You Do Not Have A Surgery Or Drug Deficiency

These days there seems to be a medical procedure or pharmaceutical for everyone. Even problems which in the past were not illnesses have been reclassified in order to create a medical cure.

Yes we need surgery when there is no other option, and yes we need pharmaceuticals when they are appropriate, but as humans we were never designed to have a deficiency in drugs or surgery.

However we can have a deficiency in nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management. And the best news is that none of these things require a doctor a hospital or a pharmaceutical company.

The bad news is that in order for you to overcome these shortcomings you need to take action and you need to take personal responsibility for your own health.

Sure you can take drugs to prop you up, but in the long run you will pay a heavy price for ignoring your own health.

So what do you do?

  1. Firstly if you are on medicines you need to stay on them for the time being.
  2. Next you start a no sugar, no grains and no processed food diet.
  3. Now find a doctor who understands modern nutrition, and is prepared to work with you and monitor your blood to reduce your medications as you get healthier.
  4. Of course you need to exercise, but you do not need to become a fanatic or start running marathons, except that is what you would like to do. And if becoming an endurance athlete is what you want then this diet is even more important to you.
  5. Start to read more and listen to modern experts who are not living in the 1970's. Become educated for your own satisfaction and you will find this personally empowering.

Your health is absolutely your concern, and apart from your loved ones, there is no one more interested in your well-being than you. After all you have to live in your body, 24 hours a day, year in and year out.

The quality of your life is largely related by how your body manages its passage through this life. Your body and your brain can be tired, fuzzy and sluggish or energetic and clear. You can be in pain or pain free or at least have low pain.

You get to choose, but you have to make the changes and stick with them. It's up to you, so what do you choose to do for yourself?

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Do Oldies Laugh More?

Laughter is good for us. In addition to contributing to happiness and life satisfaction, regular doses can help boost the immune system by lowering blood pressure; helping facilitation digestion; increasing alertness, memory retention, and blood circulation; easing muscle tension; relieving stress; and helping combat depression.

A sense of humor and havin 'a laugh can take the edge off everyday stressful situations and life's challenges. Enjoying jokes, and telling them, are common human activities. Humor contributions to healthy aging: oldies (60+ years) tend to use humor as a coping mechanism.

Studies show that oldies enjoys humor even more than younger people. The downside is that the actual amount of laughter declines with age. Oldies seem to experience increasing difficulties understanding jokes: humor appreciation increases with age but comprehension decreases. At around 60 years of age, the amount of laughter exhibited is smaller compared to young adults.

Most of the decline in laughter tends to occur in the evening, when oldies tend to laugh only half as much as their younger counterparts. Two main reasons could help explain this decline in laughter in the evenings. One reason could be that the decline is due to a lack of social interaction at that time; given that most laughter occurs in the presence of, and interacting with, others. Another reason could be that oldies tend to go to bed / sleep earlier than younger adults, giving them (oldies) less time to laugh.

By the way, if you're telling a joke to an oldie keep in mind that most of them do not enjoy aggressive types of humor (sarcasm, making fun of others, put-downs, snide remarks, insults) and are especially sensitive to jokes referring to old age. Focus on the philosophical question: are oldies laughing because they're happy or are they happy because they're laughing?

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Microdermabrasion Treatments To Reduce Facial Acne Scarring

Having acne can cause the sufferer discomfort and embarrassment, but so can the scars that get left on the skin. As many as 80% of people will have to deal with acne at sometime in their life, and even if you no longer have active acne, there's a good chance you'll have acne scars. Having acne and living with its after-effects is not just bound to our teenage years, the scars and pock-marks left on our face can last a lifetime. No-one is perfect, we all have flaws, but we still spend vast amounts of time and money trying to hide them.

The outer surface layer of the skin mirrors itself about every 28 days through shedding, which is known as exfoliation. Microdermabrasion treatment speeds up the rate at which the skin would normally renew itself, revealing new, fresh glowing skin.

Medical grade microdermabrasion machines offer state of the art treatments, from mild exfoliation to deeper medical treatments, and this translates into more impressive and lasting results to you.

