How to Get Younger Looking Skin Naturally

Are you obsessed with beauty products to make you look younger? Do you even think of going to a beauty surgeon to submit yourself for a cosmetic surgery? Nowadays women are very particular on how they look as they age, they crave for the fountain of youth to keep that youthful beauty. Blame it on the Korean goddesses who proved them already found the fountain of youth. But whether or not beauty products flood over the beauty arena still nothing compares to the natural regimen.

1. Start your beauty ritual with natural anti-aging solution.

Apple cider vinegar is a very good skin cleanser and natural facial toner that will rejuvenate skin. It has pH balance which protects skin from getting too oily or too dry. It also acts as natural antibacterial and antiseptic to protect your skin from breakouts. It also brightens skin instantly yet it maintains the natural moisture of your skin. It is a great natural anti-aging secret to keep skin from wrinkles and fine lines. It fades off dark spots too. Just soak a cotton ball in a raw ACV then rub it on your face gently.

You can also take at least 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water. This is best taken around 30 minutes before breakfast. You can add a little amount of honey to prevent aftertaste. Apple cider vinegar is alkaline pH balanced and can be used as a tonic drink. It helps reduce fat while preventing illnesses.

2. Go organic-better than anti-aging products

Brown and white rice flour are one of the oldest Asian beauty regimens. It can be used as an exfoliating powder especially for the face. It has a fine texture that is gentle to the skin plus it provides natural antioxidant without compromising for any side effects. It yields better result compared to synthetic anti-aging products making skin fine, soft, radiant and young-looking.

Make your own brown or white rice exfoliant at home if in case you could not find rice flour in the grocery store. You can mix a cup of powdered brown or white rice together with honey and lemon juice. In a high-speed blender, put it all together and start blending until it forms a paste. You may refrigerate the mixture around 20 to 30 minutes or until it chilled. Gently massage your skin using the mixture. For better result, exfoliate your skin at least 3 times a week.

3. Nourish your skin with natural skin-tightening moisturizer.

Moisturizing the skin is the most powerful secret to get younger looking skin. And Avocado is one of the best options to bring enough moisture to the skin. Avocado is naturally rich in antioxidant plus it has vitamin A and E which plays a vital role to make skin healthy.

To make a homemade avocado facial skin tightening mask is just so simple. All you need is a ripe avocado mashed in a bowl. You may add lemon and honey to the mixture. Mix it thoroughly until until forms a paste. Apply it to your face and on the area of ​​your body where you want to moisturize. Do this every day to nourish your skin making it extra supple, soft, glowing and healthy.

There are more ways to get younger looking skin naturally, but the most important thing is to have the determination to achieve your goal. Just be responsible taking good care of your skin. Modify your lifestyle and avoid stress. Stress is the main reason for getting older than your age. Stay healthy and enjoy life.

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How to Choose the Best Anti-Aging Creams for You

Today, most people want to look younger or rather keep a youthful look. It has led to many products coming up to help improve skin's texture and elasticity. One would think that only old people use these products, even youths are using these products.

Anti-aging products have been an option for many, for like surgery, they are affordable. They come in several types and offer a variation of active ingredients. Unfortunately, not all of the products are genuine. Many people have fallen prey of the counterfeit products.

When choosing the best anti-aging creams one might feel overwhelmed by the many skin products in the market. There are many creams, but the practical ones are very few. Before choosing a jar of cream, one should conduct a well-based research, considering the end results after using the cream. While researching, please consider user reviews, and probably other sources of information. It should not be a problem with the internet at bay.

To get the best results, one should always try a jar of cream that has functioned for other people formerly. One should also identify the type of ailments you are trying to treat. For example, the type of skin you have; dry, oily, etc. It gets easily identified by looking into the mirror.

Based on your research one can understand the ingredients that will best treat your specific problems; for instance, wrinkles, age spots or dry skin. The ingredients should have no side effects on your skin or any basic effect on your body. When buying these creams, you do not need to struggle; at times the presence of some ingredients on the sticky label is the only thing you require to know.

These creams should not be very expensive and not very discounted either. Ajar of cream with natural elements may be a bit expensive, but the output is very rewarding and will be more evident than you imagine. Natural creams are preferred, although one should also look into ingredients such as: Argireline (Acetyl hexapeptide-3), Vitamin A palmitate (Retinyl palmitate), Vitamin D3 and Vegetable Glycerine to mention but a few.

