A Certain Vote-Getter

It's election-eve in the Land of OZ. If history repeats itself, after the election you can say goodbye to your preferred candidate for another few years (until he or she next needs your vote). As Robert Frost offered, in three-words, what he'd learned from life: 'It goes on'.

Here's a sure-fire vote-winner. Too bad it was not used during the recent campaign because, providing you do it, the result will add years to your life. The message is to quit worrying: worrying is a waste of time.

A fellow went to a psychoanalyst. He told the psych of his concerns about particular dreams he was having. According to the bill-payer his dreams always featured a tepee and a wigwam. 'What should I do?' he pleaded. The psychoanalyst was quick to identify the problem and responded. 'You're too tense (two tastes)', she said. 'Relax!' 'Stop worrying.'

Tension (anxiety, if you prefer), is the illness of our age. We worry about ourselves, our family, our friends, our work, the state of the country, who'll win the election, global conflicts, and so on. If we continue along this path, sooner or later we can expect to get sick, age faster, and die sooner.

Even though we know that caring does not accomplish anything, we still do it. Even if we worry twenty times more, it will not change the situation that's bought the worry beads out. In fact, our anxiety could make things worse.

Any change from worried needs to come from us. Changing need not be of the Groucho Marx-type: 'If you do not like my principles, I've got others (otherwise, of course, becoming a politician is a career-choice). Even though things may not be as we'd like them to be, we can still be content, knowing that we are trying our best and will continue to do so. Being happy in the present moment is all that's required: there's no need for anything else. And there are various tools that can help us.

One of those tools that goes under the banner of contemplative practices is meditation. Improved mental health, reduced blood pressure, retarding the aging process, and enhancing the quality of our lives, are just some of the research-supported outcomes associated with regular 'doses' of meditation. Stories abound of people who took responsibility for their own healing and cured themselves through contemplative practices such as meditation. And the good news is, meditation is cost- and drug-free, does not require wearing funny clothes, and can be done anywhere at any time; during boring meetings, heard-it-before homilies, in fact in most places (except when you're behind the wheel). There's even more good news: the older we get, the more time becomes available for meditation. As Plato said, 'The spiritual eyesight improves as the physical eyesight declines'.

Sometimes it should be mandatory for those who want our vote to take-up meditation. As Thich Nhat Hanh says, 'If we do not know how to breathe, smile, and live every moment of our life deeply, we will never be able to help anyone'.

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10 Effective Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels And Physical Stamina!

There is a popular phrase that says “you are as old as you feel”. But in so many cases we might feel tired, exhausted and old … even when we are still supposedly to have a reasonable amount of fire in us!

As we grow older, one common problem that we would begin experiencing is fatigue. This usually sets in after the age of 40 years. Luckily for you and I, there are ways for us to increase our energy and physical stamina even as we age … this is like slowing the process of aging so we can still enjoy life.

Here are a few tips for you to charge your body batteries when you notice your energy levels and physical stamina are lower than what it used to be.

1. Start Exercising

I know it may feel absurd to hear that exercising can help increase your energy levels and physical stamina, but it is a proven fact that engaging physical activity helps in boosting your energy levels and physical stamina.

Engaging in exercises has steadily resulted in increased energy and overall improved quality of life for so many people. If you become more active, your self-confidence would also improve tremendously. Additionally engaging in exercises regularly allows your muscles, heart and lungs to work more efficiently … we can compare this to a scenario where you improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle … but in this case you would have more energy for your daily activities.

2.) Now Is The Time To Try Yoga!

Even though regular exercises are very good in increasing physical stamina, engaging in yoga is a lot more effective if you really want to boost your energy levels. In a recent British study, participants engaged in yoga classes just once a week. At the end of a six weeks period they experienced more energy, increased confidence and better moods!

Do not hold on to the erroneous belief that you are too old to try yoga! Look at the case of 135 women and men that signed up for yoga classes at the University of Oregon. After about six months, every member of the class reported that they had more energy and an improvement in their sense of well-being … these men and women were between the ages of 65 years and 85 years! I guess that tells you that you have no excuses now!

3.) Water … Water … and More Water!

We both know this as a fact that dehydration reduces our physical stamina and energy. Athletes know naturally that dehydration is something they must avoid if they are to perform at optimum levels … that is why they keep drinking water!

I know you are not an athlete (at least not anymore!), But you have got to understand that a lot of times dehydration results in fatigue. So if you are going about your daily routines and chores always remember to drink enough water. Dehydration reduces your mental alertness and concentration … the simple way to prevent that is to drink enough water daily.

Are you wondering how to find out if you are consuming the right amount of water that your body needs? … the easiest way to find out is to look at your urine, if it is straw colored or yellow, then it is OK; if is darker, it is a clear indicator that you should start drinking more water!

4.) Sleep Early … Wake Up Stronger And More Energetic!

Not having enough sleep at night can increase your chances of having accidents (of any kind!) And is also the major cause of daytime fatigue for so many individuals. To avoid this -> Go to bed on time … so that you can enjoy a full and good night's rest!

Way back in 2004, Stanford University conducted a study where they told the participants to sleep for as long as they like. The result was => they all reported having less fatigue and more physical stamina. This is concrete proof to you if you are a “night owl” that having a good sleep habit has a lot of important benefits to you!

Assuming you did not have a good night rest … what you should do is take a short afternoon nap. As trivial as this may sound, taking little naps in the afternoon helps your perform better, keeps your brain more active and reduces tiredness to the barest minimum. Short nap between 10 – 25 minutes would help boost your energy during the day tremendously. Anything above 30 minutes of sleep during the day may cause you to have difficulties sleeping early at night.

5.) Ever Heard Of Omega-3 Fish Oils? …

For quite a long time now, omega-3 oils supplements have been consumed by men and women as a dietary supplement. Regular consumption of omega-3 oils (whether in its natural form or as a supplement), helps in increasing your mental alertness and vigor. In 2009, scientists at the University of Siena (in Italy) reported that participants who consumed omega-3 fish oil supplement (by the way … Omega Daily is a good omega-3 supplement that you should try …) for 21 days shown improved mental alertness and they felt more energetic!

6.) Go Along With Your Natural Body Rhythm!

What I mean here has to do with what time of the day you have your highest energy. As for me, I work and perform best after 4 pm. So I am kind of like an “Evening Bird”. If you wake up at 5.30 am and you are all set and ready to conquer the world … then you are a definitely a “Morning Bird”.

When you structure your activities around your daily energy pattern, life is a lot more enjoyable for you. I do not do energy consuming activities in the mornings … I will just sleep off the moment I decide to take a minute rest! So my demanding chores and tasks all fall after 4 pm. Your energy pattern is coded in your genes … so it is better to work with your own circadian rhythms and get the best from it. Schedule activities that would sap your energy at periods where you know that can handle them!

