Seven Rewards Of Growing Old

Most of us like receiving a reward, so it will not come as a surprise to find that a reward of some kind can provide an additional incentive. And money, of course, is not the only kind of reward. Ralph Nader, for example, in a recent interview ( Fortune magazine February 24, 2014), claimed that to get people to turn-up to an event these days, you need to provide pizza.

If you believe what you sometimes hear on the streets, growing old does not have much going for it. I recently heard one aging goddess say that 'Growing old, sucks!' What we fail to acknowledge, and speak out about, is that there are many rewards associated with growing old. Here are seven that I've identified.

  1. You can do as you please (within limits, of course): your life can be hassle-free. OK, OK, you might have always been able to have in this way but I'll bet you become aware of doing your own Ulysses much later in life. As George Eliot said, 'It's never too late to be what you might have been'.
  2. You can say what your really think. You're aware of the constant need for political correctness, but if her bum does look big, and she wants to know, you can tell it how you see it.
  3. You can take as long as you like. Your 'in a minute' need not necessarily mean 60 seconds. As you get older, you tend to march to the beat of your drum.
  4. You can benefit from domestic blindness. Your life partner will come to realize that asking you to find something rarely works out. 'Do not bother, I'll get it myself', becomes music to your ears.
  5. You can drive your own bus: stay in control of your life. Why should other's taste of success be derived from taking bites out of you – think talk-back radio, reality TV, politicians' promises, etc.?
  6. You can get your kicks for free. As you grow older, standing up quickly can replace any need for artificial stimulants.
  7. You can spoil your grandkids. If you're lucky enough to have them, grandkids enable you to be the parent you could have been with your own kids, had everyday life not intervened. And the added benefit is that the kid's real parents will eventually relieve you of your part-time role.

No doubt you have other rewards. Let's hear them?

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Group Think

We face a huge shift in the human lifespan. Already the number of centenarians has increased five-fold in the past thirty years. Hundreds of thousands of us are going to live past one hundred, but attitudes to longevity remain large unchanged. This 'group think' on aging needs to be challenged. Group think is the result of a desire to reinforce group cohesiveness. It arises from a desire not to be seen as an outsider, and is the undering force in cult behavior. All societies have ways of enhancing the sense of communality: synchronized movement such as marching or exercising, disfiguring the body such as piercing, circumcision or tattoos and eroding personal boundaries through intense group experiences such as fast, fear or drug-induced altered states of consciousness (used the world over in initiation rites). We belong to a cult which rejects the idea of ​​an extremely long life. If we dare to say we want to live to 110 or 120 social censureship kicks in right away. Death generally speaking does not have a great fan club but no one wants to admit to a fear of death and a taboo has since been created around strategies to outdo it. There is peer pressure not to be greedy in our desire to thrive past the age of eighty, independent critical thinking is suppressed and the group's convictions override what we desire in our search for acceptance and conformity. For fear of being considered vain, deluded, in denial, aspiring to be on a par with God we adopt the views of the majority, and then take pleasure in certainty. But certainty is a dangerous mindset.

Bernice Neugarten, a psychologist and preeminent authority on aging, suggested that we are influenced not so much by our biological clock as by our social clock – living our lives by the belief that there is a right age for certain behaviors [1]. Even the longest-lived human being Jeanne Calmant, when asked how she saw the future replied with her unsuppressible humor, “Short.” But those of us who recognize the tell-tale signs of the hive mind have a responsibility to society to change its thinking. We need to alter our concepts of what life is like after 100 (see video page).

One of the strategies for avoiding group think in Governments and organizations is to ensure one person asserts the role of devil's advocate. It only takes one person to start to change the idea of ​​what is impossible. When Henry Ford's engineers told him the motor car could never be produced he said, “Produce it anyway.”

Let us be the devil's advocate on aging. The devil does not just have all the best tunes. So how about a Faustian pact with ourselves? If I promise to reject all thoughts of infirmity and decline, my reward will be the Philosopher's Stone.

[1] “Adult personality: towards a psychology of the life cycle” – University of Chicago Press.

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How To Know Which Anti Aging Creams Actually Work – Do These 5 Checks Before You Buy

It's so frustrating: practically every company producing skin care out there claims to make the best wrinkle creams available. But in this huge, intransparent, multi-billion dollar market, can there be way for one single person to know which anti aging creams actually work? Here are a few tips to help your search.

1. You need to look for the manufacturers that offer the best value.

We all know cheap usually is not good. But is expensive always the best? Not necessarily. Often there are smaller companies with online shops that offer the best value. That's because they often sell their products directly through an online shop, rather than through supermarkets, retailers and salons. Also they do not usually spend millions of dollars on advertising, which is exactly what many expensive brand name companies do.