Medical microdermabrasion is a safe, controlled treatment that will intensely exfoliate and resurface the skin. It will polish the outer layers of the skin, revealing a healthy fresh complexion, while helping to diminish acne scars and skin imperfections. It smoothes the skin, removing small scars, uneven skin tone, birthmarks, sun damage, age and liver spots.

Microdermabrasion is a unique treatment that uses a light mist of crystals, which will gently and painfully dislodge dead and dull cells from the upper layer of the skin. The vacuum suction then simultaneously removes the crystals and dead / dull cells which will result in polished, smooth and glowing skin.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types, and it helps to promote the growth of new skin and collagen, which thickens the dermis and improvements resistance to the effect of aging. Recovery time is negligible, you can return to work / normal activities immediately after your treatment.

Microdermabrasion was first developed in Italy in 1985, and today there are hundreds of microdermabrasion machines available, and all of them have the same basic design, to exfoliate dead skin cells. This treatment creates a smooth, even skin texture, providing a perfect surface for applying make-up. It also promotes collagen and helps to stop future breakouts, if it's done regularly.

Medical microdermabrasion is a safe procedure for women and men and it can treat specific skin conditions or be done as a facial to keep the skin in good condition.

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Chemical Peel Treatments For Smooth, Unblemished, Younger Looking Skin

If you despair at the state of your skin when you look in the mirror, then a chemical peel treatment can improve the texture and tone on your face, leaving you with visible results, without any irritation or shredding of the skin.

Chemical peels are a widely used and useful part of cosmetic treatments, and they can help rectify a number of skin concerns. They are most often used as an anti-aging treatment, to improve acne, acne scars and skin discolouration or simply to freshen up the skin.

Benefits of chemical peels:

  • They can reduce or take away blotchy patches that cause the skin to look dull.
  • They are able to penetrate deep enough to remove the top layer of skin, which will even out your skin tone.
  • The sun is the main cause of fine lines and wrinkles, and a chemical peel can remove the sun damaged top layer of skin, leaving behind a fresh and smooth layer.
  • They will leave your skin feeling smoother, revealing a fresh layer of skin, giving a youthful appearance and a much improved skin texture.
  • A chemical peel is a good treatment if you're suffering from acne, and within a few months can help clear up inflammations and even acne scars.
  • The treatment is fast and simple. The average procedure takes around 30-40 minutes.

Chemical peels can refresh the skin, giving your face a healthy looking glow, as well as giving your skin-care and make-up products a smoother base to sit on. The procedure basically involves applying an acid-containing solution to your face.

The acid lifts away the dead cells in minutes, triggering a chain reaction:

  • It causes exfoliation of the top layer of the skin
  • Once the skin is shed, the living cells below will multiply and move up.
  • This will increase collagen production, making hyaluronic acid which results in a fresher, younger looking face.

Regularly removing dead skin cells will freshen up your skin, giving it a fresh and youthful glow. It will even out the skin tone, reduce age spots and leave you with a better skin quality. The peels penetrate into the dermis of the skin and stimulate the fibroblasts deep within the skin, producing new and improved collagen and elastin and increasing the skin cell turnover.

Chemical peels offer a non-inasive, quick-fix solution, without the need for surgery. Lasers can target problems such as pigmentation and fine lines, but they can prove expensive, so chemical peels are ideal for customers looking for an effective, less expensive option.

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Do Oldies Live In The Past?

Growing old has much to recommend it – especially that you're still alive to do it. One of those many things is to be able to look back on a life well-lived. Even though memories can be inherently selective, incomplete, and colored (the First Law of Forgetting states: the longer ago something happened, the less chance we have of remembering it in detail), a characteristic of aging is the desire to identify the years of our life: there's much to cherish and affirm in that process of looking back.

It's inevitable that older people will look back – live in the past, be nostalgic – even though we know that nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory.

Living in the past looks pretty normal. For many people, it's like putting together a simple autobiography. That's why nostalgia is considered by many as a positive attitude toward the past that is related to aging and autobiographical memory.

While the word 'nostalgia' was coined by a Swiss physician in 1678, its meaning has changed a bit since then and now we use the word as we look back to moments that have become idealized in our memory – the good old days. And when we speak of the good old days, we mean a time in the past when we believe life was better than it is today – myth overtakes reality.

