Hydroface Anti Aging System – Could Hydroface Be an Alternative to Botox?

Aging is unavoidable. With age comes experience, maturity but also wrinkles and fine lines. You can not skip growing old, but, if you desire, you definitely can control your skin from aging. Every year people worldwide choose anti aging treatments such as laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Botox or various injections or even more specific means such as cosmetic plastic surgery. Staying young with stunning skin does not mean that you need to do so and go under the knife for cosmetic surgery. More and more people try to find non invasive safer ways to rich the same objective: “Being wrinkle free” but without surgery or potential harmful chemicals.

To reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth Botox injections are often recommended, but this anti aging treatment is expensive and can occasionally have side effects. These are the main reasons why so many people are searching for a Botox alternative. Although the age gauge keeps keeping every second, you can stay young and gorgeous using products that prevent the signs of aging by putting nature's most powerful nutrients into work for your skin.

You want to look young with a healthy skin and you are searching for a non invasive, safe anti aging treatment that works? Then, read on.

All media are talking about the extra results on wrinkles of Hydroface anti aging system and one of its component: Argireline.

What is Hydroface anti aging system?

The Hydroface system is composed of 2 creams:

  • Hydroface AM / PM anti wrinkle complex, a face night and day cream that stimulates renewal of skin cells, promotes elasticity and helps to firm, hydrate and tighten your skin.
  • Hydroface advanced under eyes formula that removes dark under eye circles, eliminates under eye puffiness and reduces crows feet around the eyes.

Both creams should be used twice a day. In the first month of use according to clinical studies, Hydroface anti aging system should produce amazing results. Your skin's firmness and elasticity will be increased, under-eye dark sectors will be reduced, your skin will be highly hydrated and you will get an even skin.

Besides these benefits, Hydroface products are less expensive than Botox injections and can be an effective alternative or at least the first solution you can try.

What are the active ingredients of hydroface anti aging system?

Hydroface creams are composed of well known active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, matrixyl, Evening Primrose oil, … but the one that everyone is talking about is Argireline a recently developed product.

What is argireline?

Argireline is a synthetic anti wrinkle cosmetics ingredient (Acetyl hexapeptide-3) manufactured by the Spanish company Lipotec. Argireline is a primary ingredient used in a wide range of make up and skin care anti-aging creams. When applied to the skin Argeline relaxes facial tension by inhibiting the reactions that causes muscles to move or contract, these effects are similar to Botox injections. Clinical studies show that it can reduce the depth of wrinkles up to 30% in 30 days of use for a 10% concentration in anti aging creams.

Argireline has been developed reliably recently and therefore benefits and effects of long term use are unknown.

Products containing Argeline are subjected to comprehensive tests to ensure their safety, but side effects could exist. The noticeable effect you can experience is a minimal sagging of your skin caused by muscle relaxants. If Botox injections target specific muscles, Argireline is likely to relax all your face and may contribute to facial sag. People prone to facial sag should approach Argireline with caution. This effect can be warned by reducing the exposure to Argireline.

Remember also that changing the look and feel of skin is about more than just applying a cream twice a day. Healthy, youthful skin starts with a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise.

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Natural Wrinkle Care – Why The Natural Route Is The Right One To Take

Are wrinkles your problem? You're not alone! So many of us hate the (often premature) signs of aging on our faces, décolleté and hands. That's why so many of us are looking for ways to eliminate wrinkles. In this article I will talk about natural wrinkle care, and why you should go the natural route when it comes to your anti-aging skin care.

First let's get one thing straight – when I say natural skin care and natural wrinkle care, I really mean 100% natural products only. Many companies try to make their products look natural, but once you get to reading the fine printed ingredients list, you find stuff like parabens, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances. That's not really natural, it's “marketing-natural”! Keep away from such products and go for the 100% natural products.

Really, if you're serious about learning how to eliminate wrinkles, look for products that are free from any man-made chemicals and harmful substances, such as the ones I mentioned above. Do not let ads fool you! These synthetic substances do absolutely nothing for your skin! Parabens, for example, are a conservative – read more about their health effects further below.

If you ask me, using natural wrinkle care products to clear wrinkles and look younger is the best way to go.


First of all, they tend to be more effective than synthetic products, even the brand name products! That's because all the chemicals have been removed, there's space for more of the effective ingredients like vitamins and natural oils which really do the work when it comes to clear wrinkles off your skin. Truly natural products there before also usually last longer than the synthetic ones, as you do not need to lather so much of the cream or serum on your face to get the same amount of effect as the less-nutrient-dense synthetic creams.