2. You must know exactly what is in the cream

It's important to know how the anti aging product is made and what exactly is in it. You should be able to find out what ingredients are being used, how they're processed, and how they work both on their own and when used in combination with other ingredients. Look for complete elements lists and references to clinical studies. Make sure you also look at customer reviews, as they can show you very quickly if a specific anti aging cream actually works or not.

3. The best wrinkle creams combine nature with science

Natural ingredients are the safes to use on our skin, and when the right ingredients are scientifically reviewed and processed, they can be very effective in making our skin rejuvenate and look younger. A company with 100% natural products, developed especially for aging skin, is there before your best bet.

4. You need access to superior customer service

If you happen to have questions or are not happy with the products you purchased, you need quick and friendly customer service. I know this is not directly related to learning how to know which anti aging creams actually work, but it is very valuable tip as you start testing different creams.

5. You need to look for companies which main interest is its customers and not shareholders

The company simply must develop products for you, not for profits! Of course a company can make good money with its products, but it's essential that the moneymaking is the result of selling superior products, not the reason for the company's existence. Again, smaller companies tend to score better in this regard.

Those are my tips on how to shop for the best wrinkle creams. But as with anything you buy, the responsibility is with you. You should do your research and make up your own mind.

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It’s About Enjoying Your Life

Aging Gracefully Is About Enjoying Your Life

There are a lot of people that worry themselves sick in regards to the signs of aging. You will see many programs come through the television screen, and it will be isolating the many tricks that you can go through to reverse the signs. From drastic solutions like surgery to simple options that require you to pay a great deal of money for creams, serums, and more. There is a much simpler way to live and without the worry of growing old, but rather, enjoying life to your fullest. It all starts with the mind, and leads to other aspects of your world.

First and foremost, the mind is where a lot of great things occurs. It's where you will start to define whether you want to age gracefully or fight to reverse things and stress out. There's no reason to be anxious about this natural process, which is why experts recommend relaxation and meditation techniques. Whether you're religious or not, you will find meditation opportunities in all aspects of life. There are prayers, quiet time, yoga practices, and so much more that you can try in order to accomplish this. The point is to slow down, and breathe deeply, thinking about only the world around you and listening to your own heart's desires.

Another component of enjoying your life is to look into the world of healthy eating. This does not mean that you should omit all foods that you enjoy, but rather to look at enjoying the bounty of nature. Focus on fruit, vegetables, water, and natural elements. The more holistic you get with your eating habits, the more you will find your body reacts with agreement to the things you're offering it. Whether it's the boost of energy you get, or it's the added fiber that cleans from within, you will find yourself feeling younger and aging with grace.

Lastly, you will want to move a lot more than most. Millions of people spend 8 hours of their day sitting and working. This is not a detriment alone, as much as it is compounded by going home and sitting in front of a television for a great deal of time. It's important to find at least 30 minutes to an hour per day to exercise. Do not take this the wrong way, you do not need to run a marathon and you do not need to power lift 500 pounds. You simply need to find an activity that you can do on your own or with a partner that will get your blood flowing, heart pumping, and pores sweating. It's here that you will start to enjoy aging as well. For a free report go to Click Here For More Information

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3 Tips To Help You Enjoy Aging

Everyone is growing older. Every minute, every hour, and every day people of all ages are starting to move forward towards getting old. This is usually seen as a bad thing, and if you tune into television or read glamor magazines, you will start to see this. Anti-aging campaigns sell millions of dollars of products to people who do not need them, and the world seems to be hung up on the issue of growing older with time. You can change things and enjoy this process if you simply follow a few tips. They will change your world view, and will give you a push forward. Of course, in the end, only you can decide how you want to live, but these ideas may give you a whole new idea.

Good Health Through Fitness

Fitness is often times sold, marketed, and packaged into something that can be too difficult. Diets and fitness books that are called “extreme”, “ultimate” and say you can get ripped in 4 minutes time, are usually wrong. Instead, look for a way to be healthy by enjoying your life. Go for a walk, jog in the park, play with your pet, find a hobby, or join a recreational league. There are a lot of ways that you can move your body and enjoy life, decreasing the focus of aging to the signs that you start to see in the mirror.

Eating New Things (Natural Things)

Every major supermarket has fruits and vegetables, some of which are not sold in the millions. People of all ages and backgrounds are discovering these things on a regular basis. In fact, many are taking entire bundles of items like kale, spinach, carrots, beets, and juicing them. That's right, they are discovering the benefits of health by adding more new things, being adventurous in the production aisle and eliminating the heavily processed foods.

Focusing on Happiness

In the end, it's difficult to tell every single person how to enjoy aging, but one thing is for sure, being happy is a great thing. If you can find something in life that makes you happy, exercise a bit, and eat natural things, you will find that your age will not dictate how you feel. When you look in the mirror and see changes, they will not be detrimental, they will be a part of a graceful thing, a comforting thing, wisdom and honor.