Age should also be a factor when choosing these creams. The skin changes throughout the lifespan and has special needs in each stage. With this in mind, one should also understand that every person has a unique skin that may not match with sequential age. In this case, one should first-rate creams based on individual skin type and condition.

It is advisable to try more than one cream to weigh which one works best for you. Also, consider how various products work together to provide a complete skin care treatment. Anti-aging creams offer incredible results as a matter of fact. It is, therefore, safer to try out creams before making a rushed decision thinking that plastic surgery has it all.

With careful selection and of course, the best research and help from old hands in the industry, one can easily solve their skin issues and maintain their skin at its best condition. Anti-aging creams work best for you if you take some time to learn a few things about them.

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The Self Language Of Anti-Aging

I had a lengthy breakfast with a friend yesterday, we are both 60 and both very engaged in martial arts, he has had a hip replacement and I've had both knees restructured. As we stand up to leave we both groaned, he from back pain and me trying to enthuse my knees.

I joked about feeling stiff and sore after a long bingo session at the retirement village. Sure for us it's a joke because we are both very fit and active in spite of past injuries but it is important to be careful how we speak about our age, out capacity and our health.

I know people my age who are old physically and mentally. The move, act and think like an elderly person.

I also know older people who have more energy than many 40 year olds. The difference is large in their thinking.

When people are faced with challenges it is common for them to focus on what they can not do and they forget what they can do. A lady I spoke to recently, who is just a little older than me, told me that she does not get out much, that she has a lot of pain, that she smokes heavily for the pain and that she was good at keeping appointments .

Nowhere in her conversation did she discuss what she could do. It took some doing to have her think that smoking was making things worse, and that if she quit she would be so much better off. But a big problem was that she was thinking like she was at the end of her days, and not a 63 year old with some problems, most of which could be solved if she decided to take action.

How often do you here “I'm too old for that” or “I'm not as young as I used to be” or it's all right for you young people ”

I'm not saying that aging is a barrel of laughs, but we're all doing it. It's just a matter of how we do it. How we think, how we speak, the people we spend time with, how active we choose to be, what we choose to eat or not eat. Sure aging is in our cells but it is also in our minds.

I've lost count of the number of times I've been told that “I do not have time to exercise” or “it hurts to exercise” We all have time for the things we decide are important, and do not do the things that hurt you, find things that do not hurt and do them. It's your choice how you age.

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Successful Anti-Aging Needs A Few Hard Choices

Every day with have choices to make which can take us where we want to go or in the other direction.

1. Sleep in or go for a walk.

2. Go to sleep, or keep watching those screens.

3. Have a smoothie for a muffin

4. Smile at a stranger or ignore them.

5. Take some time to relax or work yourself to exhaustion.

6. Eat a quality meal or chow down at the buffet.

The list is potentially endless but there is something interesting about hard choices.

  1. Hard choices are about as hard as we decide they are.
  2. Hard choices disappear instantly we make the choice then they are just the thing we are doing.
  3. The more anti-aging choices we make the easier they become, until soon we create a healthy life style which does not require hard choices.

Anti-aging is not about expensive creams, sure they help, it is estimated you can influence the health of your skin about 20% with some skin preparations.

But the real battle isought internally and the core elements are not expensive or fancy or made in a laboratory.

Minimize sugar and all refined carbohydrates, including rice pasta and potatoes, avoid all omega 6 oils and spreads, avoid questionable saturated fats products such as sausages, deli meats, and junk food burgers and unknown foods such as chicken nuggets.

Include nuts, seeds, omega 3 foods such as salmon, colored vegetables, lean protein, sweet potatoes, olive oil, avocados, olives, sardines, eggs, butter and berries.

So many of your choices will be around food. Eating at home is easier because if you do not buy the eating foods then you can not eat them.

But traveling and dining out will require some thought.

If you eat away from home you will certainly need to be organized, but if only occasionally then a few diet indiscretions will not matter.

An anti-aging movement program is vital. This does not mean slamming your body in the gym or running marathons. What you need is daily activity. Regular walking, cardio like Zumba, and a heavier weight workout once a week.

A few supplements include omega 3 oils, magnesium, B vitamins, multi mineral, CoQ10 and Turmeric.

Maintaining a mindset of being young, energetic and active is vital. Ignore the media portrait of older people, and avoid the language of being older and find activities, which include younger people, act young, be young! Do not forget that groaning to get out of a chair does not make it any easier.