7.) It Is Time To Burn Off The Excess Fat!

Yea … the weight loss campaign is back again! We all know the benefits of being fit and slim but we do not put in the required effort to burn off excess fat. Guess what? Losing excess weight would increase your energy levels and physical stamina tremendously! This statement is a fact! Reducing the excess “baggage” on your body helps increase your vigor, improves your mood and gives you a lot more confidence.

8.) Eat Healthy Meals More Often!

Junk food is NOT meant for you! If you are above 30 years … avoid junk food like a plague! What you need to start doing is eating smaller healthy meals during the day and more frequently. Doing this assists your body in stabilizing its sugar level. Move away from refined sugars, they cause very noticeable fluctuations in your blood sugar. Instead you have got to go for whole grains and other complex carbohydrates that take longer to digest.

Eating more does not give you the license to overeat! Weight gain becomes easier as you grow older so maintain balance … and also exercise (I definitely need to repeat that again!)

9.) Begin Using A High Quality Anti-Aging Supplement!

There are so many so called anti-aging products in the market right now, but these products are all about reducing wrinkles only. However HGH releasers are completely amazing! The way this kind of supplements work is that they naturally stimulate your body to produce more human growth hormone (HGH).

HGH is a substance that plays a huge role when it comes to delaying aging … and as we both know two of the signs of aging are; low energy levels and reducing physical stamina. After a few months of use, you would experience increased energy levels and a higher libido.

10.) Talk To Your Doctor.

I know this sounds very common sense but I still have to put it as the tenth tip. In some cases fatigue is as a result of an underlying illness. Sleep apnea, anemia, heart disease, arthritis, thyroid disease and diabetes all have fatigue as one of their common symptoms. So I advise that if you start feeling unusually exhausted and weak, please visit your doctor for a checkup.

Also you have to bear it in mind that there are so many drugs that can lower your energy levels and reduce your physical stamina when used, these are the side effects of using these medications. Diuretics, blood pressure medicines and antihistamines are few of the drugs that can cause you to begin feeling tired and weak when you just start using them. If you are experiencing fatigue when beginning a new drug, you need to inform your doctor.

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Is The Use Of HGH Worth Considering At All?

There is so much bad talk about human growth hormone (HGH) these days, this is because of the indiscriminate use of HGH injections by sports men who have been done as drug cheats. However some doctors regard them as being the closest thing to the legendary fountain of youth, while some doctors openly criticize the use of this substance because of the fear that the disadvantages far outnumber their benefits. Just in case you were wondering, the Food and Drug Administration has not even approved the use of human growth hormone as a form of anti-aging treatment so you should be careful. This is why in this article we would discuss more about what HGH is, the manner in which it works and the benefits and adverse effects from using it.

So What Exactly is This Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone is a substance that is secreted by the pituitary gland and it is regarded as being the chief gland of the human body. Just like the name connotes, this substance is very important in growing children and teenagers. The moment we stop growing taller, the body starts producing lesser amounts of HGH and this can easily reach low levels when we are in our 50s, 60s and above. The effects that HGH brings about are usually with the help of a second hormone that is called Insulin-like growth factor-1 which is produced by the liver. You see HGH is administrated daily by using injections and this is expensive. Although there are some other treatments like nasal sprays and pills that attempt to trigger the body to produce more of its own HGH, the truth is that they have not been adequately demonstrated that they offer any benefit.

How Does HGH Work As An Anti-Aging Treatment?

HGH affects your body positively so this substance is not just limited to growth. Individuals that suffer from serious HGH deficiency usually because of pituitary disease typically suffer from decreasing muscle mass, increasing body fat and decreased bone density. This kind of deficiency looks similar to the aging process. Doctors' fascination about using growth hormone to reverse the effects of aging in normal healthy middle aged and older adults goes as far back as 1990. A study was conducted by Dr. Rudman, where synthetic HGH were administered to some older men and it was reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990 that they witnessed a significant reduction in body fat, higher bone density and an increase in muscle mass.

Since then there has been so many claims that HGH is the fountain of youth that humans have been waiting for. And there has also been a rise in the amount of athletes that use this substance to increase their muscle mass, this is something that has been kicked by every sports regulatory body in the whole world because of the dangers and the unavailability advantage that it gives their users.

What Are The Exact Results That Comes From Using This Substance?

The trials with the largest amount of volunteers show that using HGH for a long period of time usually results in an average of 1.4 kg increase in lean muscle mass, 2.3 kg loss of weight, 2.6 kg loss of fat and no steady change in density of bones. The patients all reported that they felt better when they were administrated HGH.

Since It Seems Good, Why Is Everyone Not Using Them?

Just like there are benefits, there are also some nasty side effects that come with using HGH injections. The documented side effects of using this substance include:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Increased risk of diabetes
  • Increased swelling
  • Joint pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

The rumor that HGH causes cancer has not really been proven, it still remains a controversial topic. When you buy HGH illegally, chances are high that you would be buying adulterated products which are very dangerous to anyone that uses it!

So How Does This Substance Affect The Length Of A Person's Life?

There is no proof that this substance can increase a person's life span. Now there is an irony that HGH excess and HGH deficiency which is a disease known as acromegaly are linked with a shorter life expectancy. Yes we know that people with low levels of HGH are more prone to dying earlier there is also no proof that when they go this HGH treatment it actually increases their life span either!

So Are You Hoping To Try This Treatment Someday?

Just step on the brakes right now! One of the reasons why you should stay away from these injections as an anti aging treatment is there is not enough information about them. Doctors are not fully aware of the benefits and most especially the risks that come with using this substance for a long period of time on healthy people. Just like when it comes to other scenarios that are a bit similar (an example is long-term hormone replacement in menopause), it is not really wise to absorb the safety or benefit of artificial hormone use. It is best that detailed studies are done to thoroughly examine the risks and the advantages not just short term benefits like increase in lean muscle mass. It is only when adequate studies have been done before this treatment should have been used on the general public. I personally do not think it is wise for doctors to be doing an uncontrolled experiment on a lot of healthy individuals.

I Am Sure You Must Be Wondering If You Should Get Tested For Growth Hormone Deficiency

If you do not have any pituitary diseases then it almost impossible for you to have growth hormone deficiency. And the testing is not a fool proof thing; there are chances of a false positive result when the patient does not even have the disease. When doctors suspect that a person has serious HGH deficiency, there are usually two tests that are conducted on the patient to reduce the possibility of having a false-positive result. In most cases these tests typically includes a GHRH-arginine test and an insulin tolerance test. And in all cases they must be contacted by very experienced clinicians because of the risks that they come with.

So Who Exactly Are The People That Use Human Growth Hormone Shots?