However, we need to be careful about nostalgia; too much of a good thing might not be good for us. While all of us have a past, our life belongs to today and tomorrow.

It's like Billy Joel sang: Say goodbye to the oldies, but goodies, because the good old days were not always good and tomorrow is not as bad as it looks.

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Anti-Aging – Don’t Wait For The Magic Bullet

Almost every week in the media we here about cures for some health problem. The problem is these stores are often generated from a bit of hopeful leaked information and usually the cure is ten to twenty years away.

I have heard of anti-aging drugs for decades and in 2017 we are not much closer. One reason is that from a funding perspective anti-aging is not considered an illness and so it is seriously ignored except as side projects.

At the time of writing I am 60 years old, and if they do find a magic bullet cure for aging in 20 years time, I would have the great good fortune of remaining a sprightly 80 year old for years!

I can tell you that is not what I had in mind. So assuming the miracle-aging cure is a long way off then when you would like to start slowing down the aging process.

Even if you are just 20, then you would be locked in at 40. While that would be appealing to me, I'm not so sure a 20 year old would feel the same.

While we do not have a magic bullet yet we do have some good info about aging as well as possible.

7 Tips for healthy aging.

1. At the end of your DNA strands are things called telomeres. As we age the telomeres get shorter as our DNA replicates. The Noble Peace Prize winning Australia Dr Elizabeth Blackburn in her research showed that meditating just 12 minutes per day could help maintain the length of the telomeres and ensure better cell replication.
2. Your mitochondria are the engines within your cells and have their own DNA. We can protect our mitochondria by avoiding toxic mold and household chemicals as much as possible.
3. Our cells need to allow nutrients in as effectively as possible, and be able to remove waste just as well. Ensuring you are well hydrated and eating healthy fats will make sure the membranes of your cells work properly.
4. Avoiding sugar in all forms including grains and potatoes reduces the amount of insulin your cells have to encounter and therefore reducing your inflammation.
5. Eating a diet rich in vegetables to ensure your digestive bacteria are well fed and being maintained to produce vitamins and the necessary brain chemicals.
6. Consume healthy protein to support your immune system, in the form of meat, lentils, cheese and to a lesser extensible vegetables. Not from protein bars and shakes.
7. Move your body daily in multiple ways such as walking, stretching, and occasional heavy weights.

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Best Ultimate Natural Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream

A supple, fair and spotless skin is what everyone dreams. The changing climates and deteriorated environmental conditions are not allowing us to maintain such healthy skin. Due to various reasons, the skin starts to show the symptoms of early aging.

The skin loses its glow and becomes dull. The fine lines start to show up and the wrinkles dominate in the areas near the eyes. The dryness of the skin causes sagging in particular places. Sometimes, dark spots or pigmentation occur that diminish your beauty. The only way to handle the aging symptoms is via the Natural Anti-aging Wrinkle Cream that is formulated with the natural ingredients obtained from the beneficial herbs and other organic sources.

Best anti-aging cream for great benefits

The aging skin needs proper nutrition and efficient moisturizing effects from a typical natural formulation without any side effects. There are many formulas that resist the aging symptoms efficiently. Without spending too much on the varieties of cosmetic products available in the market, it is better to act smarter by choosing the natural Anti-aging creams that offer proper nutritious effects and do not impart any side effect.

The homemade beauty recipes might work well on your skin but who has the time to make the preparation? Organizing the ingredients and following the complex steps will take a toll on your personal time. The same effect can be obtained from the natural formulations of particular brands. For an instance, the All-in-One Natural Anti-aging Wrinkle Cream from the renamed brand Anni Mateo is the perfect example here.

Ingredients that make a difference

The rejuvenation product from the top-class brands contains the best formulation one can get at the fairest price. These products are fabricated after prolong research of various natural sources. The ingredients are chosen to suit all types of skin and attend the desired anti-aging effect.