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Achieve A Non-Invasive Face Lift Using PDO Thread Lifts

When we're young and in our prime, the skin on our face is usually smooth and taut. The jaw-line has a strong definition, and the contour where the cheek meets the chin is smooth. It's quite devastating to get to the age when your features are no longer as sharp or defined as they once were. The facial profile suddenly becomes a bit blurry and we notice that our cheekphones are starting to sag down our face, causing the jaw-line to become undefined and the neck beginning to look wrinkly.

As our skin ages, some of the collagen is lost, making the skin less elastic. The loose skin is typically rolled downwards, causing the skin around the cheeks to become thinner, and resulting in jowls in the lower face, making us look older. One way to tighten and tone the loose skin without undergoing an invasive surgical procedure is a PDO thread lift. PDO thread lifts can deliver what is essentially a facelift, but without the invasive surgery. There are no incisions or cuts, just simple injections which we place in strategic places.

The PDO thread lift will improve and rejuvenate the of the structure of the face, lifting loose or sagging skin. PDO threads are simply inserted into the skin with a very fine needle, either just under the skin, or in the fatty layer just benefit the skin, lifting the tissue and muscle and greatly improving the texture of the skin. Once they're inserted, they will pull up the jaw-line, lift the cheeks and will reduce the lines around the eyes, nose and mouth, and tighten the neck.

PDO thread lifts get great results. Threads get inserted all over the face and combine beautifully with dermal fillers to reveal a new, rejuvenated you. Thread lifts are an extremely versatile procedure, they're very simple, safe and almost painless. It's a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure that leaves you with a natural, rejuvenated look.

After a thread lift, an instant lift is often noticeable but what's even better, is that the effects will continue to improve for days and weeks afterwards. The PDO threads produce collagen around the threads and the new collagen that's produced, lifts the skin, creating more volume.

It's a minimally invasive treatment achieving tighter, youngger looking skin, lasting for up to two years. The threads are absorbable so they do not need removal from the body. You will see an immediate visible lifting effect and a natural improvement in the skin.

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Skin Wrinkles Anti Aging Treatment Options

Is it possible to derail the progress of nature against your skin appearance? Yes, you can do that if you know how. You can easily restore your skin texture and tone to look many years younger than your actual age.

There are different skin anti aging treatment options that one can easily employ to fix those creases, face contours and emotion lines. You can also quickly and easily firm up sagging skin with the best anti aging treatment formula. Naturally, people lose their skin elasticity and thus the attraction as the age advances. These effects are caused by reduced cell division, harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and environment pollution.

Some people are able to protect themselves from the UV rays by wearing sunscreens; however, these are just able to secure a smaller fraction of the exposed skin. This makes it necessary to seek other anti-aging treatment options to improve the skin appearance. There are natural methods that one can use and there also medical procedures that help to correct skin deformities due to old age or environment effects.

You can keep your skin healthy, glowing, hydrated and all even by use of naturally manufactured skin care creams. Such creams are abundant in the cosmetic market and typically feature components such as Nanobelle Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin A, Cynergy TK, and honey. These skin care ingredients improve skin aeration, hydration, texture, and tone.

They also promote the production of collagen that makes the skin firm and flexible for expansion and contracting. Many of these products are available over the counter without a prescription. However, it's always recommended that you obtain them from trust-worthy suppliers. This measure is taken to ensure that you not only get value for your money but also ward off products that could lead to adverse effects.

Alongside the natural skin corrections, you can go for clinical methods such as laser therapy, chemical peels, and dermabrasion. These clinical procedures are known to be very effective in rejuvenating the skin. However, they may be more expensive than creams and sometimes bear some side effects.

How To Choose The Best Anti Aging Cream

You can decide to keep on exercising and eating carefully selected diet and staying happy to lead a long and healthy life. But it gets to appoint when despite the spirit and the bones still look strong, the skin appearance is very downgraded. This is when you may want to get some 'facelift' to keeping you going strong, happy and beautiful.

There are a lot of skin facelift products that one can acquire to improve their looks by varnishing skin wrinkles and firming up those flaccid regions. Since there is a growing demand of people seeking cosmetic products to stay young, the beauty market has seen a flood of different products that claim to be the best anti-aging cream. However, one needs to be extra careful when treading in the cosmetic market so as to choose a really best anti aging cream.

