10 Amazing Anti-Aging Oils for Healthier and Younger Looking Skin

Due course of time we grow old and we lose the shine in our skin. The Sebaceous gland is the oil producing gland. The production of oil in the skin slows down with increasing age. All of us wish to look young. Our skin loses its shine when oil production process is slowed down. We need to rejuvenate the skin using anti-aging oils. Lack of oil in the skin will make skin dry. This leads to various skin issues including wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and skin sagging and fine lines. Anti-aging oils are natural and so can prevent all these skin problems and make our skin soft and supple. These oils are available in organic stores. Prepare them at home either by the cold pressing method or by the hot pressing method. Although the hot pressing process is fast, it is not as safe as cold pressing.

We will take you to the world of amazing anti-aging oils. These are available in markets.

1. Ginger Roots
Ginger has 40 antioxidant compounds in it that prevent aging. It removes toxins from the skin and activates the circulation. Ginger supports the skin to absorb more nutrients. The antioxidants present in ginger protect skin damage from the free radicals. Apply ginger oil on the skin to make your skin firm and prevent from sagging. Ginger oil slows down the aging process.

2. Castor Seed
Regular use Castor oil keeps you free from wrinkles. But for the smell, this oil is extremely beneficial for skin. Tropical application of Castor oil is ideal for helping break down scar tissue. Remember to buy oil that is hexane free, cold pressed and essential is being organic. This pure oil is amazingly rich in Omega 9 and three fatty acids, Vitamin E, Proteins, and Minerals. It has the antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-fungicide properties.

3. Neem Seed
Neem oil consists of Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Neem oil when applied on the skin externally rejuvenate your skin and makes your skin smooth and flexible. For better results mix one portion of neem oil to 1/3 part of warm coconut and massage your skin in circular motion. Leave it to do its magic on the skin for 10 minutes. Do this religiously every night before going to bed.

4. Basil Leaves
Basil leaves consists of essential oils. These essential oils when extracted are potent to treat various skin problems. So keeps the skin young and healthy. The best benefits of basil leaves for skin is its powerful anti-aging property. The oil helps in reversing the damage caused by free radicals. Using this oil regularly contributes to maintaining youthful and flexible skin that automatically emits a natural glow.

5. Coconut
Yes, we have not forgotten coconut oil. The super succulent coconut oil contains full of vitamin E, the powerful antioxidant for skin healing. Medium chain triglyceride lauric acid in coconut oil makes it the best oil. It is considered to be the healthiest oils for the skin. Coconut oil clears acne even in the most mature skin; it reduces the signs of aging. Stretch marks disappear by applying coconut oil. Coconut oil strengthens the epidermis.

6. Mustard
Mustard oil is an excellent source for a glowing skin. It reduces pigmentation. Wrinkles and acne disappear by applying mustard oil on your skin. Mustard oil is a skin toner. It keeps the skin hydrated and protects the skin from aging.

7. Pomegranate Seed
The antioxidants present in Pomegranate Seed Oil help to combat and fix the damage by free radicals. This oil strengthens the epidermis and repairs the dermis. It boosts the production of collagen which improves the flexibility of the skin and thus removes wrinkles.

8. Argan
Argan oil is available only in Morocco. This tree grows only in Morocco. This rarely available tree produces the best skin tonic. This oil is readily accessible in most of the stores due to its amazing anti-aging property. It successfully reduces dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

9. Olive
Olive oil consists of monounsaturated fatty acids. This prevails premature aging of the skin caused due to long-reflecting exposure to Sun or UV rays. They reduce the oxidative stress and insulin resistance that put an end to inflammations and delays the aging process.

10. Almond
Almond oil can effectively slow down the aging process. It makes our skin wrinkles free. Almond oil consists of both Vitamin E and Vitamin K. It tones the skin and makes the skin soft and elastic. Guard the skin against UV rays including the harmful UVA and UVB that cause Cancer. The best part is, application of Almond oil can completely get away from the scaring dark circles under your eyes.

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The Best Anti-Aging Treatments To Try In 2017

Human beings are on a lookout for anti-aging treatments since time immemorial. So, to say that wanting to look young is a new idea would not be justified. The search for the fountain of youth has been on for centuries, though all in vain. But that was up until now.

The time we live in can be rightly called the golden age of cosmetic treatments. The past few years have seen some revolutionary developments in the field of anti-aging skincare. And year after year, it seems that we are getting colder and closer to the elixir of youth. The past few years have seen some really solid non-surgical anti-aging treatments come to life; so much so that people are now spoiled for choice.

Since it gets really hard to keep up with these advances, we'll help you choose the treatments that can actually make a difference in your skin.

Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

If most of the dermatologists are to be believed, this is the anti-aging breach of the decade. Essentially, it's a refined version of the traditional laser resurfacing. CO2 laser therapy is a power packed combination of the commonplace carbon dioxide lasers and a new technique that helps eliminate the harsh side effects. Why you should go for this treatment is because it immensely lowers the complication rate and there's no downtime involved.

Wrinkle Injections

In the last couple of years, FDA approved 4 fillers, rarely Juvederm, Radiesse, Perlane and Artefill. Along with Restylane, which has been around since 2003, these fillers have taken the anti-aging wrinkle treatment world by storm. The best thing with fillers is that you can use them to volumize your facial skin. The end result is that you get a plump, youthful skin without undergoing any surgery. Most of the fillers around last about a year or so, except Artefill, which offers permanent results.


DermaPen is the only FDA approved micro-needling pen and a great alternative to Microdermabrasion. Through its cluster of fine needles, DermaPen punches pores in your skin. As a result, a healing response is triggered which stimulates elastin and collagen production. That said, Microdermabrasion is a great anti-aging treatment in itself. The only drawback is that it strongly demands an away-from-sun recovery period.


Peptides are minuscule proteins which stimulate collagen production. A recent research found that FOXO4, a peptide could substantively elongate the lifespan of mice and also reverse certain age-related features. Another such peptide is Matrixyl, which is known to stimulate collagen production. Argireline is known to produce a Botox-like effect and inhibits neurotransmitter release. This inhibitory keeps the facial muscles from forming wrinkles.

Along with such cosmetic procedures, you should make it a point to naturally fight against aging. Two of the most important things you can do to contribute to this cause are to eat a balanced diet and exercise. Try and make every effort to keep a positive attitude towards life and stop sweating small, insignificant stuff.

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Can the Ageing Process Be Delayed?

While the non surgical industry has seen bad publicity it is and exceptional industry for those who want to maintain a youthful appearance for personal reasons and for their careers. Many people view vanity negatively however our appearance can boost our confidence when dealing with people resulting in a better quality of personal and professional relationships.

Unlike the Beauty Industry and the Plastic Surgery industry the Non Surgical Industry provides treatments which can delay the aging process significantly. For instance-Fitzpatrick skin types 1-4 ages much faster than Fitzpatrick Skin Types 5-6. The reason is Fitzpatrick Skin types 5-6 receives more UV protection due to the durability and darkness of the skin. The melanocytes in Fitzpatrick Skin types 5-6 offers more UV protection so preventing skin damage.

It only make sense that all Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1-4 should use a potent sun block daily to prevent UV damage which is the major contributor of skin damage of all ages.

A potent anti-oxidant such as a Bionic Serum (contains vitamins ACE) underneath your sun block will increase the efficacy of the sun block.

Drinking a lot of water is also a great moisturizer for the skin

A course of skin roller and chemical peels will reverse chronic inflammation in the skin resulting in a healthier skin. Injecting HA filler (hyaluronic acid) into the dermis can increase skin hydration significantly and rejuvenate the skin.

If you protect your skin you will be delaying the aging process.

Unhealthy skin is an aging skin
Since Cleopatra days the human race has been searching for the fountain of youth. The cosmetic industry uses creative marketing to motivate us to buy high-priced products promoting immediate rejuvenation of our appearance with little results. What many of us fail to understand is our skin is the envelope that covers us and the quality of our skin is the indicator of our youthfulness. Therefore all we need to know is how to manage our skin's health to retain its youthfulness. There are many ways to protect and repair your skin without engaging in expensive treatments.

1- you need to clean your skin properly twice a day similar to brushing your teeth. Your skin is an organ that needs maintenance.

2-you need to use an effective skin cleanser such as a glycolic wash with 10% AHA. All gender should use a cleanser instead of soap on for cleansing facial skin.

3. you need to wear a good sun block daily and if you are a mature person you can use an anti-oxidant under your moisturizer to reinforce the efficiency of the sun block

4. You need to drink at least a liter of water daily to hydrate the skin.

5. Good night rest and manage your stress level.

To stay young-looking for life is your responsibility and it can be done by modifying your daily routine and lifestyle.

There is no magical solution for youth. It requires practice to stay young.

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Add Definition & Increase Volume To Your Lips Using Dermal Fillers

When the face starts to show signs of aging, one of the first things women tend to rectify, is the lips. Over the years, lips lose their definition, volume decreases and they become thinner. Along with botox, lip augmentation has become one of the most often requested cosmetic treatments and has become popular with a wide age range.

Lots of women are looking for fuller and more sensuous lips, and we can create these by using dermal fillers. Having a simple, safe dermal filler treatment will add volume and definition to thin lips, both of which our lips can lose, as we grow older. As well as this, the treatment can also balance out uneven lips and lessen the look of fine, vertical lines around the mouth.

Why get lip enhancements?