Argireline and Matrixyl are the prime ingredients that an aging skin need for wonderful results. Both the compounds are smaller chains of amino acids that are properly dispersed in a suitable medium with other important ingredients in the creams. With age, the skin loses the ability to synthesize proper amount of collagen and elastin at the base of the skin. The decrease in the proper amount of collagen causes crest and troughs in the skin due to the appearance of void spaces.

The skin can not absorb collagen from the topical applications due to its heavy molecular configuration. This is where Argireline and Matrixyl come in the picture. Argireline, also known as Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, and Matrixyl, also known as Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, are the basic ingredients that mimic the molecular formula of collagen.

Due to the shorter size of these peptides, they are readily absorbed deep into the skin. The normal physiological function of the skin responds to the absorption and starts the formation of collagen in the void spaces. These peptides along with other ingredients like Syn-Coll, DMAE, MSM, GABA, Idebenone, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid, etc triggers the formation of the building materials under the skin. Occasionally, the wrinkles are filled with the newly formed collagen and the fine lines disappear.

Benefits of the anti-aging creams

Glow and suppleness

The aging skin regains its glow when it starts to form collagen again with the aid of the triggers in the cream. In fact, the skin will become tight and the sagginess will disappear. This phenomenon will bring back the young look lacking in the skin after the regular use of the natural cream.

Elimination of dark spots

The rejuvenation process is started with the promotion of the anabolic activities of the skin with the help of the active ingredients in the anti-aging creams . The Aloe Vera juice and the Green Tea extract will provide the necessary amount of polyphenols and other antioxidants that remove free radicals from the skin. The addition of Macadamia nut oil, shea butter, coconut oil, etc will also provide the necessary nutrition to revive the metabolic process of the skin cells. The hyper-pigmentation will vanish in due course of time and the skin tone will be evened.


The natural wrinkle lifting creams are the best solution to fight the aging symptoms. They are far better and cost-effective than the invasive cosmetic surgery techniques involving Botox. Go natural and enjoy your revived young look with a supple skin to flaunt.

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Keep Your Lips Looking Fabulous With Dermal Fillers

We do not have to wait for a special occasion to pamper our lips, we can keep them in great condition all year-round. Whatever the winter elements have left you with dry, chapped lips, or maybe you're just not happy with the look of your lips, you do not have to despairs, there is a solution.

The delicate skin on your lips is very susceptible to harsh weather and they need extra care to keep them in kissable condition:

Exfoliate the lips – Remove the dead skin from your lips to keep them smooth, which will make it easier to apply lipstick. To exfoliate, use a soft toothbrush and Vaseline to brush over the lips once a week.

Prevent lipstick marks on the teeth – Once you have applied your lipstick, place your finger into your mouth, close your lips around it, and pull it out. This will remove the lipstick from the inside of your lips.

Dry lips – If you have dead skin on your lips, try not to lick or pick at them. Keep your lips hydrated, as licking your lips will dry them out, and picking at any dead skin can lead to bleeding.

Matte lips – Make sure you exfoliate your lips if you're going to wear matte lipstick, as any crust or dead skin on your lips becomes instantly noticeable.

Longer repeating lipstick – To help keep your lipstick on your lips for longer, put a little powder foundation on your lips and then blot. Dust a little translucent powder over your lips, then apply another coat of lipstick.

If you are not happy with the look of your lips – they might be too thin; either through age or genetics, have smokers lines around them or maybe they are not symmetrical. We can put this right using dermal fillers. Lip size and shape can easily be enhanced by dermal fillers, giving greater volume and a fuller appearance to your lips.

Dermal fillers get injected into the lip creases, and will soften the lines and prevent lipstick bleeds. This treatment enhances the area around the mouth, giving it a more youthful look. For fuller lips, sometimes, just a small amount of filler can make all the difference, and you can get beautiful results, without necessarily adding lots of volume.

Having dermal filler injected into the lips can sometimes make people nervous, and they imagine themselves coming out of the clinic with massively inflated lips. Visions of gaining a trout pout does put many women off lip procedures, but if you have your treatment done at a reputable clinic, then this is not the reality, because a reputable clinic will always discuss your desired outcome at your consultation.

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How to Have a Healthy Memory And a Healthy Brain

How has your memory been lately? As good as ever? Remember names easily? Find the word you want quickly?