Second, many synthetic ingredients have been proven or are suspected of being harmful to your skin, or even toxic. There are many substances in skin creams today, that are possibly carcinogenic. That's right; your skin care products may be giving your cancer! I'd personally prefer not take that risk and therefore only use natural skin care.

Third, even if the ingredients are not toxic, they can be otherwise harmful – causing irritations, rashes, even allergies. With natural ingredients the chance of getting these problems is much lower. There are so many people out there who for example can not use creams with mineral oil. Well, it's a product made from the same stuff they make petroleum for our cars, so it's really not a big surprise it's not very suitable for our skin, do not you think?

In my research I have noticed that natural skin care products are the best, at least for me. They are safe, effective and easy to use. If you're interested in learning more about natural skin care, the ingredients you should be looking for in natural wrinkle care, and the ones to avoid like plague, please visit my website, where I share what products I personally recommend.

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Social Media And Ageing

Baby Boomers are used to being first. The current boomer generation is credited with bringing about many changes. Take, for example, the fashion and car industries, the investment marketplace, healthcare, and sex roles. And the changes continue. Travel, retirement planning, reverse mortgages, are just a few that target this group. There is, however, one area that is new to Baby Boomers. It's social media. For most of the boomer generation, when it comes to learning how to get the most out of this medium, it's catch-up time with help bought from the younger brigade.

Social media plays a big part in the lives of most people, particularly Gens Y and X. A recent survey in Australia uncoovered some interesting information. It seems that 45% of those surveyed use this media daily, with usage usually bound to before and after work. This media was mainly used at home, where the lounge was the preferred place. For about half of those people, they'd engage in this media while they were watching TV. According to the findings, 66% of those aged between 30 and 39 and 42% of 40-to-49-year-olds claimed that they used this media at least once a day.

While Gen Ys and X'ers ​​indicated a preference for using smartphone apps, Baby Boomers said that they were quite comfortable using their iPad or standard computer. Staying in contact with friends and sharing items of interest among them were claimed to be the main reasons for using this resource. So, Facebook dominates with LinkedIn continuing to emerge as Australia's number two. Twitter usage and the Instagram app are popular but consider off the pace of the other two.

Social media is a huge growth area for the over-50s. While most boomers are becoming increasingly efficient at using the Internet for online purchases – cinema tickets, flight bookings, researching products and services – an increasing number of those are using this media to retain contact with friends.

Given what Boomers have done through history, expect to see the boomer-generation exploiting this medium. At the moment, it's Facebook and others telling users what's allowed. Betcha Boomers will become increasingly demanding of social media in the future.

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12 Ways to Look Younger

A new year is here, and that means you're close to being another year older. I have compiled a list of ways to look younger from head to toe this year using non-invasive cosmetic treatments that are proven to be effective.

1. Erase frown lines and glabellar wrinkles.

Botox is excellent for treating the lines and wrinkles that form between the eyebrows. With Botox there's no reason to look angry all the time!

2. Get rid of forehead wrinkles.

Botox is also my favorite way to quickly and easily reduce the horizontal lines that form across the forehead. It only takes 10-20 units of Botox to have a nice smooth forehead for the next 3-4 months.

3. Reduce Crow's Feet wrinkles around the eyes.

In 2013, Botox was FDA approved to treat the crow's feet wrinkles that form around the eyes from excessive squinting. ELASTIderm eye cream by Obagi is also a great non-invasive way to help increase collagen and soften eye wrinkles. It complements Botox treatment nicely. Ultherapy is the best way to decrease crow's feet wrinkles around the eyes. It works by using ultrasound energy to tighten the skin. It provides the longest repeating results of the wrinkle removal options mentioned in this article.

4. Lift those brows.

You no longer need surgery to get a natural looking eyebrow lift. Botox and Ultherapy (used together or by themselves) can give you a natura brow lift and open up your eyes by lifting droopy eyelids. No more looking sleepy all the time!

5. No more sunken temples.

Hollow temples are often a neglected sign of aging. Juvederm Ultra Plus will immediately restore lost volume to the temples. Now with the FDA approval of Juvederm Voluma, there is an even better option that can give you results for up to 2 years.

6. Grow thicker, longer eyelashes.

Long eyelashes have always been a sign of youth and beauty. Women have seen excellent results with Latisse which has been FDA-approved and clinically proven to increase eyelash growth. Latisse has been shown to double eyelash fullness- including length, thickness, and darkness in as little as 8-16 weeks.