  • To add more volume, to get fuller, plumper lips.
  • To balance out lopsided or asymmetrical lips.
  • Add volume to small, thin or flat lips.
  • To give volume to either a thin lower or upper lip.
  • Enhancing the shape and definition of the lips.

Lip fillers are a great solution to plump up noticeably thin or sagging lips, and this will enhance and balance your facial features at the same time. At reputable clinics, before any treatment the practitioner will discuss your expectations, and tell you which filler he will use to meet your requirements. A fully trained cosmetic practitioner will always pay attention to the shape of the lips, and not just to their size. Clients usually want a natural looking lip enhancement, so it's important to use soft natural fillers.

Areas that will benefit:

  • The vermilion border or lip outline – filler will create definition and width.
  • The smoker's lines around the mouth, which causes lipstick bleeding lines.
  • Upper and lower lip – for volume and fullness.
  • Definition of the cupids bow – filler adds definition and contouring.

The best dermal fillers to use are hyaluronic acid based, which is a substance naturally occurring in the body and allergic reactions with these fillers are rare. The day after the procedure the lips may swell slowly, so it's always a good idea to have the procedure at the weekend when you have a couple of days off to recover.

Any side effects are temporary and resolve within a few days:

Swelling – Any swelling will settle down within a couple of days.

Bruising – There will probably be less brewing and swapping compared to other dermal fillers.

Redness – Any redness will settle down within a couple of days.

Lumps and bumps – Bumps dissolve easily. You can use gentle massage and it will settle down within a couple of days.

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How Oldies Can Save Heaps

When it comes to finding out how to add years to your life, you no longer need to shell out for advice from 'experts' and other self-help gurus. Not only will you save heaps but you'll also feel better. The chances are pretty good that you already know what to do – you've just got to do it. It's called the knowing-doing gap, and when that gap gets too large, a normal response is to call in extra help that is likely to cost you.

We know, for example, that eating the right food and regular exercise are essentials to living longer. We know that we should not eat junk food or over-eat, yet obesity is on the rise and we make excuses for our lack of dietary discipline. Smokers know that the habit will shorten their lives, but many will not (can not) kick the habit. Less than 10% of the population engages in exercise more than 2 days a week. The motivation for continuing gym attendance Declines after a few months.

The gap between knowing what we should be doing and actually doing remains unacceptably large – and we're paying for it.

The quest to add years to life (and life to years) has been going on for thousands of years, and the bottom line remains the same; most people know what to do, they do not do it. Comics such as Groucho Marx, George Burns, Woody Allen, Bob Hope, and others have all tried with limited success to emphasize the message by the addition of humor. Yet, while most of us would like to die young as late as possible, when some effort on our part is required, we opt not to do what we know we should do. Instead, we're prepared to pay someone to tell us.

Reducing (eliminating) the knowing-doing gap requires effort, but that effort is worth it.

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The Super Nutrient That Fights Aging and Disease

It's name is Pycnogenol, a trade name for proanthocyanadin , which is a special family of bioflavonoids. This powerful antioxidant neutralises unstable or radical oxygen molecules that attack the body's cells. In my case I have been taking it for some 20 years and can attest to all that is claimed of it. Others my age suffer all types of diseases, body replacements, crippling from arthritis, and so on. My body remains active, alert, and healthy.

It helps more than 60 disorders cause by free radical implications. It is nature's antioxidant and some of its benefits are here:

1. A) It crosses the blood-brain barrier to protect brain cells and its blood vessels from radical damage. That means it helps with

B) attention deficit disorder

C) chronic fatigue syndrome

D) stoke

E) senility

2. Youth Nutrient, as its known throughout Europe, it revitalises collagen, which is one of the body's most widespread proteins and the primary component of skin and joints. This is the substance that gives them strength and youthful elasticity. It binds to collagen and helps the fibers to rebuild their crosslinks.

3. It reverses the damage caused by a free-radical attack, so limiting wrinkles and aging of the skin.

Among the conditions it is known to help are Parkinson's, Asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, cancer, varicose veins, heart problems, Alzheimer's, and depression. This is only a small sample of them and one should do their own research to understand the great qualities of this remarkable substance.

It is produced from the bark of the Maritime Prime Palm, which is grown in France. The extract must be carefully prepared as heat kills the beneficial elements. Some Health Stores market it under different names but the supplier may be unreliable with many of the same coming from companies who do not prepare it properly and who cheat for the sake of profit.

The Company my supply is from is in Canada and it has been doing this for many years. They are reliable and guarantee their pycnogenol is the genuine article. Why get a substitution when the best is available.

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Is Natural Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream Really Beneficial for Skin?

Aging is a natural phenomenon which everyone experiences. From the moment you come into the world out of your mother's womb, your time starts ticking; from seconds to minutes to hours to days to years. Aging is an inevitable process that happens due to decrease in some hormones and biological processes or no occurrence thereby causing the skin to look less attractive.

