average 20-year old living today in a developed country has a 23% chance of living to be 100 years old. Over time science has increased our life span by 30 years through the discovery of vaccines, by lowering mortality rates, and by reducing disease-related deaths. Still there are things you can do to increase your chances of becoming a centenarian. Here are a few:

  • eat healthy
  • exercise
  • stop smoking
  • stay social

Eat Healthy

One study in 2011 found that even as older adult, eating vegetables, fruit, poultry, low-fat dairy products and whole grains lowers your risk of dying by an additional five years. Researchers think the quality diet reduced the participants' risk of dying from chronic diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, by naturally purging “free radicals” from the body, along with lowering their metabolic rate.


One study found that by exercising just 30 minutes six days a week, the life span of men was extended by five years. In another study, men who exercised less than one hour per week experienced a 23% to 37% lower chance of dying from cardiovascular disease.

In a new study from Denmark, participants who jogged at 5 mph (8km / h) a few times per week, but for a total time of less than 2.5 hours per week, had a 78% less chance of dying when compared to sedentary individuals .

The study also found that strenuous joggers, those running at 7 mph (11.265km / h) for 4 hours or more per week, did not see a decrease incidence of dying when compared to the same sedentary group.

The results indicate that light exercise might be a key to living longer, and that there might be a limit as far as the health benefits derived based on the intensity and duration of the exercise. More is not necessarily better in this case.

Stop Smoking

On average, people who stop smoking, before reaching middle age live 10 years longer. Even if past middle age, kicking the habit will reap health benefits that could extend your life by a few years.

Stay Social

Whether married or single, having someone to talk to increase your life span. One theory is that it reduces stress, which in excess can cause a host of medical problems, some of which can be life-threatening.

These are just some of the more beneficial things you can do to increase your chances of living to 100 or beyond. Start all of them today to increase your chances of living longer tomorrow.

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What Max Smart Knew About Ageing

Max Smart (Agent 86) may have made famous, 'missed it by that much', but we, too, tend to use the term to express our feeling when we do not succeed but go close. We might miss making it on time to catch a flight, missing the bus by just a few seconds, getting pipped at the post for a job that we thought was our for the taking, or finishing a race just behind the competition. All qualify, and then we usually beat ourselves up about just missing out.

The opposite of missing something by that much does not seem to get equal attention. We do not seem to find people congratulating themselves after making a flight or a bus in the nick of time or even winning an election by just a few votes. We figure that it's probably 'good' that it happened, getting there or making it by that much, but then our focus shifts to what's next? And if there's no crisis, we create one.

Missing something by that much can be a dangerous trap; a reminder of how we've failed, and how close we've come to winning. It rarely leads us to prepare more, to avoid the experience and feeling next time. We just insulate ourselves from the next, inevitable failure.

The important thing to remember is that the universe (and surprisingly few others) could not give two hoots. In fact, as far as the universe goes, it does not even know we exist. Far better, it sees, is to celebrate the wins, mourn the losses, then get back to doing whatever we do. It's all about going forward.

Optimism beats pessimism any day of the week. Old age (or any age) is certainly no time for pessimism. We know that, all things being equal, optimists outlive pessimists. We can enable an optimistic response by keeping things in perspective by asking

  1. What's the worst that could happen? And if we can live with that worst-case scenario, there does not seem like any need to worry about something over which we have little or no control and can live with.
  2. Does my response carry the meaning I want to convey? It's the golden oldie that Epictitus bought to our attention a couple thousand years ago: it's not what happens to you but how you respond that matters most.

Missing by that much can be tough only if we let it be.

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Look Younger, Fresher and More Relaxed With a Small Amount of Botox Brow Lift

Botox is a treatment which eases the lines and wrinkles on the face that appear through repetitive facial movements, etching them into the face. The frozen looking face, that a lot of people worry about getting with botox injections, will only happen when too much product gets injected. At cosmetic clinicians, qualified practitioners who are fully experienced in performing injectable treatments, will place careful and technically exact injections into the treatment area, resulting in a fresh, healthy and natural appearance, and not a startled and expressionless look.

As you get older your brow may drop or sag, but botox treatments will allow you to lift the brow, giving your face a younger look and making you look less tired. A chemical brow lift is a botox injection treatment that can raise the skin tissues around the eyes and eyebrows, to raise the natural eyebrow arch. This treatment can also make the eyes look wider, resulting in a more youthful look. It's recommended that brow lifts are more suited to those with mild to moderate brow heaviness, due to low-hanging eyebrows or naturally drooping eyelids.

The botox brow lift, or chemical lift, is a popular procedure for those who do not want to undergo invasive surgery. The brow lift is ideal for all skin types, and those who have naturally drooping eyelids and low-hanging eyebrows may find it particularly effective. Injecting botox into the brow will literally lift the skin tissues above and around the eyebrows, resulting in the natural eyebrow arch raising a few millimetres higher.

Botox is a non-surgical treatment, used to improve the look of your face, it has many benefits:

  • Botox is a safe, effective, tested and tested product
  • When compared to other treatments, botox is a reliably affordable cosmetic procedure
  • Botox needs no downtime
  • When combined with fillers, it can give your whole face a more youthful, balanced look
  • You may be less prone to future wrinkles because your muscles can actually start gravitating towards a more relaxed state after receiving botox injections
  • Botox is not just for facial treatments, it can also help to treat chronic migraines, excess underarm sweating and other conditions.
  • It's designed to yield attractive, natural and understated results. Your face will still look like your face, only better.

Botox used in tandem with other injectable treatments can fully rejuvenate the face, reducing the wrinkles, plumping up the lips and replacing volume in the cheeks, which will all work together to soften the effects of aging.

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What Is Successful Aging?

With all the exercise and fitness advice out there for the after fifty-year old individuals, there is so much conflicting information out there on what probably we should do to have a healthy older age.

We have all heard that you should exercise and eat healthy. And most of us try to do that as much as we can. We toil and rush to the gym so that we could get that workout in so that we could check off or schedules. But is it really worth it in the long run?

I believe that it is worth exercising and eating right to be healthy in our older years. However, I think some of us turn it into an obsession where we just keep going to the gym, spending hours, and try to look like we did when we were twenty and thirty years old.

This kind of obsessive mindset is very unhealthy and should be curved for us to have a healthy older age. We must find a way to balance being healthy in a world of extremes where, on the one hand, we are encouraged to eat all the wrong foods for us through advertisements, and on the other hand, we are drilled to go to the gym for 2 hours every day so that we can be healthy.

There is a way to balance a healthy lifestyle so that you can live your best and healthiest life in your older age. I believe that to find this balance, we need to become more mindful of what we are doing on a daily basis.

Here are a few things to try:

1. Exercise no more than 20 to 30 minutes, 5 days a week. Walking is just as good as going to the gym. So, why pay so much money for memberships to gyms. Instead, walk outside during the nice weather, and when you can walk outside, find other ways of exercising at home.

2. Live a more balanced and mindful life, where you can slow down and smell the roses. This is so important because for many of us, even when we retire, we end up doing so much every day. In essence, we have replaced our careers with another career.

3. Take time to enjoy every day of your life. Do at least one nice thing for yourself every day. Sew, crochet, play golf, read, or take a course. All of these things will help you enjoy the quality of your life.

4. Create a bucket list and do the things and start doing the things on your bucket list one at a time. If travel is on your bucket list, start budgeting and planning for these trips. Then when the time comes, go to these destinations and enjoy yourself.

By taking these steps you will be aging successfully. You will also be taking the time to enjoy life, because it goes so fast. Remember that we do not have forever. So, we should make every day count.

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