Human growth hormone injections are for children that are suffering from diseases which cause HGH deficiency. An example is Turner's syndrome. Also adult patients that have been tested to have HGH deficiency and patients that are suffering from muscle wasting because of HIV or short-bowel syndrome are the candidates for these injections or treatments.

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The Basics Of Wrinkle Reduction

There are numerous serums and creams on shop shelves that promise you skin that can dazzle the world and iron out the wrinkles off your face like magic. Nothing can be further from the truth. Wrinkle reduction lotions and creams will definitely improve the appearance of the skin and lend it a glow, but they can not eradicate the lines that have appeared around your eyes and mouth. These tend to be the deepest and they only get deeper over time.

When Experience Counts

There are some basic preventive measures you can take to prolong the sunset of wrinkles. No matter what you do, signs of aging will actually creep up on you, but luckily there are numerous skin treatments that can help in reducing signs of aging. There are numerous modern day skin treatments that can change the way your skin looks and give you a youthful look. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Basics Of Skin Care

Stay out of the sun. Overexposure to the harmful UV rays can do irreversible harm to the delicate skin of your face. Apply a good Ph content sunscreen lotion whenever you are stepping out into the sun, including the winter months. Choose a good moisturizing lotion and night cream. Avoid smoking and consuming too much alcohol. Excessive consumption of beverages and colas also damages the skin.

Get enough of sleep. The skin rejuvenates itself while you sleep and is important for overall health as well. Apart from this, incorporated many of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. There are also numerous cosmetic treatments that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Chemical peels, Botox, light resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and wrinkle fillers are just some of the treatments that you can opt for when you want smoother skin.

Cosmetic Treatments

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure to get rid of wrinkles, ensure that you do a bit of research about it first. Do not get impressed with reviews and fancy descriptions of the procedure. Consult a reliable dermatologist and understand what the procedure is and what its implications are. Not all wrinkle reduction treatments suit everyone and some people are also prone to allergic reactions.

Apart from this, different skin types require different treatment. Some of these treatments may also require a longer recovery time. Keep all these factors in mind when you are choosing a doctor and the treatment that you are going to under.

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Different Effective Ways On How To Reduce Under Eye Issues

Under eye bags, puffiness and dark circles underneath the eyes are the most common under eyes issues that many people face. Having these kinds of skin issues make a person to look old, dull and tired. Among those issues, dark circles are the most common of them all. Attempting to eradicate dark circles is a little bit difficult so you will need the best treatment on hand. So what are the best ways to get rid of this problem? This is what we need to find out.

One all-natural cure that assists to get rid of dark circles is actually having enough sleep. A lot of rest every night leaves our bodies feeling fresh and energized so it provides our skin a youthful glow. While we are sleep, this is the time where our skin revitalizes. It repairs and heals damage done by different harmful factors. It is advised that we sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Another all natural cure to lessen the look of dark circles is to concentrate on healthy eating. Skin's health can be improved when someone drinks a lot of normal water for this keeps the skin hydrated. In addition, healthy skin can be achieved when one's body is properly nourished with the best vitamins and minerals that we can highly obtain in various fruits and vegetables. In this way, it improves beauty and it helps eliminate under-eye issues.

Now if you want a short-term remedy, select a high-quality cover-up and then use it before applying virtually any cosmetics to cut back the appearance of darker circles under the sight. This is a good technique of hiding dark circles and will make your eyes appear brighter. After using cover-up, pick eye shadow shades that will compliment the eye area. Avoid using bluish as well as purple tones which may highlight dim sectors.

Aside from dark circles, many people also have eye puffiness. The next under eye issue that most females need to cure after they have treated under eye circles would be to battle puffiness. Eye puffiness makes veins more and more obvious, creating darker tint as well as unattractive circles. Under eye puffiness is well deal with by utilizing thin slices of cucumbers or cooled tea bags placed on top of the eyes every night. These kinds of treatment will stimulate under-eye skin that will result in a fresh and brighter look.

Another good treatment would be utilizing the best anti aging creams such as an under eye serum. These are exclusively formulated products that are high in Vitamin K, E and A, which are widely available in the marketplace. This is the reason why these kinds of products are commonly used in treating under eye issues for they are safe, effective and affordable. Aside from those vitamins, they contain ingredients like Haloxyl and Eyeliss that are proven effective in treating dark circles, puffiness and other under eye issues.

There are also home remedies that you can try out to reduce the look of dark circles and other issues. One of the most common is placing thin cold slices of cucumber on top of your eyes. Cucumbers are known to have revitalizing properties and it helps relieves muscle tension too. Other options could be putting chilled spoon or tea bas on top of your eyes.

No one wants to have a raccoon eye that is the reason why people are so eager to know the different ways to lessen the look of it. Thankfully, there are numerous approaches to reduce it and all we need to do is find the best one for you. The information in the following paragraphs has provided a fantastic foundation for anyone to check out if they wish to eliminate their own under eye issues.

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Guidelines When Buying Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Do you want to look younger without going under the knife? Well, you are not alone. With the clamor for beauty and youth these days, skin care companies are continuously developing all sorts of anti aging products to keep up with the demand. Buying anti aging products may seem easy because of the sheer number of options, but the truth is, it's the other way around. Not because a skin care product works well on your friend does not exactly mean that it'll do wonders on your skin too. Sad to say, finding the perfect anti aging skin care product is a trial and error process. With this to make the hunt easier for you, let me share to you some tips on how to choose the right anti aging skin care product for your skin.

1. Determine what type of skin you have. It is important that you only buy products that are specially formulated for your skin type. Some of the most common skin types are normal, dry, oily, sensitive, acne protein and combination. If you do not choose a product that is not qualified for your skin type, chances are it will just aggravate your current skin condition or it might not work at all.

2. Make sure all the ingredients of the product are safe. Did you know that we absorb more than fifty percent of what we put on our skin? Unknown to many, we use products that we think are safe, but if we look into them closely, they contain ingredients that have not been tested for long term toxic effects. Make it a habit to read product labels and avoid the following ingredients: alcohol, diethanolamine, monoethanolamine, triethanolamine, imidazolidinyl, FD & C color pigments, phthalates, parabens, polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol and butylene glycol.

3. Determine what your skin really needs at the moment. Anti aging products usually target different kinds of skin aging problems. From wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation, sun damage and sagging, there's a product out there that specializes in every skin problem. Using a preventative product is your best bet when choosing anti aging products. More than eighty percent of skin aging related problems is caused by unprotected sun exposure so a simple sunblock is the best tool and the best investment that you can make.

Skin care companies will claim all sorts of positive things about their product, but be smart enough to know if it's just a marketing ploy to lure you into buying. With all the aggressive marketing campaigns that these companies do, they absolutely create a lot of customer confusion. Always remember that the only person who can say that a product works for you is only you.