As you grow older, these changes occur both internally and externally. Before you know it your once smooth, glowing and healthy skin starts to wrinkle, have larger pores and fine lines which are some signs of aging.

Other symptoms of aging include

  • Sagging
  • Brown discoloration
  • Dry skin
  • Patchy skin
  • Dull or less glow

When we begin to experience these symptoms, it sometimes results in low self-esteem which is not healthy, and at this point, ways of curtailing these aging signs are entertained. They include:

  • Application of anti-aging creams
  • Application of concealers

Of all these, the most effective are the application of anti-aging creams as it gives long term solutions (unlike the concealer) when used appropriately and of good quality. Anti-aging creams are moisturizer-based cosmeceutical skin care products that reduce signs of aging; It works from the exterior to the interior improving the appearance of the skin and making you appear much younger than your age. Huge amounts of anti-aging creams are produced for the market, some of which generate short-term results, and others which actually worsen the symptoms. Before purchasing any anti-aging product, there are a few things to consider: –

  • The skin type
  • The part of the body you intend working on.

Reviews on the product

Adhering to these criteria aids you in getting a product that suits you and is effective.

More research and improvement of anti-aging creams have been carried out over the years, and it has increased to the discovery and production of better products. These products contain natural ingredients which help to combat aging symptoms on different parts of the body. They do not only remove wrinkles but also fade scars and remove blemishes. They are mixed with the most powerful peptides and other actives in high concentrations to produce the optimum result.

All components of each of these products work together to slow down the aging process and give you that healthy glowing skin. They are used by mixing the required amount with your body lotion or using them alone on the area you wish to work on daily.

They work by slowing down the movement of facial muscles to reduce wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones. The materials in the products penetrate and repair the outer layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

The wrinkles do not just fade away immediately on one application, the continuous and consistent application is required. Drink enough water, eat fruits, take supplements, exfoliate and get enough sleep. Within a duration of 2 months, you will observe your skin growing healthier and smoother.

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How Long Would You Want To Live?

Most people would like to live longer. In fact, given the attention it receives, adding years to life seems to be popular. There's even an Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine which focus looks to be how to add years to life. At the 23rd one (Las Vegas 2015), for example, 122 to 150 years of age was considered to be possible.

According to those in the know, when it comes to living longer we have three main choices. The first choice is to live life without any interventions. It's considered that if we make this choice, we can expect to live, on average, to about 82 years. Heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer's, urinary issues, memory loss, depression, and arthritis are considered to be the most common contributors to achieving room temperature before reaching this number.

Let's call the second choice healthy aging. We're told that if we make this choice, we should be able to reach an age of about 100 years. Quitting smoking; positive thinking; meditation; exercising; a healthy diet; plenty of fresh, clean air; and daily doses of sleep are considered to be essentials and are messages that are probably familiar to you if aging healthily is your choice.

A third choice can extend your life by several decades. In addition to a bit of personal discipline – watching what you eat, exercise, and all that stuff – the more intrusive means such as hormone replacement therapy, stem cell therapy, telomerase activators, and organ transplants need to be considered. This choice will require that you take the appropriate supplements and, of course, find a suitable donor.

Keep in mind, however, that thousands of years old Seneca reckoned that living longer was a waste of time without adding life to those extra years was included.

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Best Anti-Aging Practices and Health Advice

At my age these things probably will not make much of a difference but they are going to better my appearance, make me feel good about myself, and, hopefully, hold back on the wear and tear to my skin. At any age one can only give such things a shot and, as my time has always been one of care and prevention, it is hard to see how any such measures can be ignored. If they work great, if not what has been lost – nothing.

The first thing on the list is the use of oils. Who would have thought that sesame oil is a candidate for such a program? If it is rubbed all over the body before a shower it will probably get the blood circulating. The oil is also said to give the skin a wonderful glow and hydrates it while removing dead cells. This is a testimony from Lisa Hedley of the Mayflower Inn and Spa in Washington.

Anti-inflammatory's are another secret to good health. Fish oil is highly recommended although my liver does not take kindly to it and my body reacts in other ways, such as a restriction in my throat. Instead I use turmeric, rosehip ultra, and other things to do the same job.

A long-time avoidance is make-up. The corrosive elements in it showed up on the nails of my fingers in my younger years. They used to peel poorly and split vertically to the base. My sister who applied it liberally and still does has ugly wrinkles and look years older than the three that separates us. Now I use an Oil-of-Ulan cream with a hint of foundation when necessary but try to avoid even that as it really can show up defects over the day.

White sugar was cut from my diet many years ago and now research shows that it speeds up the aging process by decreasing collagen in the skin. That leads to sagging and premature wrinkles. The use it is put to in my case is to lather it over my face and neck to get rid of dead skin cells. It leaves the surface feeling soft and smooth.