7. Fillers for under eye hollows.

Dark circles, hollows or bags underneath the eyes? There's a treatment for that! Fillers do an excellent job in treating the hollow area underneath the eyes (tear trough deformities) . At the same time, by altering the way light reflects in this area, they can decrease the dark circles under the eyes that give you that tired look all the time. There is a lot of skill in injecting this area and choosing the type of filler for treatment. In my experience, I have found that the dermal fillers that work the best in this area are Belotero and Juvederm Ultra XC. Their lightweight nature makes it very easy to mold underneath the eyes to give a smooth appearance. For the remaining dark circles, the VI Peel and Obagi Clear skin care systems are excellent treatments.

8. Get rid of vertical lip lines.

Smoker's lines (that's what they're often called even if you do not smoke) can be treated with small doses of Botox in combination with dermal fillers. Fine line treatment with Ultherapy is an excellent new alternative for treating this area. Great results have been shown using this as a primary treatment and then complimenting it with Botox, Belotero, or Juvederm if needed.

9. Plump up your lips.

Just as your facial tissues lose volume as you age, your lips also lose volume and thin out. The goal of a successful lip enhancement should be to give you the most natural results without people knowing you had anything done. Once again, Juvederm Ultra XC and Belotero give the best results for restoring volume to the lips. Juvederm in particular can last for as long as a year-and-a-half in the lips. Using a microcannula technique which results in minimal discomfort and little to no bruising.

10. Tighten saggy neck skin.

A saggy neck can be one of the most uncomfortable and difficult things to treat without surgery. There are several treatments that claim to get rid of loose neck skin, but none have proven to be really effective. Ultherapy is the best option for tightening the loose skin of the lower face and neck. In fact, in 2013 Ultherapy received FDA approval as a non-surgical neck lift treatment. No reason to hide your neck anymore!

11. Rejuvenate your hands.

You've worked hard keeping your face youthful and refreshed, so the last thing you want is for your hands away! Just like our faces, our hands will show the signs of aging. In some cases our hands may even make us look older than we are. There used to be no easy way to combat the signs of aging in the hands. Today, however, Dermal Fillers have become an excellent option for restoring the volume and smoothness that our youthful hands once had. The best fillers for hand rejuvenation are Juvederm Ultra Plus XC and Radiesse. The hand rejuvenation procedure is painless and without downtime.

12. Get rid of fat bulges.

CoolSculpting has really blown up this year in terms of popularity. This non-surgical fat freezing procedure lets you easily get rid of those stubborn bulges of fat that you can not seem to lose with diet and exercise alone. The treatment takes 1 hour and there's no downtime. You can squeeze it in during your lunch break or before your workout. Results are noticeable and long-lasting.

So that's it for now. Here's a rejuvenating New Year!

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5 Foods That Unclog Your Arteries – Add Years to Your Life by Keeping a Healthy Heart

When the arteries become clogged and your blood pressure rises, cholesterol begins to line the walls of inflamed blood vessels causing blood clotting plaque to take form.

The following healthy foods when consumed regularly can provide enough protection to prevent this.

1. Red-Skinned Grapes

Red-skinned grapes are key to flushing out the toxins from your arms as it's the polyphenol resveratrol that helps strip the arteries of free radicals.

You'll need to eat a cup of day red-skinned grapes to get your minimum dose of this artery loving anti-oxidant or alternately if you have a few dollars to spend, freeze-cracked resveratrol can be taken as a daily supplement, which 'll provide a powerful dosage to free up clogged arteries over a shorter period of time.

2. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice will help break down fat deposits in your blood vessels, while improving the cells ability to absorb fat and as a result increase energy production.

Raw cranberries are complied with vitamin C, dietary fibers and the essential dietary mineral manganese, as well as a balance of other essential micronutrients.

3. Kiwi Fruit

When the plumbing in the house starts to rust, this can be said to reflect the same conditions when toxic LDH cholesterol layers arteries to form a blockage.

The anti-oxidants in kiwi's reduce LDH levels and stop the rust spreading – one kiwi a day should be a sufficient anti-oxidant punch to unclog the drains over the course of time.

4. Cantaloupe

Referred to as one of the worlds healthiest foods, cantaloupe contains vitamins A, C, B3, B6, B1, K, fiber, magnesium, copper and folate.

Most notably rich in vitamin A and C, these 2 vitamins alone are anti-carcinogenic that promote lung health where smokers will often experience a deficiency in vitamin A, they can reduce the risk of developing cataracts, alleviate stress and more importantly as related to this article, can prevent heart disease.

Cantaloupes contain adenosine that is administrated to patients who have clogged up arteries and a lack of blood thinning properties, therefore the folate present here and in all known melons is often prescribed in medical form to reduce a patients risk of heart failure.

5. Shrimp

Steam or grilled shrimp are the most healthiest as it's true that they do contain some cholesterol but they also contain taurine.