There are many ways to approach this. Find a way to enjoy your life, and do not focus on the little things. Fine lines, laugh lines, wrinkles, gray hair, and other things are not the end, they are simply a part of what everyone goes through. You can choose to enjoy living, so try it on for size.

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Stay In Touch And Live Longer

Keeping in touch with people is well worth the effort. Gerontologist Ken Dychtwald claims that studies show that having low social interaction is as bad for your health as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day, is as dangerous as being an alcoholic, is as harmful as never exercising, and is twice as dangerous as obesity '. Even if he's only half-right, there's definitely a case for maintaining contact with others.

Social Interaction takes on a wide variety of examples. One of the most familiar of those is friendships. Active participants in the aging process will know that friendship is one of the 5Fs for living a longer, better life. The others are F itness, F ood, Future, and F inances. Keeping friendships takes time and effort. Aristotle, for example, reckoned that one and a half bushels of salt needed to be consumed together before a friendship became solid. And friendships need to be constantly updated.

Social interaction is more than just establishing and maintaining friendships. I know a fellow who main motivation for watering his garden is so that he can chat with people as they walk past. Another bloke is a regular attendee at the local library – reading is just a secondary issue to catching up with other bookworms. Clubs are great, too. Permanent Grouch Marx saying that he would never join a club that would have him as a member, clubs of all sorts provide opportunities to interact with (usually) like-minded others.

Work, too, provides invaluable opportunities to interact with colleges and clients. Research shows that, when people stop going to work, one of the main things that miss is the regular contact with others: social interaction is an ideal space-filler.

A key ingredient in interacting socially is usually that it's fun. This does not necessarily mean laugh-out-loud fun, but enjoyable. We know that people are more likely to be involved if enjoyment can be expected.

Two bits of good news. First off, society provides heaps of opportunities that enable us to interact with whomever we choose. And secondly, there's someone out there who's looking forward to making contact with us. Go ahead. Make their day!

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Natural Body Spa: Chattanooga’s Best Choices

Are you looking for a natural body spa ?

Chattanooga has natural body spas that aid in unwinding and relaxing from daily stress. What's even more important is that they are a perfect way to provide the body, mind and soul with the care it needs.

There are a wide range of benefits to be obtained from the many services you will be able to find in a body spa. As an important distinction it is worth mentioning that the word and concept of natural is an absolute requirement to get the most out of your experience, individually and environmentally.

I will list some of the most important benefits next:

1. Natural Body Spas are Transformational Experiences

If you thought this was going to be a simple benefit you should think about the invigorating and transformative results most individuals who visit the spa obtain.

The results vary among a number of factors including:

  • A more youthful skin
  • Soul-searching relaxation
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced quality of life

Beside all this holistic body spas can reduce stress and improve well-being.

It is no wonder that with services like body therapies, facial treatments, hands and feet care, massages, waxing, beauty treatments, relaxation activities and of course, attractive packages you will see the entire world in a much more positive light.

2. The Natural Choice

As a consumer you have a saying about what happens in the world, even when you choose the services and products you buy. Taking this into account natural solutions are better for you and also create less pollution, reduce waste and in general play better with society and nature.

By choosing the natural road you will also be obtaining the best nature and modern facilities have to provide. A premium experience can only be enjoyed when you choose the best, although it may seem obvious, this statement can make a huge difference not only in your experience but also in what you take with you when you get back to your everyday life.

3. Holistic Focus

You may realize you are part of a system and that every part affects every other. Your body is also a system which is why you want to provide it with the appropriate care it describes. To that end, you should consider including elements such as:

  • alternative health solutions
  • essential oils
  • fitness
  • nutrition

… into your territory.

The aforementioned instruction is called a holistic solution. Although this term is often used in marketing materials it is important to understand its real meaning. By highlighting the primacy concerns of the whole and how parts interconnect you will obtain the best at a cost effective price.

4. Examples Of Natural Body Spas in Chattanooga

Now that you know the most important benefits of body spas, you should also be aware of the different options at your disposal. I will list a few of them for your enjoyment.

  • Natural Body Spa & Shop
  • Natural Body Spa and Shoppe
  • Natural Body Spa and Shop
  • Natural Body Day Spa
  • Natural Body – Sportsbarn
  • Natural Body – Riverview

As you can see, the aforementioned benefits contribute to the extremely high demand for the natural body spa's that Chattanooga has.

For this reason it's really important to mention that you will get the most benefits from using a package fitted to your needs since they are designed to fulfill your individual and specific requirements.

The best investment you can make is always the one that has to do with your well-being, health, relaxation and clarity; all these can be achieved while protecting the environment and the future of generations to come when using a natural body spa. Chattanooga comfort at its finest.