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How to Relieve A Stomach Ache: Natural Ways

Now-a-days stomach illness is a very common problem. Stomach discomfort may be felt anywhere between the chest and groin. Always consult with a doctor if you have a serious condition or a long term illness. There are natural remedies that you may already have in your kitchen pantry that may help prevent or cure a stomach ache.

Lemons are known to provide a safe and fast natural remedy for stomach aches.

Indigestion is a common cause for stomach pain which results typically from overeating or not properly chewing food (eating too fast). Antacids can relieve stomach pain after eating, but the ingredients (salts such as magnesium, calcium, and aluminum) can be harmful if taken more than occasionally. Lemons or limes are a safe and natural remedy for indigestion.

Common sense would make you ask, “If there is too much acid in my stomach, and lemons have acid, why would I want to add more acid to my stomach?” Here's why. Excess acid in the stomach comes from harmful bacteria. Yes, lemons contain ascorbic acid (aka vitamin C), however this home remedy helps kill the source of the problem; the harmful bacteria. By contrast, antacids work on the symptoms of the problem; the acids from the harmful bacteria.

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay aka Kanwa Minerals is a unique remedy that works much like antacids by neutralizing harmful acids, as well as absorbing toxins in the stomach. It's one of the easiest natural remedies that are known to offer quick results. Homeopathic doctors recommend using a teaspoon of Kanwa powder and mixing with a 4-6 oz glass of water.

Ginger is another natural remedy for an upset stomach. It works on the symptoms by balancing the acidity in your stomach. Another benefit of ginger is faster digestion which will cut down on the time food spends settling in your stomach. This is what makes ginger unique among the other home remedies for upset stomach. You should not consume more than 1 gram of ginger in any given day as this may upset your stomach more. It's better to split this up into 3 or 4 servings each day.

For other herbal remedies, the Mayo Clinic lists peppermint and caraway oil as an alternative medicine for stomach pain. This is only for pain NOT caused by an ulcer. Visit their web page on abdominal pain here

BRAT stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. According to the National Institute of Health, the BRAT diet is commonly recommended in hospitals by doctors and nurses if diarrhea is associated with your stomach pain. The BRAT diet relieves diarrhea by introducing foods that are gentle, neutral in acidity, and absorb toxins. Over a day or two, the diarrhea will continue to lessen as you stick to these foods. Visit the NIH web page on the BRAT diet here.

You should not use the BRAT diet when your abdominal pain is accompanied by vomiting if your stomach pain includes vomiting.

Overeating is the most common cause of stomach pains due to eating. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Celery Seeds are another home remedy for abdominal pain. It is recommended to chew half a teaspoon of celery seeds, along with salt, followed by a glass of warm water.

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Goji Berries

Have you ever wondered how these little red berries can change your life? Well, goji berries are one of the most nutritionally rich foods on the planet. They are grown on a vine-like bush only in the shade. Although it is not a thorny plant, some American variety of goji berries can have stems covered in thorns. Goji berries can survive the freezing winters and can grow successfully in places, such as British Columbia. Goji berries differ in colors from pale yellow, sun-fire orange and deep red. The two main types of goji berries are Asian and American. The only difference between them is their history. The Asian goji berries have been grown for thousands of years by Chinese, Mongolian and Tibetans, whereas the American goji berries originated from the South-West dessert of the United States which was used for survival when no water was found. There are many benefits of goji berries. Here are some of them:

1. Longevity and Healthy Hormones . According to researchers, the seventy year old person produces only one-tenth of the amount of the Human Growth Hormone generated by the twenty year old person. This causes the body to have lower energy levels and waste. To feel, look and function like a youthful person, you need to boost the natural production of the growth hormone. This superfood has been identified as “the longevity fruit” which is filled with a variety of nutrients. These nutrients will help you to live a longer and healthier life. Goji berries help your body to achieve this in three ways:

  • They are high in sesquiterpenoids which are filled with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • They stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands which increase the glandular production of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
  • They are rich in l-arginine and l-glutamine which works together to boost the HGH to revitalize your appearance and metabolism.

2. Enhancing Libido and Sexual Function . Goji berries are known for strong sexual tonic in Asia. Goji berries improve your stamina levels, mood and wellbeing, while decreasing the impact of stress on your body. These benefits lead to a much healthier life. Goji berries will help your HGH production and raise the testosterone levels to ensure healthier sex life.

3. Improving Vision . Goji berries contain the highest concentration of eyesight improving antioxidants, namely zeaxanthin and lutein. Zeaxanthin and lutein protect the eyes from the damage of the free radicals that attacks your eyes every day. They also heal the membranes of your eyes keeping them youthful and healthy. These two key antioxidants are concentrated at the center of the retina and protect your eyes from the following diseases:

  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Loss of sight
  • Eye aging problems.

4. Antioxidants . Antioxidants protect your DNA from the damage of free radicals and radiation. If your DNA is damaged, it's easier for every imaginable illness to enter your body, as well as increase the aging process. Your body is equipped to repair itself, but if your body gets faced with too many free radicals, it becomes overwhelmed and the result is the premature death of healthy cells. This can be the cause of a variety of diseases, such as a cancer. The goji berry is filled with carotenoid antioxidants which are natural sources of fat soluble antioxidant pigments.

5. Immune System Booster . Goji berries are rich in Vitamin C and Zinc. Both of these vitamins protect the body against diseases and help in recovery. They also protect the cells in your body and boost your immune system through these three main components:

  • Polysaccharides which protect the cells from generic mutation.
  • Beta-carotene which enhances the thymus gland function and increases the stimulation action on your immune system to prevent any viral infection.
  • Mineral germanium which fights off any cancer properties, such as liver cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, testicular cancer and uterine cancer.

6. Hydration . Proper hydration is a very important aspect for your overall health. If your body is not hydrated you become dehydrated and your body does not have enough water to absorb to function normally. You lose water when you breathe, when you go to the bathroom and through your sweat. You do not have to drink water only. You can consume this superfood for hydration as well. This fresh superfood grows in rich, alkaline alluvial soils which contain a large amount of hydrogen needed for hydration.

7. Supporting Brain and Neurological Health . Goji berries help our bodies with the production of choline. The choline is an essential nutrient that fights off free radical damage, narrows the arteries that deliver oxygen to the brain cells which can cause Alzheimer's disease and neurological degeneration.

8. Supporting Cardiovascular Health. Goji berry holds the key to fight off the main cause of most heart diseases, mainly oxidized cholesterol. Cholesterol becomes more dangerous when it is oxidized as a result of free radicals. This is when the blood fats clench to the artery walls with calcium forming nanobacteria to form plagues. An enzyme called Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) acts as a defense mechanism against cholesterol and may prevent cholesterol from oxidizing. Goji berries can increase your SOD to decrease your cholesterol levels.