The hard truth as you get older is – probably not.

Loss of brain cells starts in adulthood, and by the time we're 50, we're losing 1% of our brain each year. And losing cells in our brain is not like losing the other weight we so often want to get rid of! When we lose brain cells, we lose the very neurons that let us think, remember, and manage our life.

One percent loss. Every year. That means that in the span of 20 years, we lose 20%.

That's not good.

But it does not have to happen that way. You can change the process, stop the loss, and even grow new neurons.

Let's look at five powerful factors that research says will make a difference in brain health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, learning, and meditation.


Sugar increases early sunset dementia, and inflames your brain. Hard to avoid in our culture, but worth considering. Omega-3s feed and help heal your brain. That one's much easier – a krill supplement actually can help keep your brain younger and healthier.

The Mediterranean diet slows cognitive decline in multiple studies, as well as reducing heart disease. Could you add one new Mediterranean dish a month? What's good for your heart is good for your brain – which means you get double the impact from your choices.


A recent meta-analysis of 39 randomized clinical trials of physical activity show physical activity is strongly linked to slowing of cognitive decline. The research is consistent – exercise makes a difference.

Simply walking 40 minutes, 3 times a week has been shown to stop the loss of brain mass, and actually add new brain cells – adding 2% brain mass in new cells in a year, instead of losing 1%. And this was true even for the most elderly walkers.

What if you added 2% of brain mass a year, instead of losing 1%? What would mean to you, over the next 10 years?


Sleep is important for your mood, but it's also important for the health of your brain. During sleep, there are actual structural changes to your brain – helpful spaces expand, and stress-related areas recede. Sleep helps protect against obesity, and reduces stress and depression, all of which are associated with cognitive decline.

How is your sleep? Exercise and meditation are good ways to sleep better, and strengthen your brain at the same time.


Learning something new will strengthen your brain. The catch is, it has to be something hard for you to learn. Not just working through a new puzzle, but working at something that takes real effort. Learning a new language or a new instrument may give you the brain workout you need.

Frankly, you'll never be really great at the new language or instrument that you begin to learn as an older adult. But that's not why you're doing it. You're doing it so you will have more brain to work with.

And what the heck – you might not be great, but you will be able to kick out a few jams and make yourself known on your next trip!


For most people, meditation is the easiest, most enjoyable way of adding brain cells. New meditators who practiced 30 minutes a day for only 8 weeks showed significant, measurable increases in brain matter in the parts of the brain associated with memory – as well as parts of the brain associated with a positive sense of self, and increased ability to manage stress.

Do you know how to meditate? It is easy, free, and enjoyable. It can be as simple as paying attention to your breath for 10 minutes a day. Or you can try using a guided meditation, rich with healing imagery, to learn how to meditate. It's easy, and relaxing, comforting to do. And it's a powerful tool for building a healthy brain.

Choose any one of these areas – the easiest one, the one you like best, and begin your brain work. Support yourself on your road to a healthy memory and a healthy brain.

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Choosing A Safe Place to Have Botox, Dermal Fillers & Injectable Treatments

Regulation in the cosmetic treatment industry is scant, making it very hard for people who want beauty treatments to know where to go. You need to go somewhere that's safe, and where there's a qualified practitioner, who should really have a good knowledge about facial anatomy and skin. Fortunately there are many places that offer these treatments, whether it's at a beauticians, dentists or doctors.

So, is it better to go with a doctor? Well, it's advisable that healthcare professionals, such as doctors, dentists and nursers, who have had the correct training in these treatments, and who use reputable and safe products, carry out these cosmetic treatments, especially any injectable treatments.

Do your research! Check out all the information on the place where you're having your treatment, before you go. Whether you're checking out its reputation online, on internet forums or by word of mouth.

  • Check out the qualifications of the practitioner.
  • Always make sure the place you go to have treatment is clean.
  • Avoid gimmicks, like: two for the price of one or introduce a friend and get a discount.
  • Cheapest is not always the best. Remember, you are having products injected into your face, so choose wisely!
  • Check out their before and after photos and see what results they achieve.