It can be a very demanding process choosing the best anti aging cream; however, it's all simple when the requirements of a top-notch skin care solution are known. You can know about the latest wrinkle removers and body firming products on the market by checking online on websites that regularly update the same. You can also delve on customer reviews to get a better picture of what products are trending and how people are feeling about them.

Now, because some online platforms could be out to certainly campaign for the certain manufacturer it's important to know the formula that is a good skin wrinkle remover or skin improver. A list of the ingredients that are contained in a product and their level of concentration are always on the product label and packaging so you can easily check out.

So, what ingredients should you look out for in a skin care solution? A good skin care product that is suitable for removing wrinkles and firming up the skin should contain skin rejuvenating components such as alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acids, and omega 3 fatty acids among others. These compounds are effective in skin exfoliation and reduction of skin pigmentation that makes the skin look old and unsightly.

These compounds usually exist alongside other nutrient extracts such as vitamin A, vitamin K, and even honey. Basically, collagen promoting substances also obtained included in skin care formula. Remember, a single product way not contain all the above-mentioned ingredients so you might need a few bottles.

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You Can Lose Weight Even With A Bad Diet

There are dozens of diets out there, from Paleo, to Vegan to strange and completely stupid. But one thing most of them have in common is that you can lose weight even if they are bad diets.

The best most recent example is of the famous television magician who lost a lot of weight by eating only potatoes for one year. Sounds crazy but it worked.

What is important to remember is that it was not that potatoes are a magic weight loss food, it is all about what he did not eat and drink. All the sugar, the junk food, the rich gourmet meals, and all the alcohol and sweet drinks. Leaving all of this bad food out of his diet for a year was a huge caloric born being lifted.

It is also important that while he lost weight his health would have been compromised to some extent by missing out on some key nutrients in his diet, which would have become a problem over time. Low protein for muscle and immune function, plus insufficient fuels for brain, cell and nervous system health, and a gap in some specific minerals and nutrients.

On even such a strange diet he would have felt better because he was resting his system from the stresses of his old diet. But this would not be sustainable.

There are, and have been many bad diets, most of which will cause people to lose weight in the short term, often through calorie restriction, which means being hungry. Some using highly processed drinks and bars to replace meals, rob people of the very basic ability to shop and construct a healthy meal.

The problem is that the weight loss industry is not necessarily a part of the wellness industry. But weight loss without an increase in health is a short term fix to a long term problem and will usually result in weight returning plus some.

Healthy weight loss requires the right food plan, plus adequate movement and importantly the right mindset and emotional support.

Most people want to have their cake and eat it to, but I'm sure we all know that it just does not work that way.

Sugar, and sugar rich foods such as grains all become fat in your body and most processed foods are not fit for healthy human consumption. You can either have your cake or your health, but there is little room for both.

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If Your Diet Is Too Hard, It’s Probably Wrong For You

Most people equate going on a diet with suffering. Hunger is expected, feeling grumpy, sweating like a pig at the gym, eating rabbit food, feeling stressed just walking past a bakery and not knowing what to eat, or having people around you who are eating all the things you like.

The easiest diet of all, which takes no effort at all, and the tastiest of them all, is to eat whatever you like, whenever you like! In the western world this diet has been extremely popular for decades, with occasional low calorie painful interventions.

The only problem with this diet is that you will be just like everyone else in the doctor's waiting room or hospital ward. Full of pharmaceuticals and or on the surgery list.

The easy diet created the obesity epidemic, the diabetes epidemic and generations of unwell people.

If you are told to eat less and exercise more, then you know it's going to hurt. And the discomfort does not go away, so the diet tend to go away very quickly.

This is also true of the many fad diets which seem to pop up all to regularly, such as the Israeli military diet which consists of eating lots of apples for a few days then cheese then who knows what.

An Israeli soldier is about as likely to eat such a diet as an iron man is to eat sugar filled nutri grain prior to an event.

So we all know that changes have to be made and that the easy diet is a terrible idea, but how hard a diet can we adopt and still manage to stick with it.

  1. You should not be hungry. Hunger just puts you under stress and your fat burning will shut down like a hibernating animal.
  2. You do not have to exercise so hard that you are leaving trails of sweat everywhere, because exercise is a poor way to lose weight. But you do need to move your body.
  3. You will not be counting calories because it's boring and it does not help. All calories are not the same so counting them is pointless.
  4. You should have a good variety of foods.
  5. You must have sufficient energy to move and think clearly.
  6. You should not be dreaming about food. This happens when you are hungry, but let's face it if you are dreaming of cream filled donuts then it will take a while away from sugar to change that, and even then it's rare for someone to dream of green vegetables.