9. Keeping Vital Organs Healthy. They keep our vital organs healthy through balancing blood sugar levels and increasing the digestive system, skin and liver function. They're also filled with phytonutrients which enhance the ability to detoxify and guard the liver against any damage from carcinogens and hepatitis virus. These phytonutrients include betaine, polysaccharides and antioxidant pigments. The liver gets cleaned by betaine. This reduces the toxic amino acids in the cardiovascular system. Goji berry tea can be used for the treatment of diabetes and all types of digestive problems, as well as the recovery of ulcers and a spastic colon. Goji berries also contain fatty acids which can stimulate collagen production to ensure moisture result in a youthful skin.

10. Improving Sleep. Goji berries contain Thiamine and Magnesium – two main nutrients needed for a healthy sleep. Thiamin improves your mood and energy levels, while magnesium improves the quality of sleep by shortening the time it takes to fall sleep.

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How Old Are You Really? Biological Age

People have always been interested in being “forever young” and today's society is no different. We want to resist the aging process.

The speed at which we are aging can be measured – its called biological age, or how old your body really is.

The area of ​​study which is now called longevity, and was once called anti aging, is hugely popular in the states.

It's something I'm very interested in, and see it as a big part of the future for myself and my clients.

Your chronological age is how old you actually are.

Biological age is the age of your body at the cellular level.

Today we will look into how you can establish, what your biological age is and how you can improve it.

There are a few longevity factors in the list that surprised me!

(Deep question alert!)

What is the purpose of life? I do not mean any deep separated stuff, like procreation.

I just mean, what is most people's AIM in life. What do they want to get out of their time on earth?

Firstly and most importantly, people want to be happy. Easier said than done.

Happiness is a state of mind. It's a feeling.

Ask someone with a big goal (like building a successful business or losing more than three stone).

“What will reaching your goal do for you?”

Often they will say something like “When I get there I will feel happy”, or say “I will feel proud”.

“I will have more energy”.

“I will not be afraid of trying new clothes on or going out with friends”.

“I do not want to feel like a slave to food”

“I do not want to be scared to look in the mirror or get on the scales”.

Life is all about feelings.

People spend their entire lives in search of feelings! (mostly happiness, contentment, satisfaction and love)

How people actually reach this state of “happiness” is different for us all.

Most people I know AIM for a decent job (or business) with decent money.

All with the ultimate goal of having a good retirement.

I hear people say “When I finish work, I'm going to do this or I'm going to … (insert goal)”.

The point here being, if being happy and having a nice retirement is people's main goal in life, then keeping your body fit and healthy clearly must be part of your plan.

I know of a very wealthy man who got cancer and passed away just before his retirement, I'm sure that was not part of the master plan, he had built his business up so he could sell it and have a nice retirement (as most business people do).

He did not make it and did not get to “cash out”.

Many people do not make it to retirement because their “plan” is messed up from the start.

Without sounding depressing we only get one shot remember.

This is NOT a rehearsal.

A lot of people get to retirement age and their body is wrecked!

These stops them from being able to enjoy their time off as much. Living life with lots of restrictions. “I can not go there because of the steep hill”, or “I can not do that because of my back or my knees”.

After working hard for 40-50 years – to give yourself a good pension and retirement, this is the last thing that anyone wants.

Peoples bodies are like cars.

On one hand you have new cars with high mileage that are not well serviced.

On the other hand you have old cars with low mileage that have been well looked after.

I want You to be like a well looked after old car, with low mileage when you get to your retirement.

I know some people, that slog away and get to the age of 40, and feel and look like they're 50 or 60!

I also know many people who hit retirement age and feel like a 40 year old, and can keep on working and exercising for another 20 years!

This is all dependent on how we live our lives, obviously there are things such as injuries, diseases and other bad things which can affect our lives negatively through no fault of our own but on the whole we are in control of our own health.

What affects our longevity?

Scientists agree that these factors all affect your longevity in some way, big or small. (this is not a definitive list)

Muscle size and strength
Level of education
How pro active you are with going to see the doctor if needed
The amount of friends you can rely on, and love in your life
Your diet
Blood pressure
Your upper body strength
If you enjoy your work or not
Weather you smoke / drink alcohol or not, and the amount
If you exercise or not

Most of us shorten our lives and absolutely kill ourselves, through our bad habits and lifestyle choices, whatever they may be.

As you would of guessed, it is possible to slow down the sunset of aging and even reverse it to some extent.

I must say, that there is nothing wrong with ageing, it is inevitable. It is something we should be proud of, a chance to show our wisdom to the younger generation.

This article is just to show you how you can SLOW the aging process with ease and actually enjoy it.

The Ageing Process

As we get older our bodies start to slow down and stop being able to function as well, sadly there is no getting away from this.

BUT through healthy living and making the right choices day in day out we can delay our body slowing down by years!

Just think how much more you will be able to enjoy your retirement if you feel like a 40 year old? and can spend it with the people you love.

Compare this to how much you will enjoy it if you can barely walk up a flight of stairs without having feet legs and being short of breath.

Your chronological age does not have to be the same, or worse, than your physiological age.

How to slow the effects of aging

The list above obviously helps you but here are a few more ideas for you to beat the clock.

When some people think anti aging, I'm sure some of you may think of things like anti wrinkle creams and lotions, hair dye products, botox and maybe even plastic surgery.

That does kind of sum up some of the western world that these are the steps that the majority of people (plastic surgery being an extreme example) will take to make them look younger, rather than eating healthily and exercising.

Aging leads to loss of muscle mass, loss of mental function, low mobility and a lack of energy, and as you know the cosmetic type anti aging steps I will not help any of these.

Top tips to delay aging naturally:

Enjoy the Outdoors – Do not spend all of your time cooped up indoors behind the computer or watching TV. There are plenty of things to do and see outside, especially on a nice day I can not think of anything better than going for a walk with the family down the park or beach. Sunlight also is a natural source of Vitamin D.

Yoga & Meditation – I would say that this is one of the most important strategies in staying young. I started to do this myself and it honestly makes me feel great. Yoga and meditation can help you relax and lower your stress levels (linked with aging) dramatically. It can also help you to see things a lot clearer.

Yoga is also great for your flexibility, the more flexible and supple you are the less chance you have in the future of suffering falls and lack of mobility.

Socialise – Loneliness can be a real killer. Socialize as much as possible with your friends and family. Get out there and do things, go to the cinema, concerts, attend an evening class (the more mentally stimulating the better).

Stay Strong & Active – You have to keep moving or your body will come to a standstill. Taking part in regular exercise is absolutely vital. Regular strength training is extremely important.

Losing muscle mass is something you want to avoid or at least delay for as long as possible so strength training will help this as well as keeping your bones strong, this will lower your chances of osteoporosis.