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8 Tips for Anti Ageing After 50

A couple of fine lines or a hint of graying hair are the signs of aging, which is inevitable. However, facial treatments sans surgery, skin rejuvenation creams, and products for hair care are effective solutions for anti aging after 50.

In this article, I will highlight the tips for anti aging after 50, especially when it comes to skin. Women over 50 will greatly benefit by these tips, which help them enhance their innate beauty.

Effects of Age on Skin and Hair
Spending large amounts of time in sunlight, genetic factors, improper diet, and smoking have detrimental effects on the skin. Obesity and stress, too, have harmful effects on skin. When you age, the skin fails to produce new cells quickly, like it did when you were young. Here, the skin becomes dry and loses elasticity. The detrimental effects are seen in the hair as well. During the process of aging hair pigment cells demonstrate less efficiency in the renewal process, making hair gray.

8 Skin Care Tips for Anti Aging After 50
By following simple tips for anti aging after 50, you can look younger. Here's how you get started.

1) Stop Smoking: Studies have shown that smoking results in premature aging of the skin.

2) Avoid Tanning Salons & Sunbathing: It is necessary to avoid direct contact with sunlight between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm because sunlight is stronger during this time. If going outdoors is unvoidable, wear sunglasses, long-sleeved shirts, or a hat. Research has linked blotchy complexion, age spots, and freckles with exposure to sunlight.

3) Treat Dry Skin: Make use of a humidifier. In addition, use lotions and moisturizing soaps.

4) Focus on Healthy Diet and Hydration: Proper nutrition helps the skin repair itself. By consuming large amounts of water, you can ensure that your skin stays hydrated.

5) Wear sunscreen when outdoors: Use sunscreen having an SPF of 30 or higher and which provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

6) Undergo Checks for Skin Cancer: If your skin undergoes major changes, consult a doctor immediately. Elderly individuals and people with fair skin are at a higher risk for cancer. Here, a yearly check is recommended.

7) Give anti aging products a shot: There are some anti aging after 50 products in the market. Several lotions and creams can rejuvenate your skin, thereby enhancing its natural beauty. Pentapeptides are a chemical compound that help the skin cells in the production of collagen, which makes the skin more firm. Other options include retinoid creams and prescription medication.

8) Enhance your Knowledge: Dysport and Botox injections can eliminate wrinkles on the upper regions of the space. Chemical peels help reduce fine lines and smoothen the skin near the mouth and eyes. Wrinkle fillers can erase lines, resulting in a plump skin. Microdermabrasion eliminates ultra-fine lines, improvements skin tone, and helps in the rejuvenation of your complexion. Last but not the least, laser resurfacing improves skin that is damaged by the sun and reduces scars and other problems related to facial skin.

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Best Spas in Atlanta Benefits

Work, home, kids, pets, cook, clean, sleep and repeat! What do you do when your life has become one big ball of stress, day after day of monotonous living with little to no relief?

You escape to one of these spas in Atlanta where you can shut out reality for just a couple of hours to emerge well rested and fully recharged.

Let the Healing Begin

People have been harping on the benefits of touch therapy for centuries now, not to gain publicity but because these treatments actually work. It is more than just releasing the tension. Massages and the like have far greater effects on your body, mind and soul than you could might think.

Following are some of the many benefits:

  • Spas Relieve Your Stress

A therapeutic massage can relax not only your aching muscles but also your uneasy mind. When you are physically and mentally relaxed you tend to walk with a skip in your step because you are more confident in your body and your self-esteem gets that much needed boost.

  • Stay Healthy and Shed a Few Pounds With Spas

Massage therapists are like doctors, they need to be skilled to avoid accidentally breaking your bones, they know how to relieve tension and stimulate your nerves in the most appealing ways.

They can even tell you where you carry the most tension in your body and can show you a few tricks to sooth your own aches and pains.

They will also gladly offer nutritional tips which will help detox (kill toxins and excess, unwanted fluids) your body so that you can start living a healthy lifestyle because your inner health affects how you feel and look on the outside.

If you are not happy with your tummy or you long for cellulite free thighs spas can be of assistance but you would need to enroll in their weight-loss program.

Who would not jump at the chance to feel and especially look younger? The kinds of natural remedies used at spas can work miracles on your wrinkles and age spots.

  • Circulation, Breathing and Sleeping

The hand techniques and natural concoctions used in spas can improve the blood circulation in your body which in turn regulates blood pressure, which is great for those of you who suffer from this ailment.

Flexibility training that spas offer help clean out your respiratory system so you breathe easily and you can become flexible in ways you never thought possible.

Once you are tension and stress free you will sleep like a baby.