Botox is the number one cosmetic procedure in the world, and number two is dermal fillers.


Botox eases the lines and wrinkles that appear on the face through repetitive facial movements that etch them into the face. People worry that botox injections will result in a frozen, plastic looking face, but that only happens when too much of the product gets injected. If less botox gets injected, it will smooth out the lines, but leave you with natural facial expressions.

A consultation before any treatment, is where you can discuss exactly what you do, and what you do not want to look like, following your treatment.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers add volume to the cheeks, the tear troughs under the eyes, at the jaw line and to plump up the lips. Again, people worry about trout pouts and puffy pillow faces that happen when too much filler gets injected, and the same rule applies, as with the botox, let your doctor know what you do and do not want during the consultation. Less is always more!

Continuity is always a good idea. If you are having botox, fillers or any treatment where you go back for top up's and more treatments, it's wise to use the same practitioner who knows what you want, and who you are to achieve, and who knows your face!

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7 Collagen Rich Foods

What is collagen? Actually, collagen is a type of protein, which is the primary structural substance found in the connective tissue of animals. Basically, it is composed of amino acids, such as arginine, hydroxyproline, praline, glycine and so on. Given below is a list of 10 foods that can boost collagen in your skin in a natural fashion.


Cabbage is the right diet for your skin since it contains collagen. The phytonutrients and antioxidants, such as sulforaphane, isothiocynates, zeaxanthin, thiocynates and lutenin can boost the elasticity and hydration of your skin.

Moreover, cabbage is a great source of vitamin B6, fiber, manganese, folate and so on. The vegetable contains iron, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium. All of these things help you strengthen your bones and reduce blood pressure.

Soy Products

Your diet should also include quality soy products, such as cheese and soymilk. These things help you prevent fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. The genistelin, which is a plant hormone, boosts the collagen production. As a result, your skin becomes stronger and more elastic.

Red Fruits & Vegetables

For collagen, you can eat red fruits, such as strawberries, cherries, oranges, and apples. In the same way, red vegetables, such as red peppers, beets also help you fight aging. The antioxidants, such as lycopenes in these vegetables and fruits boost the production of collagen in your body.


For healthy skin, you have to make sure that you eat beans. Actually, beans have hyaluronic acid that is important for you if you want to stay young. As a matter of fact, hyaluronic acid can keep water longer. As a result, you can get rid of lines and wrinkles and keep your skin glowing. The fact of the matter is that hyaluronic in beans help you with cell migration and proliferation. You can eat beans in any form.


Actually, carrots are a good source of vitamin A, which helps your body produce more of collagen. Aside from this, carrots help your body control the breakdown of elastin and collagen. Another great role of carrots is that they stimulates and thickens the dermis. As a result, your body has a better flow of blood.

Walnuts And Flaxseeds

Walnuts and flaxseeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. According to experts, one cup of quality walnuts has around 10.8 grams of it. For good health, these fatty acids are vital. It helps you prevent heart diseases while improving the brain growth, function and development. By damaging the cellular DNA of your skin, too much UV radiation tends to produce genetic mutations. As a result, you may get cancer.

Green or Black Olives

In your diet, the green or black olives play a great role in helping you stay healthy. Actually, they are heavy with sulphur that boosts collagen formation. In the past, sulphur was used for the purpose of treating skin issues, such as dermatitis. The substance helps fight acne, skin oiliness and prevails the clogging of your skin pores.

So, if you are looking for some foods to get collagen from, you should try some foods we talked about in this article.

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Top Cosmetic Treatments For Anti-Aging

Skin aging is a perplexing biological process triggered by a number of inherent and acquired factors. It's a relatively unknown fact that skin is a body organ, and that too the largest and the most visible one.

As we get older, our skin is one of the first facets that gives away our age. Also, the fact that healthy and beautiful skin is considered a sign of our overall well-being, millions of people now resort to numerous anti-aging treatments in a quest to become the present-day Marilyn Monroe, and surprisingly funding the billion dollar cosmetic industry.

With a number of preventive measure, invasive procedures and topical therapeutic treatments, it's now imperative to know what the most potent cosmetic treatment for anti-aging. This is what the article aims at.