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8 Essentials You Need In a Anti-Aging Consultant

  1. You must have a sense of rapport with your coach, there needs to be a comfortable and confident connection, however your coach does not need to be your pal, they have a job to do which will involve you doing things you find difficult, otherwise you would not need a coach.
  2. Experience, this person needs some serious life and technical skills to help guide you on your health journey. Unfortunately there are many coaches you have become overnight experts, with little real skill.
  3. Beware of dietary evangelism. You need someone with broad skills and personally I'm very wary of bandwagon coaches, whether it be veganism, paleo, cross fit or the latest fad. All of these can be good or bad, but if your coach is a victim of the next shiny object syndrome, then you will be too.
  4. Flexibility is vital. A coach needs the ability to access you and treat you as an individual, so you can feel confident in their recommendations. There has to be a starting point but there must be enough flexibility in the system to help you advance as an individual.
  5. A coach needs to be able to listen to you and your situation, and hear the emotion that you are experiencing and be able to bend and adjust to meet your needs and not try to fit you into a comfortable one size fits all box.
  6. Your coach should be able to clearly communicate why you need to do what is being suggested, this means speaking in plain language and of course they must understand the reasons for themselves and not just being parroting some other writer or coach.
  7. When helping a person to make important changes a coach must have the ability to help you overcome your stress, anxiety, or subconscious resistance, these things will hold you back more than anything, if they can not help you then you must be able to refer you to someone who can.
  8. A coach must be able to successfully guide you to seeing a brighter, healthier future in such a way that it looks achievable and real to you.

You choice of an anti-aging consultant is vital for you to have a long term successful exit. On your journey to wellness you may need different coaches for different purposes, and of course you must be prepared to fire your coach if the situation warrants, but please do not fire them if you did not do the work.

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Sticking to Your Diet – What Is Your Light Bulb Moment?

Every year millions of people around the world start diets and the majority of them give up within a few days or weeks, leading to feelings of failure and disappointment.

It is easy to start but it takes some mental effort to keep going, but it is easier to stick to your diet if you have had a light bulb moment.

Most people start a diet to lose weight to look better and to feel better about themselves. Unfortunately this only works long term for the most dedicated or the severely vain.

Failures tend to erode our self-confidence making each successful attempt less and less likely to be successful.

The light bulb moment is when you discover a reason for maintaining your diet that is so important that you can overcome all of your past failures and all your subconscious resistance, and simply just turn your diet into a lifestyle.

8 Such reasons as:

  1. A serious health diagnosis.
  2. Feeling left out of some activity because of weight or fitness.
  3. Requirements for a great job.
  4. Revenge
  5. Special occasions.
  6. For a special holiday.
  7. Energy for children or grandchildren.
  8. Fear of aging.
  9. The need for wellness to care for others.

Of course there is one other very important consideration, it is that you have chosen a diet which makes sense, is sustainable and promotes health and not just weight loss. One celebrity lost weight by eating only potatoes for a year but the health consequences would be considerable.

The question is what is your light bulb moment where you realize that if you do not take action you will lose out, or suffer, or pay a big price. And a simple way to make it stronger is to stack up two or more of these reasons.

Each extra reason will boost your commitment and by the time you get four or more you will have the power to push through any physical or emotional resistance.

The only problem is if we ignore these light bulb moments. Unfortunately this happens all the time, after all by the time a person becomes overweight or unfit they have ignored many such signs.

It is said that for many people the first sign of a heart attack is the heart attack itself. But I would challenge this. By the time of the heart attack there will have been many warning light bulbs, do not let this happen to you.

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Science And Ageing

If you're waiting for science to come up with the solution to slow down the aging process and increase how long humans live, do not hold your breath: you could die waiting. Two main approaches seem to be being pursued.

One of those relates to Telomeres – the ends of the chromosomes, containing our genetic material. Ageing is said to be caused when the telomeres become too short when they divides into two or more daughter cells. Scientists have proven that longer telomeres in human are correlated with longer life span.