Taurine wraps itself around fats so they can not penetrate the intestinal wall and permeate the arteries.

Some nutritionists a few years back were saying that eating 5 to 7 jumbo shrimp a day will help starve the development breast cancer cells and omega-3 is also in part responsible for this positive influence, but this figure has since been tamed and 5 to 7 a week is the more conservative advice, where steamed or grilled haddock, salmon or sardines may be your preferred choice if you want to cut back on the cholesterol.

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Ethocyn Anti Aging Molecule: Can You Get a Real Face Lift by Using an Ethocyn Wrinkle Cream?

Looking great is critical to our self-image and a nice skin is very important to feel young: We all want to have a beautiful, smooth and firm skin that allows us to feel good about our appearance. Face lift plastic surgery is a solution but an increasing number of people wants to avoid surgery because of anesthesia, complications, risks and all side effects that could occur.

You are searching for a non invasive, non surgical face lift alternative. What should you do to have the youthful skin you are looking for?

First let us talk about 2 types of important skin fibers: collagen and elastin.

  • Collagen is a protein forming the structural grid that holds other skin structures. It gives the skin its strength and durability. Collagen does not stretch very well.
  • Elastin is also a protein. It is more stretchable than collagen and helps maintain skin resilience and elasticity. It provides skin with snap back like a rubber band. Elastin makes smooth, firm and resilient skin

What happens to our skin as we age?

When we are young, (before the age of 25 or 30 – depending on our genetic disposition) our skin has high levels of elastin – on average, 14-18 percent.

As we age, our skin unavoidably loses the elasticity and firmness it once possessed in younger years and it has nothing to do with the damages caused to the skin by environmental factors, such as sun, wind, smoke, pollution, free radicals, etc: Our elastin levels naturally decrease. Clinical trials confirm that in patients 40 years and older elastin levels could drop to as low as 0.1% and on average are in the 9% range. For this reason, after the age of 25-30, our resilient skin gives way to sagging and wrinkling, and can no longer snap back into its original firm shape.

For Dr. ” The single most important cause of age related skin wrinkles and sagging is the loss of skin elastin fibers .” Elastin fibers are the conservative force in the skin. ”

How could we stop losing elastin fibers and restore a better elastin production in our skin?

Chantal Burnison, an American biochemist, specifically designed a new product to mimic, or simulate, the process that naturally occurs in young skin: She invented the Ethocyn molecule.

What is Ethocyn?

Ethocyn is a patented, clinically proven, unique ingredient that effectively stimulates increased production of important elastin fibers, which are critical for maintaining healthy, youthful looking skin. Ethocyn is scientifically proven to be essential in the fight against and treatment of skin aging.- In an eight-week study, Ethocyn was proven to increase elastin production in the skin by 88%.

Over 20 million dollars has been spent on the testing of Ethocyn to validate its efficiency. Clinical trials have been conducted at prestigious independent universities around the world such as UCLA and the University of Shanghai.

All these clinical trials concluded that Ethocyn is a skin care ingredient that can safely and effectively return your elastin fiber levels to that of a 20 years old – resulting in firmer, smoother, youngger looking resistant skin, with less wrinkles. The skin should be tighter and less sagging. This is also true for other areas, such as the neck and the backs of the hands.

Clinical trials also prove that the results are especially noticeable with the dynamics of facial expression and speech. For example, frown or smile lines that stay after the expression changes and slowly return to the neutral position, following use of Ethocyn the increased elasticity will allow the skin to snap back into the appropriate position, as it does in younger individuals.

What should you do to have the youthful skin you are looking for?

Ethocyn is hypoallergenic and it is compatible with other skin care products. You can find Ethocyn in the finest wrinkle creams and serums. Used twice a day in the morning and in the evening these anti-wrinkle creams or serums will help you to turn back the hands of time. You should notice results within the first or second month of use.

Remember also that changing the look and feel of skin is about more than just applying a cream twice a day. Healthy, youthful skin starts with a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise.

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Useful Insight to Dermal Fillers

It is hard to find someone who does not want to look attractive. Beauty is appreciated by all. Aging is a natural process, however many times; this process may be quickened by factors like lack of balanced diet, smoking, lack of skin care, excess exposure to harsh weather or use of excessive chemicals. Fine lines and wrinkles are signs of aging. Many people wonder what they can do to prevent these early signs of aging. Science and cosmetology have several ways that can help people in combating early signs of aging. Anti-aging creams, face lifts, dermal fillers etc are some of the most popular methods of combing wrinkles and fine lines.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers refer to products that are injected into your skin to reduce scars, fill up wrinkles or remove fine lines. These fillers when injected plump up skin fill wrinkles and fine lines and correct scars and rejuvenate the face. These fillers are an instant hit because the results are almost immediate. Many women opt for these fillers because they produce long term results and they are not as expensive as a plastic surgery. Effects of these fillers generally last for about one year or so and they are extremely affordable too.