1. Retinoid Cream: It's rightly said that if you're on a quest, seeking the fountain of youth, you can not choose to ignore retinoids. They are the only thing proven to reduce the occurrence and visibility of wrinkles, lighten brown spots, and inhibit the breakdown of collagen (the protein of youth).

2. Peptide Cream: Solely for the benefits it provides to your skin, Peptide describes your attention. Although not as potent as Retinoids, Peptides help in revitalizing the skin and thereby making it more resilient. From modestly priced creams to the expensive ones, there are a dozen of Peptide creams to choose from.

3. Chemical Peels: Chemical peels involve a chemical agent that causes ablation of the defined skin layers to exfoliate the skin damaged by the sun and induce an even, tighter skin. Ranging from superior to deep peels, chemical peel is an excellent treatment procedure for anti aging symptoms like acne scars, wrinkles, discoloration and dullness.

4. Dermal Filler injections: Dermal fillers are anti-aging injectables that help with diminishing fine lines, frown lines, crow's feet, saggy skin and wrinkles. A rather popular anti-aging treatment, dermal fillers seeking to change the facial profile to a youthful one and are sometimes also referred to as preventive injections.

5. Laser Skin Resurfacing: With a reliably lower recovery time and reduced risk of bruising, bleeding or discomfort, laser skin resurfacing is a popular cosmetic treatment for anti aging. Dissolving the molecular bonds of damaged skin cells using a high-intensity, it's majorly used for hyper-pigmentation and scars around the mouth and eyes, wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging.

With laser emitting wands and metaphysical ingredients, cosmetic dermatologists are wizards in disguise. With constant, rigorous innovations and developments, they have successfully perfected the art of reversing the various signs of aging and now offer comfortable, swift and safe procedures.

For all those who find such treatments ludicrous, you can immediately begin with preventive measures and prevent any further damage to kick in. Regular exercise, nutritional diet and sun screens would take you a long way.

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The Pains of Growing Old

Age is not something anyone has control over. You can not control the graying of your hair, the formation of wrinkles under your eyes, the changes of the people and places around you as the tick of time continues to march.

Aging can be a dramatic but also fulfilling and humbling process. You get to become wiser as you grow older, but along with the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom are the accumulation of physical pains.

Let's face it. Aging can be beautiful, but it can be painful too. The physical pains of aging can often be felt inside your early forties and can span through the rest of your life. The aggravating muscle pains, slower metabolism get really annoying.

One of the most notorious sources of pain among adults is Osteoporosis. It is a condition where the bones get weaker and brittle that can ever lead to fracture. It's a common pain in the hips or spine areas.

It requires the person to keep an eye on their posture, and when the pain attacks, it can disrupt the person's daily activities. But although Osteoporosis can be a bit of a pain, there are a few easy steps for you to manage it better.

Choose a Good Chair

Just because you've aged a bit does not mean you stop all your daily activities. If you have a desk job, consider getting an office chair for your back, specifically to keep its alignment in the right place.

There are chairs for posture support in the market that can significantly help you maintain proper posture even for long hours. There are also numerous forums about best chair for posture which can be helpful resources when choosing a new and better chair for your office.

Keep It Strong

You've probably heard about this doctor and other people, and as cliché as it sounds, increasing your calcium intake can help make your bones strong. Dairy foods are rich in calcium, but green leafy vegetables and sweet potatoes can also be good sources. These help strengthen your bones.

Do not Fall

Since Osteoporosis is characterized by the weakening of the bones, it means you become vulnerable. While it pays to strengthen your bones from the inside through increased calcium intake, it also pays to keep it safe from external factors that can break them.

Give more attention to how you handle your body. Maintain proper posture in order to avoid unnecessarily putting more pressure and weight in certain areas. Refrain from carrying heavy weights. And although it seems to be a no-brainer, it's important for you to stay away from accidents. Since your body is experiencing a weakening of the bones, accidents can significantly bring more casualties to your body.

Aging is a mysterious and rewarding human experience, but it does come at an expense, and more often than not, the price to pay for aging manifests in the physical health. While it's easier to whine about the physical challenges of being “old” does not mean that it is impossible to manage.