Longevity in mice can be induced by artificially elongating their telomeres. But humans are not mice. We may have cured mice of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, paralysis, and a host of other diseases, yet, we're far from applying those same cures in human beings. So, there have been no actual experiences as yet to show that artificial telomere elongation can actually affect human life span.

The other relates to genetic engineering as a way of producing more follistatin – a protein that encourages muscle growth. This treatment has already been proven on human animals suffering from muscular atrophy, but not in relation to anti-aging. So, for genetic engineering to work for us, it seems that all we need to do is genetically engineer ourselves.

An American Company (BioViva) is looking for volunteers for its next human genetic engineering experiments, but these treatments are illegal in many countries because genetic engineering treatments involve tampering with your own genes. This form of genetic vandalism (messing with your DNA) can lead to the creation of a cancerous tumor. And guess what? Treatments have not been tested on humans, yet.

So, the message seems to be that, before risking ruining your health on untested treatments, hold your horses. Surely immortality is worth waiting for.

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How to Boost HGH Naturally for Anti Aging Benefits

Aging is a universal phenomenon and it affects all living animals. In humans, the main cause of aging is supposedly to be the slow down in the production of HGH or human growth hormone. Scientists and medicines are known to have claimed that aging can be reversed to a large extent by enhancing growth hormone production in your body. As a matter of fact, HGH is now being dubbed as the Fountain of Youth.

One of the ways of increasing HGH is with the help of HGH injections or shots but they can have a lot of adverse side effects and are not recommended. Fortunately, its possible to boost HGH levels naturally and safely.

Here are some ways to increase growth hormone production in your body:

1. Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to boost growth hormone levels in your body. Apart from stimulating HGH secretion, exercise also helps boost blood circulation and energy levels. People who exercise regularly often look younger than those not so active peppers because they have higher HGH levels.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can make you look tired and worn out. More importantly, it can speed up the aging process. This is because HGH is released in your body during deep sleep. Lack of sleep disturbs this cycle resulting in reduced secretion of growth hormone.

Try to hit the bed early and get enough sleep each night. Although there is no hard and fast rule as to how much you should sleep, anything between 6-8 hours is good for most people.

3. Manage Stress

Stress can affect your body in extreme ways. One of the biggest fallout of stress is that it can speed up aging. Chronic stress tends to increase Cortisol levels in your body which inhibit growth hormone secretion.

Try to manage stress with the help of simple and effective techniques like yoga and meditation. Exercise is also a great stress buster for most people.

4. Try Natural HGH Supplements

One of the best ways to beat age effects is with the help of natural or herbal HGH supplements. These supplements are often called releasers since they help your body increase its own production of growth hormone. Such supplements are a mix of amino acids and other natural ingredients that stimulate your pituitary gland so that it can produce more HGH.

Such supplements can reverse aging to a great extent. Some of their benefits include youngger looking skin, faster working metabolism, improved immunity, better muscle growth, more energy and better mood, enhanced sleep quality etc.

They can make you look and feel decades younger than your age. Top of the line supplements are approved by doctors and are devoid of side effects.

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Do You Prefer The Prevention Or Treatment Model?

Traditionally in western society we wait to get sick and then we take a day off and join the legions of the unwell in doctor's surgeries pawing old germ covered magazines.

In some Asian societies the local doctor or healer would have paid a retainer to keep their patient healthy and the payment would stop if they became ill.

This would be a terrible model now because of the high levels of obesity, diabetes and general fatigue caused in most part by the terrible foods and drinks we consume.

The problem with the prevention model is that we have to do it. We have to make the changes and give up some of the tasty junk that passes poorly for food.

The problem with the treatment model is that you have to get sick, before you can be treated, and sometimes the first symptom is serious illness. The process to recovery may be long painful and expensive.

Plus unless you have a death wish you will then be faced with having to make serious life style changes in order to prevent a recurrence of your illness, and even then you may never complete recover.

This brings us back to the prevention model, which as the name implies would most likely prevent your illness from occurring in the first place. So now you may be eating in a similar way of the person recovering from illness, but of course you would never have had to get sick.

You never have to experience the life changing, painful loss which illness brings to all of those who experience it.

There are many different ideas about prevention but we can break it down to what we know is bad for you and what we know is good for you.

At the top of the bad list is sugar, in all of its disguises, the only people who disagree are the sugar industry, doctors in the employ of the sugar industry and idiots. It has caused more harm than anything else in the history of humans and continues to do so.