Types of Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers tend to vary depending on the ingredients used. The three most popular types of fillers include Hyaluronic acid, collagen and fat. Each of these fillers last for about a year after which, you need to go for a treatment again.

Human Fat:

Human fat used to inject dermal fillers is taken from your own body. The physician takes fat from your abdomen or thighs, cleans it and then injects it into the affected areas in the face. This is a highly suitable option for those with several allergies. The body reabsorbs some of the fat injected. The treated area may look swollen for few days, until it absorbs excess fat.


This is a protein found in human skin and cows. It is usually used for plumping the lips. It is also used to counteract appearances of mild or moderate creases in the face. This dermal filling option is suitable for those who want to maintain their appearance after facial plastic surgery or a facelift

Hyaluronic Acid:

This is a normal and naturally producing acid found near the eyes and the human connective tissue. It acts as a cushion when injected and flattens the tissues, while drawing water in the skin surface. It is used for replacing soft tissue loss or fat loss in your cheeks. It is also used to fill fine lines, laugh lines, wrinkles and folds.

If you are looking for a quick solution to reduce wrinkles, folds or creases in your skin then dermal fillings are ideal for you. It is important that you discuss your detailed requirement with your physician so that he helps you in choosing the right filler for you. Ensure that you consult your physician in advance and equip yourself with all the do's and don'ts of opting for these dermal filling injections.

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Argan Oil – A Quick Overview Before You Buy It


Argan oil in general and its cosmetic grade specifically appeared in the last decade in our stores here in Europe, but the history of this amazing gift is way longer than this.

It comes from a small area in south-west Morocco and it grows only there.

And although more and more modern extraction methods are being continuously investigated and implemented, the traditional methods of this natural potent oil production have been preserved and are still practices today especially in local households and the Argan oil cooperatives.

Since ancient times, the natives have used it for skin, hair and anti-aging as well as for culinary purposes.

Genuine organic Argan oil is produced only in this UNESCO-protected region

And although a lot of local women, both Berbers and Arabs are working and producing Fair-Trade Argan oil in the cooperatives to help strengthen their livelihood, a big chunk of nowdays' oil on the market, is manufactured by modern (mostly foreign) companies who use modern machines to speed-up the extraction process on the cost of quality.


The amazing oil has the necessary nutritional, cosmetic and medicinal properties, that qualify it to be an all-rounder solution for a sustainable health and beauty, especially for hair and skin.

How true is this?

A lot of folks are still keeping a certain distance, when it comes to believing the amazing and almost instant results of this God-sent natural blessing, and extremely do not give it a shot.

Yet, it is gaining more and more fame everyday, thanks to the astonishing and positive results women and men around the world are experiencing.

Let alone the clinical studies conducted by a wide number of research institutes and worldwide renowned cosmetic brands.

Here are some of the nutrients, reconstructive properties and components that make Argan oil unique:

  • Large amounts of vitamin E (twice as much as in olive oil!)
  • Anti-oxidants,
  • Unsaturated fatty acid,
  • Carotenoids,
  • Polyphenols,
  • Squalene,
  • Sterols.

And many more.


What's this precious natural blessing used for?


Argan oil has an amazing nutrient and restorative effect. It's non-greasy and seeps into the skin quickly and easily leaving it silky smooth.

Furthermore, it helps even-out the skin tone, as well as skin imperfections, smoothes wrinkles, fights acne and leaves a skin look younger.


Many women use it as a hair tonic simply because it easily and naturally repairs damaged hair and gives it an amazing natural shine.

The therapy is simple: they rub the oil into the hair roots (plus a light scalp massage) and the hair tips.

They repeat this twice a week before washing.

Some also use it as a leave in treatment. Yet, in some cases, some people do not like the Argan oil smell and prefer before to use it only before washing the hair.


This mostought-after vegetable oil is also used as massage oil in many top-notch spa salons nowdays. Additionally, it nourishes the skin and helps rebuild it especially in the case of scars, acne, chapped and burned skin cases.

Furthermore, it has a positive impact on our joints and bones. It is successfully used for the relief of arthritis and joint inflammation.


Thanks to the exceptionally high content of vitamin E, culinary Argan oil is becoming increasingly popular in the gourmet kitchen around the globe.