After all, growing old means becoming bolder, stronger, and wiser. It's just that in the case of Osteoporosis, it requires you to literally have a back bone in managing the pain.

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Do Old Farts Fart More?

Everyone does it – fart, that is – but we do not like talking about it. The amount individuals fart (pass gas, break wind, fluff, or some other euphemism) per day depends on a number of factors. Diet is the main one. A healthy vegan diet, for example, may produce more flatulence than those omnivorous counterparts.

Other information relevant to this topic are as follows.

  • A normal, healthy person (he and she) farts between 14 and 40 times per day. In Australia, the Victorian Government health guidelines, tell us the average is about 15, while in the US the National Institutes of Health puts that number at 14.
  • The average fart is made up of about 59% nitrogen and, in some cases, 7% methane (the stinky gas).
  • Most farts take place at night while we're sleeping.
  • Regular farting is a sign that you're consuming enough fiber, and have a healthy collection of bacteria in your intestines.

The answer to the question being pursued here is (probably) yes. We do get gassier in our old age and there are about five reasons for this.

  1. As we get older, digestion slows down and food moves through the gut slower creating more gas.
  2. As we get older our body functions do not work as well, including the ability to control the anal sphincter, so the physical capacity to refrain from farting diminishes.
  3. As we get older, some conditions and diseases are more prevalent contributing to excess gas.
  4. As we get older, we tend to use more prescription drugs and gas is a side effect of some of these – antibiotics and blood-pressure medications, for example.
  5. As we get older, our social situation changes. Confined spaces such as workplaces, working lunches, and 'catching' lifts, are replaced by longer periods of splendid isolation and freedom to fart.

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Acheive Younger Looking Skin With Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Enhanced laser skin rejuvenation treatment uses an advanced state of the art laser scope system for enhanced skin rejuvenation. When people with either mature skin, sun-damaged skin, or those who have overdone it on sun beds, then laser skin rejuvenation is really the best treatment to have.

This treatment is a non-invasive laser treatment for fine wrinkles, aging and sun-damaged skin and is often called the non-surgical face lift. It's non-ablative, so the surface of the skin remains unchanged and there's no healing or recovery time.

Enhanced Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment:

  • Gives the face an even coloring
  • Leaves the skin with a youthful glow and a silky feel
  • Tightens up the skin
  • It will plump up areas such as the cheeks

The gentle lasers reach deep down to the collagen level of the skin, and the precursor therapeutic light energy stimulates production of collagen and elastin fibers, which improves the tone and texture of the skin and smooths out facial wrinkles. Slight imperfections, such as pigmentation irregularities; such as brown sunspots are also corrected, and broken blood vessels and red and blue facial veins erased.

The benefits:

  • The treatment reduces facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • It treats sun damage, including age spots and brown pigmentation
  • Improves broken blood vessels, red and blue facial veins
  • There's no recovery time, you can return to normal activities immediately
  • It's safe for the face, chest, neck and hands & anywhere sun damage shows

The enhanced laser skin rejuvenation procedure normally takes around 40-60 minutes to treat and we recommend six treatments, spaced 3-4 weeks apart. The treatment effects are cumulative, with optimal results appearing after 4 to 6 months. Most clients experience minimal discomfort when we are delivering the laser pulses, but some may experience a minor stinging sensation on the skin. We can offer topical anaesthetic cream to make the treatments more comfortable.

  • Procedure time – 30 minutes
  • Treatment course – 6 treatments, each 4 weeks apart
  • Back to work – Next day
  • Duration of results – 12 months
  • Anaesthetic – Local
  • Results seen – 4 – 6 weeks

Following your treatment, we recommend that you use sun block daily. There's no down time, and you can wear make up and resume your normal activities immediately, and many clients return to work immediately afterwards, making it an ideal procedure to have done during your lunch time. Occidentally you might experience redness or swilling for a few hours, or on rare occasions, for a few days.

Before any treatment, the doctor will discuss your requirements and expectations and recommend a personalized treatment plan. This cost-effective treatment can achieve great results, without the use of needles or cosmetic surgery

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