There are so many tips out there but despite the best one is diet, and that's where my next healthy habit comes from. Vegan is the way to go to avoid problems associated with disease, such as cancer, obesity, heart problems, and so forth. There is plenty of information about all these tips on the internet and that is where anyone need help in this should be headed. Do not wait until it's too late as the earlier one starts the better the results.

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Sex – Are Oldies Past It?

It's not surprising that there are many common misconceptions about sex and aging. After all, it's normal for sexual feelings (desire, behavior) to change with age. While older people may have less intercourse as they get older as their sex life may slow down, sex is still important for most of them.

You've been buying into a stereotype to conclude that oldies do not have sex. Oldies (60+) need to keep their sexual energy and connection intact.

A new kind of sexuality can emerge with age, one that focuses on whole body intimacy and the value of human connections. Indeed, late-life sex should be seen in the context of a broader human experience involving intimate, companionship, pleasure, and love. The reality is that there's nothing about age preventing oldies from having frisky, frequent, and fun sex. No one needs to have a photoshopped body to qualify: others are never as critical about our body as we are.

It's a myth that sex belongs to the young. Research shows that sex and romance are firmly on the minds of many older adults (oldies are the fastest growing demographic using online dating sites). We are designed to live longer, better if we have an active sex life. Sexual contact can lead to better health, higher relationship satisfaction, and improved stress management (of course, Woody Allen says that sex alleviates tension, and love causes it).

Maintain a satisfying sex life as you get older is even easier when you:

  1. Stay sexually fit – getting yourself physically fit, increasing the frequency of sex, and balancing mind and body (that 'old fart' you might think you see in the mirror need not be you).
  2. Try outercourse – a term used to describe a wide variety of erotic experiences that do not include penetrative sex. Otercourse is all about pleasure and connectedness.
  3. Improve your communication . Communication is key to a satisfying sex life, so be honest and open with your partner. Communicate your thoughts, fears, and desires with him or her. Getting on could lead to getting it on.

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Erase Your Wrinkles With Botox And Regain A Fresher Smoother Younger Looking Face

We all want to look as young as we can, for as long as we can. Our lifestyle choices and how we take care of our skin, can all play a part in delaying the signs of aging, although we do have to accept that to age, is both natural and inevitable.

The aging process shows on our face, and this happens for a variety of reasons:

  • Time naturally takes its toll
  • Prolonged exposure of the sun causes the breakdown of elastin fibers
  • Hormonal changes. Women of post-menopausal age can notice a loss of density on the skin
  • Smoking. Smokers tend to have more wrinkles than non-smokers
  • Repetitive muscle movement can cause lines and wrinkles

Botox is probably the most amazing and effective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment available. Like most injections, botox can cause discomfort, so doctors offer topical anaesthesia about ten minutes before the procedure to numb the area. We inject botox into the skin and it temporarily relaxes the muscles. The treatment is safe, affordable, convenient and fast, and the procedure is usually completed within 15 or 20 minutes. The results will last for at least 3 or 4 months.

Wrinkles are the folds and creases that appear on the skin and are a natural part of the aging process. The primary cause of facial wrinkles is the repetitive movements used when we make our facial expressions, and over time they form crows feet, frown lines and marionette lines. Lines around the mouth and lips start to appear when we pucker up the lips when smoking. The skin is also exposed every day to the elements; the wind, sun, dirt, and pollution, and it's inevitable that this will eventually affect your skin in noticeable ways.

  • Fine lines – are shallow and are found in areas of facial movement, such as the eyes, mouth and upper lip, from laughing, smoking, eating and squinting.
  • Wrinkles – are depressions in the surface of the skin which can look either coarse or fine.
  • Deep set wrinkles – we call these expression lines and they are usually found on the forehead, the corners of the eyes and vertical lines on the side of the mouth, usually caused by frowning, raising your eyebrows and smiling.

Botox injections are non-invasive and are very popular and the treatment offers people of all ages a way to, not only reduce the wrinkles, but also have strategically placed injections as a preventive measure, to stop new wrinkles forming.

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How To Get Ready To Grow Old

Growing old is for everyone – yep, even you – so it could be a good idea to prepare for that time. You think you're always going to be as young as you are now, but it does not work that way. While 70 may seem a long way off, you'll get there soon and have no idea where the time went. Here's what you can do to ready yourself.