Spas in Atlanta

These are a few great spas in Atlanta, Georgia than you should definitely consider visiting; whichever is closest to you will be fine:

  1. The Four Season Hotel in Atlanta located on 75 Fourteenth Street has a great luxury spa.
  2. Château Élan which is a resort has a lovely spa that is perfect for a weekend of pampering.
  3. Spa Om Magie which is located in the trendier section of Buckhead offers an exceptionally holistic experience.

Final Nudge

For those of you who are looking for a little “me time” why bother with the stress and expenditure of planning a vacation, a spa day is far cheaper, closer to home and immensely relaxing and in spite of what you may have heard it is not a waste of time or money.

In this day and age spas are more a necessity than an extravagance, for your own health and to ensure that you can get through your busy schedule with gusto rather than stumbling through it, which is why you should make time to visit one of these spas in Atlanta.

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Keep Wrinkles Away With These 3 Simple Tips

Are you looking for simple yet effective wrinkle elimination tips to keep wrinkles away from your face, body and hands? You've come to the right place. Some people still believe that wrinkles and sagging skin are totally unavoidable, as they happen to everyone once we age. That's not really true. We will all have wrinkles once we hit our 80s for sure, but there's no need to look older than we are! There are many helpful tips you can take and products that effectively eliminate wrinkles that you can use. Here are my 3 tips you can take today.

1. Use Anti Wrinkle Creams That Are Proven To Boost Elastin And Collagen

Collagen and elastin are two complex proteins found within the human body. What they do is they work together to maintain your skin's firmness and elasticity. That way when you frown, the frown lines disappear as soon as you return to your normal face. But as you become older, your body produces less and less of elastin and collagen, leaving the skin with too little to stay firm. That's when those frown lines start to appear, and your skin might start sagging, too.

To keep wrinkles away, you must increase the level of collagen and elastin in your body by helping your body to generate more of them again. To achieve that you should use high quality anti aging skin care which contain ingredients that can help your body generate more elastin and collagen naturally. One of the most effective natural ingredients on the market that has been proven to do this is called Xtend TK.

2. Follow A Thorough Skin Care Routine

If you really want to effectively eliminate wrinkles, you really need to follow a thorough skin care routine, trimmed to keeping wrinkles away and rejuvenating your skin. That kind of a routine will involve cleansing and moisturizing. The daily cleansse is best done with an alcohol-free facial cleanser, complementing with an occasional clay mask. To moisturize your skin use a day cream daily and a hydrating mask every other week. If you are already seeing wrinkles on your face, also use a night cream every night and sometimes even an eye serum. It sounds like a lot but you do want to eliminate those wrinkles, do not you! And a thorough skin care routine really helps you with that, especially if you use good products (like the ones discussed in tip # 1)

3. Go All Natural In Your Skin Care

Anti aging skin care can be really complex, filled with all kinds of chemicals which promise to do this and that miracle on your skin and make you look 20 years younger in 10 days. Let's face it: it's not the way it works. True natural anti aging skin care will take some time to show results, but then again, they will be repeating and not an illusion like the effects these heavily-marketed creams create. Trust nature and go for 100% natural products. Your skin will thank you in the long run!

By following the above simple tips, you have taken cranial steps to keeping wrinkles away!

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Delight Yourself With a Wrinkle-Free Face – Here’s How!

In our society maintaining or getting a wrinkle free face & how to stop wrinkles in general is always a big subject of discussion. Everyone wants to look good and youthful, but there are so many gurus and experts out there and everyone has a slightly different view on how to do it and what is the best wrinkle moisturizer. It's really easy to get confused. I'm not a guru, but in this article I will tell you what works for me to maintain a wrinkle free face.

1. Drinking water is essential

If you're not drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily, get your hands on a glass right away! Soda, alcohol or coffee do not count toward the 8 glasses! It really is true – I usually am very good in drinking water, but if I miss a day or two, I can really see the difference in the morning in the mirror. The fine lines are immediately deeper and look like ugly wrinkles. Especially if you have been drinking alcohol it's essential you drink at least the same amount of water in addition to the 8 glasses to level out the dehydration alcohol causes. It's a fact – a well hydrated body keeps your skin taut, smoothing away wrinkles just like magic.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Just as hydrating our skin from the inside with water is essential, moisturizing it from the outside is just as important. I usually moisturize my skin every morning and evening, that's the recommended schedule for most people. Now, my skin is pretty dry especially in winter. That's why I will use more of the cream in the wintertime than in the summer. In the summer I might leave night cream out sometimes too, but if the weather is cooler, this is a terrible idea. In the morning ma face will be all dry and my fine lines will appear deeper. This can be easily avoided with sticking with the moisturizing routine.

3. Moisturize – but only with the right products!

But it's also really important with what you are moisturizing your skin. Just any old wrinkle cream will not do much good. Sure, it will make your skin look and feel moisturized, but most likely it will not really add moisture to it, nor will it tackle the wrinkles and signs of aging with effective ingredients. Most supermarket skin creams and even ones of famous brands are filled with mineral oil and minuscule amounts of anti-wrinkle ingredients. Stay away from those if you really want to find the best wrinkle moisturizer and get a wrinkle free face!