I believe food is medicine, many of the effects you get from modern day medicine you can get from eating the right foods.

Nutrition influences biochemistry. Biochemistry effects everything at a cellular level.

If you eat well there should be no need for some medications.

If you spend your whole life eating fresh, natural whole foods and stay active then it will also show. You will most likely be lean, mobile, disease free and full of energy, a rarity these days.

You should aim to eat a diet containing lots of quality fats and protein's (the bodies building materials) which will help you maintain your muscle stores. Also protein boosts the production of HGH in your body, HGH (Human growth hormone) is your body's natural 'fountain of youth'.

As you age the production of this hormone slows down veryly, regular strength exercise (lifting, pushing and pulling heavy stuff) and quality protein keeps the production of this hormone going!

Eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods – Antioxidants which are found in colorful fruit and vegetables help to reduce the damage caused by free radicals in your system.

Free radicals can speed up the sunset of aging; they are unstable electrons (O1 molecules) which are produced during metabolism. They damage the cell nucleus and the mitochondria.

Free radicals bounce around inside your cells like a pin ball, causing damage every time they hit something. They cause absolute havoc.

Antioxidants provide the free radical with the extra O1 molecule they need to become stable O2 molecules.

Good quality natural foods are the best way to combat these harmful free radicals. Natural organic foods are packed with antioxidants which neutralize the free radicals before they cause too much damage.

Eat Omega 3s – They fight inflammation, improve the appearance of your skin and aid brain function. Three vital things that we need as we age. So make sure you get as many omega 3s into your system as you can, the best source is fresh fish, if not a fish oil supplement will do.

Lower Sugar Intake – Aim to cut out any excess sugar that you eat, excess sugars can modify essential proteins in our body which can lead to wrinkles and energy loss.

Look after your skin through good food and lots of water – Eating foods containing vitamin A (sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, asparagus and carrots), Vitamin C (red peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, oranges, kiwi and pineapple) and Vitamin E (nuts, seeds and spinach) are a great way of helping your skin look healthy.

Stop smoking and limit alcohol intake – There are a few things that age you faster than smoking and drinking alcohol every day so cut out smoking and do as much as you can to drink less.

Lower Stress Levels – This is another big one, I just mentioned that there are a few things that age you faster than smoking and alcohol; well I think stress is one of them.

Being constantly stressed will ruin your mood, energy levels, social interaction as well as causing so many health problems.

As I mentioned above, I have found deep breathing techniques, yoga and meditation really important and a great way of combating stress.

Let's be realistic the big medical and health companies are not going to promote anti aging through the things I just said, they are going to promote it through new miracle pills, lotions and creams, there is a lot of money to be made from it so they will keep on doing it.

The people who buy these products do not have to alter their lifestyle one little bit so it suits them which is why it is so popular.

We absolutely reap our rewards in our retirement, if you have invested some time and effort into your “health & fitness account”, you will reap the rewards.

If you have not then you will not!

You can actually measure your biological age online with a biological age calculator.

If all of the things I have mentioned above did not require effort or commitment then everyone would be running around into their 90s and later !!

But unfortunately we do not, we die much younger than that.

Depending on what stats you use, in 2010, UK men were reported to live on average until about 77 or 78, and women on average live until 82 or 83 years old.

Do it naturally and do it right.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic, comment below, I really want to know what you think.

Thanks for reading, take care,


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Focus On The Main Game

We loyal, long-suffering South Sydney Rabbitohs supporters are hoping that this will be our year. If, however, there's a hiccup and our prayers are not answered, we will be satisfied by the fact that winning the 'flag' is not the main game. For most of us, the main game is to live a longer, better life by adding years to life and life to those years.

A friend of mine recently told me his story about being 'on the road' promoting his new book. While waiting for his flights, he decided to check-out the bookshops. He was shocked to find that none of the bookshops at the airports he visited contained copies of his book. The fellow was cheesed-off and expressed his displeasure with the distributor who job it was to make sure that the book was 'out-there' and available to meet the hoped-for rush. The distributor's response was, 'Tell us what airports you'll be visiting and we'll make sure those bookshops have copies of your book'.

Do not be too tough on the distributor: it's easy to lose sight of the key issue, which is often referred to as the main game. It's a bit like Albert Einstein's words of wisdom. He maintained that solving problems was easy. The challenge, he said, was identifying what the real problem was. We must identify what, specifically, is the main game – and focus on that.

Consider the case of Madam Munch. She was told by her GP that she needed to shed some kilos. And the personal trainer saw it as doing his job to recommend the addition of some new, gut-busting exercises for his client Mr Podge. Then there was Harry who fancied himself in lycra, so he took-up cycling.

Few people would question the importance or value of these events and activities. Often times, however, we can lose sight of why we're actually engaging in them. Achieving and maintaining an acceptable body weight is important, but it's not the be-all and end-all. So, too, being reliably fit. And wanting to be lycra-ble is commendable.

We need, however, to stay focussed on the main game. Losing weight, achieving a level of fitness, and engaging in regular exercise are important steps, so too having copies of the book in particular airports. None of these, alone, need to indicate a focus on the key issues.

The good news is that help is at hand to maintain a focus on the main game when the key issue is adding years to your life and life to your years. I refer to them as the 5FsF ood, F itness, F interestships, Future, and F inances. And to help you to maintain your focus, I have developed a very simple acronym. The acronym is DIET .

  1. When the issue is Food , ask yourself D o IE at T hat?
  2. When the issue is Fitness , ask yourself D o I E xercise T oday?
  3. When the issue is Friendships , ask yourself D o I ncourage T hem?
  4. When the issue is Future , ask yourself D o IE mbrace T hat?
  5. When the issue is Finances , ask yourself D o I ngineer T hat?

Stay focussed on the main game – living a longer, better life. Whatever you're doing needs to be toward that end. As Flora Whittemore said, 'The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live'.

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3 Ways to Slow Down The Aging Process and Age Healthily

Perhaps one of the comments that I hear most frequently in my rooms is, 'I'll tell you what, Doc., Getting old is not for the feint hearted!'

What does this really mean? Because the negative effects of aging are so common we have come to accept that it is inevitable, that, as we get older, we will automatically suffer with ill health.

The forms of ill health can vary dramatically from musculo-skeletal aches and pains to more troublesome problems like arthritis, to a range of cardiovascular diseases like arteriosclerosis, raised cholesterol, hypertensive and stroke, to digestive conditions and of course the absolute dreaded disease – cancer , to name only a few of the common ailments we have almost come to expect will surface as we get older.

Is it really necessary to just accept this as inevitable, or is there actually something that we can do?

Well according to research from the USA the whole process of aging is coming under the spot light.

The aging process is a natural process and as such should not necessarily be associated with dis – ease and often disease. In fact there may well be aspects of aging that are highly desirable – wisdom for example.