It is much healthier than olive oil and any other types of oil out there, especially when used with organic saffron. Sure, it is a bit pricy, but its valuable health benefits make it worthwhile.

No wonder many worldwide renamed restaurants “from the top shelf” implemented it in their “must-have” ingredients list.

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Get Rid Of Wrinkles Naturally By Following These 3 Easy Rules

Let's face it – we all age. Every day, every night. But we do not have to let everyone know just how many days and nights we have behind us already, do we? There are ways to get rid of wrinkles naturally – let's take a look at a few easy rules you can follow to look younger naturally.

1. Eat Good Food and Take Great Supplements

You knew this was coming, right? But it's so true, beauty comes from within. And if you are feeding your body trash, your skin will try to get rid of it the best way it can, working hard and getting all wrinkly in the process. You need to eat fruit and vegetables. Meat is not important, nor are grains harmful. Just to your best to avoid sugar and processed foods and you will be fine. If you can not get your 5 portions of fruit and veg in a day, you should certainly take a great multivitamin. Shop around for something all-natural and effective.

2. Drink 8 Glasses Of Water Daily

I told you, these tips are simple – but they work. If you're not drinking 8 glasses of water daily, start right away. Soda, store-bought juices, alcohol or coffee do not count! If you want to look younger naturally, you want to have a radiant, clear skin. That's what water does to you. It helps remove toxins form your body, and keep your body moisturized from within. Those are two prerequisites for that radiant, beautiful look. Plus a well hydrated body keeps your skin taut, smoothing away wrinkles just like that.

3.Use Natural Wrinkle Skincare

Learning how to get rid of wrinkles entails finding the best wrinkle skincare line. A lot of products today contain chemicals, preservatives and other ingredients that may possibly damage your skin. Some are even proven to be harmful to your health! I personally have been researching skincare lines for several years. There is one company I am happy to recommend to everyone. Their products contain natural ingredients such as Active Manuka Honey and Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, both of which are effective wrinkle-removing substances.

The best way to deal with wrinkles and fine lines is to prevent them from appearing in the first place. So whatever your age, start applying these three rules in your life today, and you will be making sure you are keeping wrinkles away as long as possible. You should also be keeping your existing wrinkles fading away in a few weeks' time.

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How To Clear Wrinkles Naturally – 5 Tried and Tested Methods

If you're serious about learning how to clear wrinkles naturally, you should learn more about how you can help your body produce more of collagen and elastin. These are substances that keep your skin supple and smooth. Naturally boosting their production in the skin is key in clearing away existing wrinkles and fine lines. In this article I'll cover five tried and tested methods of how to eliminate wrinkles naturally.

These are simple methods, but no means easy. It will take some dedication to follow through with some of them, but it will be well worth it! And once you get into the habit, it will be easier day by day to stick with the new beauty routine. If applied consistently, you will see some very impressive results on your skin and most likely also on your body and general health.

# 1 – Exercise

Exercising is not a four-letter word. It's fun – once you find something you like. The reason most people do not exercise at all is because they have not found anything they like yet. If you hate running or Cross-Fit, the hip sports of the year – do not do them! But do yoga, or soccer, or wall-climbing instead. Exercise makes you feel and look better all over, plus it boosts your circulation, which is vital for your skin. Good circulation immediately gives you a radiant look.

# 2 – Juicing or Homemade Smoothies

You need to have fruit and veg in your diet, if you want to look younger! An easy way to do it is to make juices or smoothies at home. I urgently recommend that you only use organic fruit and vegetables to avoid any toxins. Drink one glass (or more if you like!) A day – try different drinks out to find your favorite mix. No added sugar though!

# 3 – Day Cream

Beauty comes from within, but you can help on the outside, too, to let it shine through more easily. At minimum, you should use a natural day cream. An effective day cream will contain ingredients such as super-keratin Xtend TK, Japanese sea kelp Phytessence Wakame and Coenzyme Q10 in its nanoparticle form. All of these ingredients, when applied on the skin, naturally help your body make more collagen and elastin, thus enabling you to rejuvenate from within.

# 4 – Night Cream

Once the first wrinkles have appeared, a natural night cream becomes a must. A night cream should be deeply moisturizing and nourishing your skin. This is because during the night your skin regenerates and can easily absorb effective ingredients. Examples of good ingredients in night creams are shea butter, avocado oil, babassu oil and Active Manuka honey. No toxins or synthetic ingredients allowed!

# 5 – Eye Serum

Using a natural, effective anti-aging eye serum will help you clear wrinkles under and around your eyes better than just day and night cream alone. Again, it's very important that you only use natural products without any potentially toxic chemicals, because especially in the thin under-eye area they may end up even worsening your wrinkle problem in the long run.