My personal advice is to buy wrinkle cream online. There you have the best selection and have lots of information available. Plus most of the “hidden champions”, I mean companies with superior anti-wrinkle products with cutting edge ingredients and still humane prices can only be found online. It may take some time to find those companies though, so take time to do your research and only buy when you have been completely convinced – or the company has a return policy also on opened products, so there's no risk involved.

In my personal experience (and science backs it up, too) these three tips will make the most difference to your skin and set you jumping for joy when you start seeing those fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Just take some time to research products online (while you are sipping on your water), find ones you trust and your delightful journey towards a wrinkle free face can start!

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A Matter of Personal Taste

Middle and old age have a feeling to them, a sort of taste or vibration. It is quite enlightening to think back to how we saw people in their fifties for example when we were young. Scary, intimidating, remote? The sensation of “older person” begins when you realize most people on the planet are younger than you, a feeling that often comes as a shock, engendering feelings of panic. The feeling is richer, thicker, darker, lower than youth, but is created entirely by our thoughts.

Instead let us choose an age at which we sense we were at our best, that is physically, because many of us were far from OK psychologically when we were at our most beautiful. Youth is wasted on the young because so many of us are working through trauma and complexes at that time, and so a return to the vibration of age 26, 32 or 45 should be seen as a return to the physical, while holding on to the wisdom and experiences life has since blessed us with.

Youthful cells contain complete DNA, without the damage, without the shortened telomeres, and it is good to visualise ourselves standing within a cell nucleus, seeing the repair happen as we meditate. This could be done by imaginary worker bees bringing repairing nectar to the telomeres, or by rays of light lighting them back to completion, or just by visualizing perfection. The outer cell wall should be free of all receptors for the peptides carrying stressful emotions. But most of all we need to recall the sensation – the inner vibration – of being young.

It can be sensed in the chest, and heard in the voice. What was the effect on us older men or women when we were young? Did we feel admiration, awe, inadequacy? Did they exude arrogance, bitterness, disappointment, or self-confidence? Are we displaying any of that now, and if so what can we shed and what shall we keep? And what of our own energy when we were young? Would playing a favorite hit record from then help us remember it? Lighter, faster, thinner, aerir … This is the sensation we must recapture if we are to grow younger again. The memory is there, and may even still exist in holographic form around us, like Rupert Sheldrake's morphic fields, which he believes may explain phenomena such as the regeneration of confiscated limbs in salamanders and starfish.

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Laughter: A Path to Health and Youthfulness!

As the year rolls on, it is natural to think about areas in our lives where we would love greater expansion. If we are feeling stressed, expansion may mean reaching a more neutral, relaxed place. If we are feeling pretty cruisy, expansion may mean being more creatively challenged.Regardless of wherewe are starting from, one of the dilemmas that can arise in moving forward, is finding the “time”.

Desiring being healthy, for example, can bring up thoughts of finding the time for exercise and developing better eating patterns.These very thoughts can increase our perception of feeling “stressed” and increase the resistance towards the things we believe we need to do! In the end, it can be like having a tug-of-war with ourselves!

One way to quickly experience feeling healthy is to experience the emotions of happiness and laughter.

Strangely enough, one way to quickly feel happier, is to place a pencil horizontally in your mouth and bite down on it for 60 seconds.It may seem weird, but after doing this, people reported feeling “happier”. People in formal studies who bit down on a pencil for 60 seconds, also described images they were viewing as “funnier”.

Why would this be so? Biting a pencil in this way activates certain muscle groups.These muscle groups are the same ones activated when we spontaneously smile and experience “happiness”. The brain, being an instrument of interpretation, takes the sensation of the muscles contracting and interpreting it as “smiling”. This neuromuscular event of “smiling” is then linked to the emotional memory bank of feeling “happy” and, in response, “happy” chemicals are released which we then became aware of as the emotion of “happiness”.

As far as our neurobiology is concerned, this is all very straightforward stuff. If our brains were talking to us they would probably say, “Well dah! How else did you think it worked?” We, or most of us anyway, may answer and say, “Actually, I thought I was in charge of my own emotions!” At which our brains may very well fall about laughing! This, however, would not be a bad thing as laughter is another emotion which is very, very good for us and very, very healing.

One of the ways laugh affects our health is by moving lymph fluid around our bodies.The lymphatic system helps to boost our immune system by moving out waste products from organs and other bodily tissues. Circulation of lymph around our bodies requires movement and a good ol 'tummy laugh is great for doing just that. As we gulp in more air whilst laughing, we also bring in great gulps of oxygen which biologically energizes our cells. Did you know that in some countries, people go to oygen bars and pay to have a few breaths of high concentration oxygen, saying it makes them feel “clear” and “refreshed”?