Because getting chronologically older is a process that is unavoidable we should really be putting our attention on 'senescence. Senescence is the term given to the processes of age related changes that adversely affect vitality and function of the organism.

We have all known folk in their 70's, 80's and often older that are hale and hearty and the most common comment when around them is 'if or when I'm 80 I'll be quite happy'.

It is commonly thought that senescence is genetically determined and if we are unfortunate enough to have inherited 'unhealthy' genes we will experience all the negative effects of aging.

A study conducted by a group of investigators at the University of Pennsylvania found that only 20% – 30% of our longevity is determined by our genes. In fact, Dr Bruce Lipton, the well known cellular biologist, believes that the genetic influence may actually be as little as 5% – 10%. This means that before that, at best 70% – 80% and sometimes even as much as 95% of how long we live, and the quality of our life is determined by the influence of the external environment on those genes.

This therefore puts the responsibility for our health and longevity fairly and squarely into each of our laps! It is no longer acceptable to blame anyone but ourselves for our state of health.

What can we do then to help ourselves? Actually, as it turns out, the anti aging research says that there is a lot that we can do to prevent cellular destruction.

There are three areas that need to be addressed when looking at taking responsibility for our health, wellness and longevity: our physical / structural system, our biochemical / nutritional system and our psychological / emotional system.
Let's take a closer look at what this actually involves.

Our structural system combines the muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and connective tissue. The structural system is generally very resilient, however the lifestyles that we live today subject this system to pending 'repetitive strain'. Repetitive strain means subjecting the body to continuous, repetitive activities such as driving or sitting behind a desk or computer.

As a general rule the hectic life styles that we live today, or the type of lifestyle we lived in our earlier years, and the need to be busy all the time means that we do not get enough R & R time. During time of rest the bodies 'repair teams' become active, replenishing energy stores, rebuilding muscle, producing new cells and 'recharging the batteries'. Deprive the body of rest and relaxation, not to mention sleep, and you place all body systems under physiological stress, which will eventually lead to tissue breakdown, quicklyened aging and eventually the manifestation of symptoms.

My older patients often ask me what the single most important thing is that I would recommend for an older person when it comes to the structural system. Well, with out doubt it would be to increase muscle tone.

As we age our muscles get weaker and smaller. The muscles are the source of our energy production and structural support. A light resistance exercise program, to strengthen the muscular system, will offer remarkable support for many different body systems.

The second portfolio that we need to invest more thought and planning into is our nutritional and bio-chemical system. Our bodies can essentially be described as complex chemical laboratories. Chemical reactions occurring every milli- second producing pain killers, antibiotics, cortisone, hormones, enzymes, energy molecules and thousands of other substances that keep us alive. These chemical reactions are dependent on that wonderful substance called food.

More important than food alone, it is the correct type of food that is so critical to the optimum functioning of our bodies. Every meal should contain a combination of carbohydrates (potato, rice, breads, grains), proteins (fish, meat, chicken, nuts, seeds, cheese, eggs, beans, soya) and fats (olive oil, fish oils, flax oils) . Meals should always be eaten while sitting down and not 'on the run' and each mouth should be chewed 20 times!

Refined foods such as sugar and white flour, processed foods such as frozen meals and packet foods, 'deli' meats and tinned foods, fast food and junk foods are all 'nutrient deficient' and should be taken in moderation, if at all.

If these foods are consumed on a regular basis it places the bodies coping mechanisms under stress, resulting in such conditions as 'insulin resistance', which has been directly linked to cardiovascular disease, adult onset diabetes, raised cholesterol levels and elevated uric acid. The body is at greater risk of free radical damage, also directly linked to quickened aging. The bodies immune system is 'up-regulated' as is adrenal gland stimulation, resulting in many of the adverse effects of getting older eg increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections, bowel disturbance, reduced libido, fatigue, menopausal symptoms and the list goes on and on.

Finally our psychological / emotional systems need to be considered as it is these systems that allow us to cope with stress. It is a well known fact that on going stress makes us 'feel' old. Why is it though that some people are more negatively affected by stress than others?

It's quite simple. We have learned responses to certain stimuli that we are subjected to on a daily basis – time pressure, excessive deadlines, perfectionism, dealing with on going relationship problems, living in regret of the past and fear of the future, for example. These learned responses result in the production of certain 'messenger molecules' (hormones) like noradrenalin and cortisol that have the effect of 'up-regulating' virtually every system and cell in the body in order to assist the body in coping with the persistent stress .

As time progresses the body becomes less and less able to cope, the coping mechanisms become exhausted and begin to falter and symptoms start manifesting.

In order to handle these stressful stimuli the subconscious memory banks, where the learned responses are stored, need to be reprogrammed. Reprogramming a negative stimulus into a positive is, admittedly, not easy, but it's not impossible.

Meditation, visualization and affirmations, when practiced regularly, are techniques that will provide the impetus for reprogramming. The amazing power of positivity, as a healing tool, is becoming more and more accepted, even among some of the die hard traditionalist.

As we become more proficient at seeing everything in a more positive light the body is less traumatized and therefore can follow the process of 'youthful aging'.

So it's not too late, take control, make the necessary lifestyle changes that will add years to life and life to your years.

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Interesting Facts About Botox Treatments

Botox Treatment is popular because it is a non surgical cosmetic procedure that does not require any incision. It is basically Botulinum Toxin that is purified and diluted for cosmetic procedures. The treatment helps in efficient reduction of wrinkles, scars, frown lines, crow's feet etc. When injected, the toxin paralyses the nerves and freezes certain muscles that prevent wrinkle contracting. This results in a younger and more relaxed facial appearance.

Owing to the high popularity of such a treatment, most of the important facts about it are out in the open. There are, however, certain interesting facts that are hidden from purview. Some of these facts have been listed below:

• Approved by National Health Service: This treatment uses the only drug of its type, known as Botulinum toxin Type A, that is approved by the National Health Service. It's the same drug that is used to treat botulism. Initially approved in the year 1989 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it was approved for treating eye disorders. Much later, in the year 2002, the drug was prescribed to treat severe wrinkles between the eyebrows.

• Not a surgical procedure: Unlike other cosmetic procedures that require incision and months of healing, this particular treatment is performed using very fine needles. The drug is injected in a small amount on facial muscles. The treatment is done in less than an hour, the effects lasts up to 6 months and there is no healing time required.

• Used for several other medical conditions: A lot of emphasis is on the use of this wonder drug to treat wrinkles and frown lines, but in reality, Botox is used for several other medical conditions such as:

1. Treatment of extreme underarm sweating.
2. Treatment of ocular disorders.
3. Treatment of neurological disorders.
4. Treatment of migraine headaches, bladder problems and arthritis.
5. And many more.