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Some Say Deer Antler Velvet Is the New Fountain of Youth

Have you ever looked at your body in the mirror and wished you could go back dozens of years, un-eat the things that made you gain weight and cause the flabby, wrinkled skin that makes you look twenty times older than you actually are? We've all wished that. We've all tried to do it. We've mostly failed. At least, until now.

Deer Antler Extract is beginning to become popular in the weight-loss market because it's a completely natural way to tackle three of the biggest problems people face. The first is that it slows the aging process by boosting your metabolism and helping your body start to undo some of the noticeable effects of aging. In addition to this, it helps build the muscles that you desire, which in turn makes skin feel and look tighter. When skin is not hanging off your body or no longer appears wrinkled, then you look younger, and healthier.

In addition to your skin looking better, and the damage time has done to your body beginning to correct itself a bit, deer antler extract also helps you keep off the weight that you've been dinging to get rid of for ages. Your metabolism gets a boost, which will help burn off those few extra calories that are going straight to your hips, while also helping you keep off the weight. If your problem has been yo-yo dieting, where you lose ten pounds only to slowly gain it back because your system is aging, then this is perfect for you.

Even skeptics admit that some professional sports figures have already come forward alleging they used deer antler spray to enhance their performance. Two of the most well known had undeniably stellar performances during the same time the alleged use occurred.

This extract naturally boosts your energy levels, giving you that last push to go out and exercise or work out some target areas while also giving you the boost you need to keep burning the fat. What more could you ask for from a product that's going to help you stay young, and healthy while also giving you the tools to be the best you possible? Stop putting your time and money into methods that end in disappointment. It's time for you to start living the way you want, without always struggling through ups and downs. Keep a young body while working to make it better each day!

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Are You Aging Gracefully?

It just occurred to me the other day that I will be eligible for Medicare this year. OMG! Funny thing is, I do not feel old enough for Medicare and I will not be collecting Social Security benefits because I am self-employed and make too much money. So what will happen is that I will incur the added expense of Medicare premiums which will be around 100 bucks a month.

Last month in celebration of Christmas I took my daughter and granddaughter on a holiday trip. We had a great time together, but I noticed that my daughter was almost condescending when speaking to me about matters of life, her life. Almost as if I could not relate to what she was going through. Well, like any awesome mother would do, I decided to set her straight. Gee, this sounds like one of those holiday movies on Lifetime where the children hate to spend time with their parents at Thanksgiving or Christmas because the child does not want the parent (s) to know just how messed up their lives really are.

Funny thing about some adult children, they do not seem to have a problem coming to us parents for money, but accepting wise counsel from us is out of the question. As the founder and CEO of a very successful company and the owner of a successful home-based business, I think I may have some wise counsel when it comes to financial prosperity. You think?

So how can we age gracefully? Take care of yourself with good nutrition and stay out of doctor's offices and hospitals. Good nutrition is what keeps us healthy and looking young. You do not have to be treated in an undignified or disrespected manner by anyone including doctors and other healthcare professionals. Get involved in your community and surround yourself with young people. One big thing you should not do is volunteer in hospitals or clinics because you do not want to surround yourself with sick and dying people because that may become your main focus in life. Hanging out and talking all about your ailments and how bad you feel all the time will not make you feel or look better.

Oh, by the way, I refuse to accept free coffee for seniors at Hardee's or anything else because I think I am better off not admitting my age, because in case you have not noticed, in this country seniors are not highly revered. They are treated like throwaways. Even their own children think they are not worth much except for the money in their pockets. Graceful? You be the judge.

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Why Do You Get Wrinkles – And How To Stop Them!

We will all get wrinkles when we age, that's a fact. But why do we get wrinkles? In this article I will share the reasons that cause wrinkles, and some tips on how to stop wrinkles naturally.

How Do Wrinkles Form?

When we are young, our skin is thick and full of elasticity. That way it can bounce back without developing a crease when facial muscles are contracted – like when we frown or smile. However as we age and our skin becomes thinner, drier and less elastic, it starts to exist itself to the undering muscle tissue. That means now when we frown the skin gets pulled along with the muscle creating a line. Over time, a permanent wrinkle will appear.

Diet, life style, general health, and genetics play a big part in the process of how wrinkles appear. We all certainly know that a good diet, full with antioxidants, fruits, vegetables, and lots of water is important for the skin. Also other lifestyle factors like smoking, tanning, exposure to pollution also play a big role, when it comes to the time we start to get wrinkles. A sun-loving smoker will look older sooner than someone who does not tan or smoke, no matter how great his or her genes are.