To top it off, in every moment we are laughing, we are triggering a cascade of healthy chemicals. These chemicals literally course through our bodies and flood each and every cell. “Happiness” author Mike C..Adams has estimated that, if we were to buy just one minutes worth of “happiness” chemical compounds from a laboratory, it would cost around $ 10,000. These chemicals have a significant effect on counteracting the health consequences of stress and are especially effective in their anti-aging properties!

Rather than waiting for funny stuff to happen, we can be proactive in seeking out laughter! It does not have to cost much and it does not have to take much time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Hire a funny movie.

2 Watch the comedy channel on YouTube.

3. Join a comedy class.

4. Do a laugh yoga class.

5. Watch children or play with children: This week I was playing with my grandgirls and the 6 year old was pretending to be the 17 year old “sister.” In the game I was “mum” and when I asked why she was not at school or Uni, she told me emphatically, “I do not go to Uni and I do not want a job.” Her job, she said, was to stay home and help me with the babies. Ha! (Maybe she is going to be a Nanny!)

6. Just laugh – for no good reason! One of the funniest shows I have ever been to was a man who came on stage and did nothing but start laughing. The whole audience was soon in stitches!

So go to it! Have fun and be infectious in the nicest of possible ways!

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How to Get More Antioxidants In Your Day to Day Life

What is your Vital Health score? Have you taken the time to know your numbers? Do you know what to do when you get your numbers? You may be asking yourself “What numbers?” Let me explain.

We are talking about numbers that have to do with your health. For example, your blood pressure, your cholesterol (both high and low), your blood sugar and more. It is important to keep yourself in the loop when it comes to the numbers because you will want to know to know how to make improvements and possible extend your life at the same time.

I am going to tell you a story why these numbers could save your life. It was about three years ago when Frank had ballooned up to 249 pounds. He was just under 6 feet tall and all of his weight was on his stomach, except his face was bloated as well. Frank was very active as he liked to run, cycle and play lots of tennis. Beside, he could still move quickly, or so he thought. The one thing that all of us noticed was that his temper was no longer in check. He would blow up at the littlest things. One day he was so mad at not hitting a tennis ball, he smashed his borrowed racket to smithereens!

Wow, what the heck was wrong with him anyway? Well, we all encouraged him to go to the doctor to see what the problem might be. We were sure he was ready for a heart attack, especially when he lost his temper!

Not so, although it could be a side effect. He had three major things going on along the excess weight. His blood pressure was high. His cholesterol both high and low where way out of whack. And, his blood sugar levels put him in the Type II diabetes category. Now he was on a real pill regimen.

Throw Out the Temper!

He had to take pills for the blood pressure, pills for the cholesterol, and pills for the diabetes. It would keep things under control, if he remembered to do all the things he was required to do. He had to prick his fingers on a regular basis, absolute Yuck as far as he was concerned plus all the drugs did not make him feel so well. There had to be a solution to all of this – could all these conditions actually be reversed?

Everyone I talked to just laughed and told him to just live with it! But Frank was determined to figure out how to get back to the healthy man he was only a few short years ago. So the search began. He talked to doctors, naturopaths, alternative medicine gurus, and on and on. Still no real results. But what about using herbs in the foods we eat – would that work?

We Are ALL Skeptics

Frank was skeptical at first as he did not think anything would help him at this point in time. It took some convincing but I explained that it was a combination of herbs that you would normally cook with, so what would be the harm anyway. The only thing he had to do was to buy the herbs and add them to his food.

The herbs?

Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Bacopa, Ashwaghanda, and Green Tea. Oh, he also added Dandelion tea to his regimen plus a number of nuts and seeds.

What is YOUR Vital Health Score?

Well, Frank's high blood pressure started to regulate, his cholesterol levels were normalizing, and his insulin levels moved him out of the diabetic range. He lost weight, slept better and generally was in a better mood! We were all astounded.

If you have read this story, this may be something that would also work for you. Herbs and Spices can do wonders in your diet.

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The Five Hs

During my 25 years of practice, I've had the opportunity to treat patients with a wide variety of conditions – acid reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and migraines, to name a few. But I find that if a patient walks into my office with an allergy, emotional issue, or nutritional problem, they often share one similarity: they are trying to “manage” their condition with prescription medication. This is especially true of patients over the age of 50, many of whom take between five and eight medications each day. But this is not necessary; I use an eclectic combination of holistic methods to treat even the most dangerous ailments, including the 5Hs: High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High Blood Sugar, Heavy Metals and Herpes. I also help patients make lifestyle changes that can either prevent their conditions or reduce their effect on our lives.