Next are grains. Even if we discount the problems of gluten and pesticide residues, and flour chlorine bleaching we are left with a simple fact. Grains convert to sugars rapidly. This is basic bio-chemistry and is easily researched by looking at a high school text book.

The last to avoid are the toxic industrialized oils, which are mostly grain based. The processing renders them harmful to human health. The healthy list is short. Olive, avocado, macadamia and coconut oil.

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Lose the Deep Facial Lines and Sunken Cheeks Using Dermal Filler Injections

Although both treatments involve injections, we should not confuse dermal fillers with botox. Both get injected into the face, but where botox is used to stop muscle movement which results in wrinkles, we use fillers to add volume to the face. This involves placing the fillers in strategic places to lift the cheeks and jowls, give volume to the lips and fill deep lines. This treatment can improve your looks, enhance your profile and leave your face with a natural expression.

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical treatment, used to plump up depressions in the skin. The main reason for depressions in the skin are wrinkles, lines and loss of volume caused by the aging process. As we age, it is well-known that the skin loses its smoothness, and this happens because the body's natural levels of collagen reduce with age. This causes the skin to lose its shape and firmness, and this is a problem that dermal fillers can rectify.

Examples of the use of dermal fillers :

  • Marionette lines – these lines run from the corners of the mouth, down towards the chin, causing deep creases which lead to jowls or a poorly defined jaw line. These are often a result of volume loss in the upper and mid face, combined with the effects of gravity.
  • Nasolabial lines – these are the deep lines from the nose to the mouth, where deep creasing can occur. Often these are a result of volume loss in the cheeks and temples.
  • Cheek Augmentation – loss of volume in the cheeks flattens the mid face. Dermal fillers are an effective treatment that instantly adds volume to cheeks, giving an immediately more youthful appearance.
  • Forehead wrinkles – Frown lines are the vertical lines between the eyebrows, and they are one of the most common signs of aging. Dermal fillers are perfect for softening and minimizing the very deep lines which are visible, even when your forehead is at rest.
  • Tear troughs – this treatment gives a natural filled out appearance, correcting the hollows beneath the eyes.
  • Lip enhancement – dermal fillers will give your lips better definition, reduce lipstick bleed and will enhance thin, aging or asymmetrical lips. Filler treatment is a perfect solution to give you fuller, healthy looking lips, reducing smoker's lines and lifting mouth corners.

Dermal fillers work by plumping up the treated area and making it level with the rest of the skin, filling out any depressed areas such as wrinkles or sunken cheeks. A very fine needle injects the filler into the treatment area, which adds more structure and firmness to the face. Most people report only a slight discomfort when the dermal fillers get injured, so the treatment usually does not require an anesthetic. After treatment, you can go straight back to your normal activities. The results are usually seen instantly and will last for around six to eight months.


  • A non-invasive treatment with little downtime, so you can return to normal activities straight away.
  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles to give a more youthful looking appearance.
  • Will replenish lost volume for a softer more younger look
  • Long lasting results.

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Do We Become More Or Less Tolerant As We Age?

One of the difficulties we have with the term 'intolerance' is that it is often confused with words such as 'anger', 'begrudging', 'resentful', 'grumpy', and 'prejudice'.

It seems that tolerance (or intolerance) varies from person to person and is a matter of general personality and temperament: there are individual differences across all age levels. Some consider that as we get older we become less tolerant – of small talk, those who are different from us, and so on. Yet others tolerate these things more easily and, as a general truth, mellow with age – accepting that it takes all sorts in this world.

Research regarding whether or not we become more or less tolerant as we age is scarce. Researchers at Ohio State University found older adults tend to be more prejudiced than young people. The reason, researchers explained, was because oldies just can not help it. There is also some research to suggest that as men age they become more rigid and intolerant. And, as women age, they become more tolerant and flexible.

According to Los Angeles-based psychiatrist, Mark Goulston, intolerant people tend to possess some common characteristics. They can be fanatical, psychologically rigid, know-it-alls. They're usually terrible listeners, controlling, frequently jealous, can not leave anything to chance, and (surprise, surprise) have tension in their relationships.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that we become more direct as we age. If we're flying, and the person left in front of us puts their seat back, or at the theater, if someone is prodding the back of our seat with their feet, or if someone thinks everyone is interested in hearing their phone conversation, oldies tend to speak up.

It seems that, if you want to avoid being intolerant of others, you have two main choices – distance yourself, or put up with them.

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