  1. It's all about attitude: never think of yourself as old. As George Burns said, 'You can not help getting older, but you do not have to get old'.
  2. Then there's looking after yourself: you only have one body. A great deal of your experience of aging 'gracefully' will revolve around the state of your health – physical, mental, spiritual. Make sure you're prepared by:
  • Maintaining fitness – gym (ing), lifting weights, walking, keeping your legs strong by doing squats.
  • Strengthening your core muscles so you'll avoid falling over and breaking anything – yoga is great.
  • Quitting smoking.
  • Stopping sun worshipping and always wearing sunblock.
  • Encouraging friendships.
  • Avoiding eating junk food. You be the one who decides what goes into your mouth.
  • Getting to a good weight for you and staying there. Overweight oldies experience all sorts of extra inconveniences.
  • Taking care of your mind – exposing yourself to high-quality things and meditating daily.
  • Looking on life as lightheartedly as you can. Smiling a lot! Living the worst-case-scenario life by asking yourself when you're feeling 'low', will this matter in five months or five years?
  • Stopping being a worrywart. As Mark Twain said, 'I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened' .
  • Using what's available to improve the quality of your life – sight and hearing tests, regular dental checks, financial planning, etc.

While you've probably heard the saying, 'Old age sucks', but by preparing now, you'll find that it does not suck nearly as much as you thought it would.

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Misconceptions & Myths About Botox Treatment

We as a whole have confronted that clumsy minute when our friend posts a photo of us – that makes us look ten years older than our age. Before you even acknowledge it, you are still before the mirror taking a glance at yourself, pulling and extending your skin trying to check whether you really look that old.

Depression takes the control when you do a speedy Google check and understand that time machine has still not developed and you will not be turning back twenty or thirty once more. Botox treatment is exceptionally basic nowdays and practically everyone is perfecting it. Despite the fact that the medicinal science has propelled a great deal there is dependably space for questions and false impressions.

Does It Really Work?

A standout among the most widely recognized inquiries regarding Botox treatment are that, “Will it work?” Many circumstances individuals get befuddled whether they bought to get a Botox treatment or not. Essentially this disarray is because of the stories and bits of gossip that they have found out about the treatment which are totally myth.

Here are a few myths about Botox Treatment:

Myth 1 – Botox turns you into an emotionless zombie

As per the talk when you get a Botox treatment you will not have the capacity to demonstrate any articulation. This is not in any way genuine! On the off chance that the treatment is done legitimately and normally, Botox will enable you to express feelings and look incredible. You can without much of a stretch express feeling of satisfaction which will make you look astonishing. Feelings of pity and outrage can be decreed in light of the fact that these feelings cause to wrinkle which are reduced. This is great as studies demonstrate the less you feel furious the less troubled and discouraged you are.

Myth 2 – Dermal Fillers and Botox Are Same

In spite of the fact that both of these medications decrease the presence of wrinkles, Dermal Fillers and Botox both are two unique medicines and capacity in an alternate way. Dermal Fillers adds volume to the facial tissues and reestablishes it giving you an energetic look, while Botox facilitates the muscles that create wrinkles.

Myth 3 – Botox Injections Are Highly Toxic For The Face

Another myth is that Botox is destructive for your body. Well that is not valid, any trustworthy specialist will never at any point infuse anything into your body that is hurtful for your wellbeing. At the point when infused into your body in right extents, much the same as some other medication Botox is alright for your skin and body.

Myth 4 – Botox Injections Are Extremely Painful

Botox infusions are not as difficult as they are believed to be. Like Dermal fillers the agony felt from Botox infusion is sensible. Botox treatment is otherwise called “meal break infusion” since it's a straightforward and brisk technique and does not have any intrusions in the middle.

Myth 5 – Botox Makes You an Addict

Odds are that consequent to getting a Botox treatment you will feel so great that the result from the treatment will make you feel astonishing. It's conceivable that you will need to have rehashed treatment after like clockwork to keep up that remarkable appearance, yet it's by outlandish that your body will feel dependent on the Botox treatment.

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Steps to Perfect Beautiful Skin

Most of us are familiar with the basic steps to a skincare regime: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer but there must be more to it or almost everyone would be walking around with perfect skin. Searching this topic on the web, results in a lot of simplistic information. It is beneficial to understand the reason and importance of each step. A skin professional or aesthetician can educate you on what products and ingredients work best for your skin type and concerns.

Clients often ask me what is the most important step in achieving awesome skin and which products they should purchase first. Below, I will list what I have found to be essential steps to healthy, beautiful skin in order of importance.

1. Sunscreen
According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of visible aging is caused by sun damage. That should be reason enough to have us running for our sunscreen but the risk of skin cancer is an even bigger concern. Each year, there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers and 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime! It is recommended that you use a broad spectrum (UVA / UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day. For extended outdoor activity, use a water-resistant, broad spectrum (UVA / UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. You should apply sunscreen 20-30 minute before going outdoors covering all exposed areas including face, ears, lips and back of hands.