Let's start with high blood pressure, a condition that affects one in four Americans. Why do so many people have high blood pressure? Many of those people could normalize their blood pressure by adhering to a healthy lifestyle. I strongly recommend the DASH diet, a high fiber, low sodium regimen that is scientifically sound and, along with Mediterranean Diet, is often rated the # 1 diet.

High blood sugar is another major concern. In recent years, diabetes has reached near-epidemic proportions. Approximately 25 million Americans have diabetes, with another 75 million teetering on the cusp. This disease does not discriminate, either. It affects people of all races, religions and socioeconomic groups. In fact, several celebrities, including Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Mary Tyler Moore, all suffer from either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Most worrisome, however, is the so called “pre-diabetic generation”. The CDC anticipates that in the next ten years, 30% of our children will become diabetic. In my experience, once a patient starts taking medication for diabetes, it is only a matter of time before they need insulin shots on a daily basis. It's like a run-away train, one that may take fifteen years off your life. The question becomes, how can we stop this? Just as prohibition did not stop people from consuming alcohol, outlawing soda and candy will not prevent people from consuming sweets. Since diabetes is much easier to prevent than it is to treat, the key is stick to a healthy regimen before there is a problem. This means limiting one's sweets, carbs, and alcohol. Exercise is also a huge factor in lowering blood sugar.

High cholesterol has been described as the main culprit for heart disease, which is the # 1 killer of Americans. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined, and 90% of women have one or more risk factors. But that's not the whole story. People with normal cholesterol also have heart attacks. People with abnormally high cholesterol do not need to have heart attacks. This means that while high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease, it is not the cause. It is also an indication that your body is fighting some kind of inflammation, infection, stress or toxicity.

For an accurate picture of the effects high cholesterol has on your heart, I recommend renowned cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra's book, The Great Cholesterol Myth. Dr. Dean Ornish's Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease is also an excellent source of information. Ornish advocates vegetarianism, a position he backs up with scientific research. After 25 years of persistence, Dr. Ornish has convinced Medicare to put its stamp of approval on his program and provide reimbursements.

This is one of those areas with a heavy reliance on prescription meds. Americans spend $ 29 billion a year on Lipitor and other cholesterol medications; This means they get a lot of positive press. Now the FDA is considering whether children should be taking statin drugs as a strategy for preventing heart disease. As an alternative, I recommend the Vita Heart Cholesterol Health supplement; it is an effective, natural approach to decreasing cholesterol.

I treat a lot of toddlers, and I often find myself testing for the presence of heavy metals in their bodies. Parents will do anything to figure out what is causing their child's autism, Asthma or Eczema, and they ask me to find whatever their child has heavy metal toxicity. Hair analysis, for example, is an excellent way to determine one's levels of mercury and aluminum. -But where do these heavy metals come from? Is it fish? Is it pots & pans? Is it underarm deodorant from the parent, or the incentives in the vaccines? It's difficult to know, but most all the children I see under the age of five are contaminated with heavy metals.

Last, but certainly not least, is Herpes, also known as the “silent” infection because people are often unaware that they have it. It is extremely common; an estimated 20% of the population has it, and 80% of them are unaware of it. This is due in part to the fact that herpes can be spread not just through intercourse, but through kissing as well. About one million new cases are reported each year, but what about the cases that are not reported? In my opinion, half of the country most likely has herpes. In Australia, the government page states that 75% of adults have herpes (HSV1). Women are twice as likely as men to have HSV2. Do Australians have more sex than Americans, or are they just better about staying informed about their health status?

Current research indicates that herpes viruses are linked to well known diseases, such as Bipolar Disorder, Crohn's disease, MS, and Pancreatic Cancer. In my holistic practice, I have cleared patients of Epstein-Barr Virus, Influenza, HIV and other viruses. These viruses often lead to other serious conditions. A middle-aged man came to my office for holistic support in dealing with his prostate cancer. After several treatments, I intuitively sensed his cancer had been caused by herpes. I shared this possibility with his MD, who ordered a blood test. When the test came back positive for herpes, I then had the opportunity to heal the patient of this condition.

Most medical conditions, including the 5Hs, have an emotional component as well. High Blood Pressure, for example, has been linked to anger and fear. I recently read about a study that found that racism may trigger high blood pressure. Therefore, when I treat people with high blood pressure, I always make sure to release any negative emotions that have been attached to the body since childhood. Sometimes I even find these emotions in the patient's subconscious or spirit. Oftentimes, even long-term residual feelings, like bad memories, can be released instantaneously.

There is no substitute for a positive healthy lifestyle and recreational activity. Typically, when a patient starts taking medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, it is for life. They never get off the meds. The number one priority for a healthy lifestyle is constructive thinking, seeing the glass as “half full”. Make yourself happy. Moderation is the key. Indulgences are okay as long as you do not go overboard.

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