• Used to treat facial scars efficiently: Researchers have found that treatment also helps in improving acne and facial scarring. It is best when used in conjunction with N-Lite laser treatment to enhance the results.

These are some of the interesting facts about Botox treatment. The procedure is indeed one of the most inexpensive treatments to get rid of wrinkles and facial sagging in an efficient way. It is important that the procedure should be performed by a licensed practitioner in order to stay away from any potential harm caused due to lack of skills or inexperience of the surgeon.

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How To Prevent Lip Feathering

It's hard enough keeping lipstick in the lines when you're young and have steady hands; Imagine how much more difficult it becomes once your skin begins to sag and your lips start to develop wrinkles. The phenomenon of lip feathering is what happens when the skin around your mouth starts developing tiny fine lines, and during the course of the day, your lipstick begins to bleed into those fine lines, which makes the lip look messy. If you want to know how to look younger as you age, preventing lip feathering is an easy way to keep your mouth looking youthful. Here are a few ways you can use natural skin care products to prevent lip wrinkles, as well as ways you can prevent lipstick feathering if you already have wrinkles.

To prevent lip wrinkles in the first place, you need to have both a good natural skin care system in place, as well as healthy habits. Regardless of anything else you do, you should have a good anti aging wrinkle cream in your arsenal to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from popping up, as well as to treat existing ones. (Using a hydrating anti-wrinkle cream helps to smooth out wrinkles from the inside out, by keeping your skin cells plumped and full, so they make fine lines less visible.)

In addition to using anti aging cream twice daily, you should also make an effort to maintain a healthy weight, protect your face from sun exposure, and eliminate cigarettes and second-hand smoke from your life. Balancing your weight through healthy eating and consuming foods that contain vitamins and antioxidants – such as berries, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables – helps prevent collagen loss in your skin, so your face is less likely to wrinkle or sag as you age. This alone will help with how to look younger. However, much more likely to take a toll on your skin are sun and smoke damage. Fine lines easily show up when you've got a pack-a-day habit, and sun exposure is a close second for destroying youthful skin. If you have a hard time remembering to keep your skin covered, look for a morning anti aging cream that contains sunblock, so you'll always be protected.

Of course, if you already have lip lines, you can use an anti aging wrinkle cream to reduce their appearance. Some people even resort to Botox injections to keep the skin looking fresher, but an anti-wrinkle cream is a better long-term solution.

To prevent lipstick from feathering through existing lip wrinkles, pick up a lip liner pencil that is the same color as your skin, and use it to trace around your lips before applying lipstick. It will keep the lip color contained and will not be visible once it's applied.

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Keep Your Nails From Splitting

By now you know that one method for how to look younger is to keep your hands and the skin that covers them looking healthy and soft with the help of a moisturizing cream. But just because you take great care of your hands, does not mean your fingernails will stay in tip top shape. Our fingernails are sooner to breaking and splitting, which can make your hands look bedraggled and unkempt. Raggedy digits can make you seem older than you are. What causes your nails to split, and what can you do to prevent it from happening?

Splitting and cracking nails can be caused by many different factors. One is using acetone-based polish removers or constantly changing your nail color, both of which dry out the nails. Other things that dry out the nails include frequent hand washing or using chemical hand sanitizers, which sap the skin of moisture. Using chemicals to clean your home can affect your fingernails. Even living in a dry climate can cause your nails to dry and crack.

How can you protect your digits from such everyday things as cleaning your home or washing your hands? Use the same anti aging skin care products you already use on your face, and apply some of that goodness to your hands for how look youngger via fantastic fingernails. That anti aging cream that makes your skin feel amazing will also work the same on your hands. Just be sure to focus attention on your nail beds and cuticles, making sure they get plenty of hydration. A thick moisturizing cream that contains vitamins E, A or C will help nails to grow stronger so they will be less prone to breakage. To keep your anti aging cream working all night for supremely healthy hands, apply a thick layer to cuticles and nails, and then cover your hands with cotton gloves or socks to keep the cream contained.

Other than generously applying your anti wrinkle cream after washing your hands, using polish remover, doing dishes and before going to bed, you can also improve your fingernails' condition through your diet. You may have heard the old rumor that consuming gelatin can help prevent your nails from splitting, but you could eat a whole boatload of your favorite flavor and it would not make much of a difference in your nails' strength. Instead, you should focus on consuming plenty of calcium, protein and vitamins – you can even take a multivitamin or biotin supplement to make sure you get enough nail-strengthening vitamins and minerals. These vitamins improve your nails' condition, and biotin, which can be found in foods like eggs and avocado, works to strengthen your nails (and your hair too!).

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Tear Troughs – Replace The Lost Volume With Dermal Fillers

Dark circles beneeth the eyes are a common problem, because as we get older, we lose the fatty pads from underneath the eyes, and this causes eye bags, dark circles, puffiness and an orbital hollowness that can make us look weary. The area below the lower eyelid is often called the tear trough, and loss of volume and laxity there can have the effect of making us seem older than we are, which is not great for our self-confidence.

When we are young, distribution of fat in our face is even, with some fat pockets plumping up the cheeks, forehead, temples, around the eyes and the mouth. As we get older, we lose volume as the fat shifts downwards, making the features that were once rounded start to sink, meaning that other parts of the face gain some fat, so we tend to get baggy around the chin and get jowls in the neck.

The older we get, the more our body loses fat and bone density, especially in the facial area. The supporting structures benefit the skin start to decline, causing a loss of collagen, with the skin becoming thinner and more translucent. Dramatic loss of fat in the face can really age us, causing hollowness around the orbital area and thinner skin making the blood vessels visible and transparent, which is what causes the dark shadows under the eyes.

There are also lifestyle factors such as stress and lack of sleep which can result in dark circles around the eyes. No amount of eye creams will help with eye hollows or dark circles, and usually make-up is the only thing we can use that will disguise them.

Replacing volume in the under eye area can reshape the entire face. Dermal fillers are now regularly used to fill in the hollows and by filling in these depressions it can take away the tired look on your face and lighten the dark circles around the eyes. Tear trough treatment using dermal fillers is a non-surgical procedure that can restore your looks instantly. The filler gets precisely injected into the skin using very fine needles, re-creating the plump, firm skin that your under eye area used to have.

Benefits of tear trough treatment:

  • Dermal filler will banish under-eye bags and dark circles
  • Filler treatment will ease eye wrinkles
  • It will add volume to the under-eye area
  • You'll get instant results that will last around 6-8 months
  • The treatment will leave you feeling and looking younger

A good cosmetic doctor with experience of injecting dermal fillers will have a trained eye for what looks good and what will suit your face. It's important to avoid an overdone and unnatural look, aiming instead for natural-looking results to make you look younger and more refreshed.

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