2. Retinoids
Retinoids are derived from Vitamin A and come in several forms (retinol, retinaldehyde and tretinoin). They increase cellular turnover by sloughing off (or desquamating) dead skin cells faster so they do not bind together and clog your pores thereby, stimulating the production of new skin cells. When used consistently, retinoids can keep your skin clear, even out skin tone, repair sun damage, and prevent pre-mature aging by improving elasticity and collagen production, along with other exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, making retinoids the gold standard for acne and anti-aging treatments. Even those with clear, wrinkle-free skin can use retinoids as a preventative measure to help keep skin young and healthy.

3. Serums and other actives / specialty products
Serums are considered the workhorses of skincare because of their active ingredients and their delivery systems which are designed to go deeper than perfect creams to target specific skin concerns. Serums are not formulated with occlusive, moisturizing ingredients that keep water from evaporating like creams and moisturizers. They contain a high concentration of active ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides, growth factors and skin brighteners. Because active ingredients are more expensive than thickeners and fillers, serums are usually pricier but well worth the investment. And because of their concentration, a little bit can go a long way. Some of my favorite serums for anti-aging are Collagen Peptide, Hyaluronic Acid, Vita-C, Rx Complex and TGF-b or Growth Factor and Booster Serums. Some serums specifically designed for acne prone skin include Glycolic and Salicylic serums. Other serums like Mandelic and Vitamin A are effective for almost all types of skin because they help with skin cell turnover and evening out skin tone.

4. Cleansers
Properly cleansing the skin can arguably be the most important step to perfect skin because properly cleansed skin allows the other skin products to penetrate and work more efficiently and effectively. There are different types of cleansers (gel, creamy, oil) depending on your skin type; your aesthetician will be able to make recommendations on the one that is best for your skin. In order for cleansers to work properly, they generally need to be gently worked into the skin and removed with a wash cloth or ultrasonic device in order to help clean out the pores. This is not about how much elbow grease you use (gentler is better) but about using proper technique, tools and ingredients. It is also recommended to first remove makeup and then double cleanse until no dirt is visible on a cotton pad.

5. Moisturizer
Moisturizers help keep the skin balanced. They are designed to make the external layers of the skin soft and stable while increasing hydration by reducing evaporation. Most moisturizers contain humectants and emollients. Humectants draw water into the outer layer of skin (epidermis) from the middle layer (dermis) and from the environment. Emollients are moisturizers that leave the skin smooth and soft while sealing in moisture. Some may also be occlusive by forming a thin film on the surface of the skin to prevent moisture loss. Higher quality moisturizers have additional ingredients and delivery systems that help smooth, hydrate, firm and improve durability and elasticity.

6. Eye Cream
The skin around the eyes tend to be more fragile, dry, sensitive and prone to aging and fatigue, including puffiness and dark circles. In fact, the skin around the eyes is 10 times thinner than the rest of the face. Also, there are minimal oil glands around the eyes so using an eye cream is essential for proper hydration especially as we age. Eye creams are specifically formulated for the delicate skin around the eye with a lot more active ingredients that not only moisturize but help with elasticity, puffiness, dark circles and collagen production.

7. Toner
Although there has been a recent debate about whether or not tons are necessary, I find that a good toner can be beneficial. First, toners help balance your skin's pH and return it to normal so that other products in your skin line can penetrate effectively without you having to wait 20-30 minutes for your skin be dry and return to baseline on it's own. Secondly, nowdays toners are made with beneficial ingredients that help address your specific skin concerns whether it is aging, acne, dark spots or sensitive skin.

8. A Healthy Diet and Sufficient Water
The foods we eat are not all created equal. Just like good skincare we can find wrinkle-fighting antioxidants in fruits and vegetables to hydrating healthy fats in fish. Good food sources of vitamin A include fish oil, salmon, carrots, spinach, and broccoli. Sources of vitamin C include oranges, lemons, grapefruit, papaya, and tomatoes. You can get vitamin E from sweet potatoes, nuts, olive oil, sunflower seeds, avocados, broccoli, and leafy green vegetables. The mineral selenium has antioxidant properties that help protect skin from free radical damage and can be found in wheat germ, tuna, salmon, garlic, Brazil nuts, eggs, and brown rice.Healthful foods such as Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation and can be found in cold water fish, such as salmon and sardines, flaxseed oil, walnuts, sunflower seeds and almonds. Finally, Water helps hydrate your body and leads to plump, healthy skin. Adequate hydration helps flush out toxins that can cause skin problems. It is also essential for skin metabolism and regeneration.

Additional Tips:

-Everything apply to your face, should also be applied to your neck, décolleté and back of the hands since those are the first areas to show signs of aging and are often neglected.
-Eye creams & Serums should be applied gently with the tip of your ring finger, with a dabbing motion around the orbital bone working inwards towards the bridge of your nose.
-Always use a washcloth or ultrasonic tool to properly remove cleansers

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Do You Think You Are Aging Too Fast? Here Is Help To Slow It Down

There are many products and techniques used these days to keep people from feeling old and younger like everyone else. Everyone likes to feel better, and being rejuvenated and fresh is only achieved with the help of anti aging processes.

Our body is like a machine and requires several things to process and function well. When you are giving it the right amount and form of food it will keep functioning well. If you stuff it up with unusual and uncomfortable elements it would start to produce malfunctions and ailments. This happens because of too many free radicals in the body as a result of metabolism and body conversion of energy to different products.

The Brakes That Stop Aging

The makings of free radicals and components in the body is really consistent and normal but if they keep on accumulating they could result into serious and consistent ailments including aging. Anti aging body cleanse is not a harsh process, in fact it is very natural and self-healing. Anti aging body cleanse is basically staying away from junk food such as fast foods, avoiding sugar intake including juices and soft drinks etc.

Are You Using Moisturizers?

More and more people want to look younger with the passage of time because they are getting to know the fact that looking younger is feeling better. If you have a younger appearance, you will enjoy life better, have more confidence and energy.

There are several things people do to stay youngger and look younger than showing their age. It includes the entire natural and chemical means but the best ones are those designed specifically for the cause of aging. Anti aging products have a wide range and there is just about everything to choose. Anti aging moisturizers have become a great course of action these days, but which one should it be?

It is wise to apply anti aging moisturizers on your skin because it gives you all the essential nutrients and vitamins the skin needs to heal and build what is lost. The spots and aging effects will disappear and your appearance will improve. The right creams also prevent the skin from pigmentation and the overall appearance is free of breakouts and pimples.

Fine lines and wrinkles, reduced by multiple peptide bonds are found in certain moisturizers. Moisturizers also prevent formation of scales and dry patches on your skin which makes it look uneven and not smooth. It also causes the skin to regain its texture and quality in no time, the damaged skin being replaced with the new and fresher one without any challenges.

Remarkable Reversal Of Aging

Having youngger looking skin is the aim for many these days but not everyone knows what could be done to reach that aim and to have a skin that is magically refreshed and young. The world we live in is full of chemical formulas which gets in the way and damages that natural look and shape of the skin. There are many things that could get the skin out of its original texture and content which is why having a skin that lasts longer and stays youthful is vital. Having youngger looking skin is not that challenging if you know what's causing the damage in the first place. If you have thought about the considerations, here are a few steps to take for younger, stronger, healthier aging.

Snatch Back Control Over Aging

Eating healthy foods is the next step for having a youngger looking body. What you eat basically reflects how your body and skin reacts. If you eat healthy, your body is going to have all the nutrients and essential things that it needs to grow and stay in shape. Staying away from junk food is your very first option and then including green, leafy vegetables for the diet routine. Using natural, chemical and toxin free anti aging creams, moisturizers and lotions are your preference, despite, select carefully what you use.

Combining The Right Vitamins And Minerals

Aging could be really frustrating and it could have been problematic at times. Losing the shape of your body and the beauty of your skin is something that challenges everyone at some point in their life. What they do not understand is how to slow down the process of aging. It's not that difficult to do if you know what you are doing and if you are doing it consistently.

There are many people who do not look their age, and they have several things going on, keeping them youthful and refreshed. They have their anti aging secrets and activities which many of us are not aware of. You can get rid of those wrinkles, gray hair, weight gain within a short time if you are consistent.

Drinking reasonable amounts of water is going to help ease your aging process, it is what hydrates the skin, and the body needs it as well. The collagen and connective tissue of the skin is going to stay consistent and everything else is going to stay functional.

Vegetables and fruits decrease aging and if you include them to your diet every day, you will notice what difference they make in your appearance and body functions. Vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and everything that you need to stay youthful and young. Replace most processed foods and restaurant items which is better for your health. Use important wholesome foods such as beans, nuts, fish or krill oil, green tea, and foods that contain Sulphur, most important for skin health. Adding herbal supplements to the body cleansse helps a lot as well. Water remains another important part of all this, flushing the system and hydrating the skin.

With the help of a proper diet, exercise and natural skin care products you can fight aging and bring it to a crawl. You can do this and find toxin and chemical free skin-care, as well some 18 or more concentrated fruits in a little pouch, containing many of the vitamins and minerals the body needs daily. The right amount of sunshine is also important but take the right steps to protect your delicate skin in hot summer days. Avoid all sunscreens which contain chemicals and toxins, use only those made from natural ingredients and free from chemicals.

As much as we may cherish the wisdom with our years, we do not like to see any visible signs of aging. There is no need for dangerous Botox and collagen injections, which can leave your skin sore, puffy, bruised, infected and forever damaged. A number of reported adverse effects from operations, personal care products full of chemicals, toxins, metals and plasticizers is rising; so, do not be one of them.

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