The Quest To Stop Wrinkles Naturally

Preventing and getting rid of wrinkles naturally is possible. One solution to slow or reduce wrinkles is to strengthen the under muscles of the face. By exercising the facial muscles you help to firm and enlarge the muscle creating lift and a fuller firmer face.

Other solution is to nourish your skin with natural skin care. You just need to make sure you get superior products with lots of proven effective ingredients. What you want to avoid are creams and lotions that claim to be natural, but really are not, as well as products with just a little bit of an anti-aging ingredient – much less than the amount that would really make a difference!

A few ingredients that work very well in stopping wrinkles are naturally Xtend TK, Natural Vitamin E as well as Active Manuka Honey. Together they work as powerful antioxidants and boost cell regeneration and rejuvenation in the skin.

Just as important is to moisturize your skin with natural oils such as Avocado Oil, Maracuja Oil or Babassu Oil. If your skin is dry, no amount of anti-aging ingredients can smooth away wrinkles; the skin needs to be well moisturized at all times! It's best to use skin care that fulfills both tasks at the same time.

To stop wrinkles naturally, take my tips and look for a great, natural skin care line. To see what I personally recommend, please visit my website – the link is just below!

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Removing Wrinkles Effectively – An Anti Aging Skin Care Guide

Are you interested in preventing and removing wrinkles on your face? Many people are, because let's be honest, hardly anyone wants wrinkles that make you look old and tired. That's why it's a good idea to look into preventing wrinkles when you hit your 30s, and educating yourself on removing wrinkles when you get to your mid-40s at the latest. In this little anti-aging skin care guide I will share my knowledge about what to do with wrinkles.

Perhaps you already are aware that wrinkles appear when the skin starts to lose its regenerating properties and becomes less elastic due to loss of collagen. That is normal, but the process can be slowed down.

The solution is to increase your body's capacity of producing the collagen internationally. The natural protein produced that way is then directly available to your inner skin layers, where it can rebuild your skin's elasticity and suppleness. Not only this helps in removing wrinkles but prevails them from appearing in the future as well!

To do this, you need use effective natural skin care products with ingredients like Xtend TK. This natural ingredient from New Zealand has the power to increase the collagen production inside your skin. Combined with Avocado Oil, a cream with Xtend TK can really make a difference in your appearance, and that has been proven both in clinical studies as well as thousands of people.

But there are other reasons for wrinkles in addition to the natural loss of collagen. Free radical damage is one of them. A free radical is an atom that steels substance from the cells in our bodies. If lots of free radicals are out and about, eventual cellular damage will occur.

The solution to this problem is getting enough antioxidants. Antioxidants are very important in fighting free radicals. They are especially important in sun exposure, as the harmful (if the sun exposure is prolonged) UV rays can cause free radical damage. Natural Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, as well as Grapeseed Oil. Using skin care products that contain these ingredients is the first step to reduce free radical activity in your skin. But do not forget to include these ingredients in your diet, too!

I hope this little anti aging skin care guide has been helpful to you! Just make sure you are taking care of your health and nourishing your skin with all-natural, effective skin care with powerful anti aging ingredients , and your skin will thank you by looking younger, smoother and suppler.

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Anyone For Tennis? What Sport Can Teach Ageing

Most players lining up for the Australian Open tennis will agree that success at the tournament requires two things-skill and luck. After their obvious skills, luck deserted Ashely Barty and Bernard Tomic when the draw guaranteed their first-round exits. So the highly successful players possess a bit more skill and a lot more luck – and luck, of course, involves much more than the draw, as I'm sure both Tomic and Nadal would agree (Tomic retired hurt).

So, what's all this got to do with aging?

When you listen to what the victors say at their acceptance statements, it's likely that they will say that they have always wanted to win the Australian Open, and that they enjoyed (having fun) participating in the tournament.

Hold-on a minute, you might say, are not those two qualities similar to what's required to lead a longer, better life? Having something to look forward to and a good dose of fun or enjoyment are essential ingredients.

Something to look forward to need not be a major, life-changing event, like winning a game of tennis. (I must admit, however, that I always look forward to playing a game of tennis with a fellow who continues to defeat me 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. on playing me as I am of him.) Looking forward to a holiday, a family outgoing, visiting friends, hugging grandkids, or whatever, would qualify. When it comes to having something to look forward to, the only requirement is that the event needs is to have meaning for you. More than 10 years ago, The Berlin Aging Study identified the one universal characteristic of people who lived to be 100 that that had some reason to get up the next day – and the next, and the next, and the next.

I recently had a chat with three women who told me that their ages were 91, 92, and 93. There were two common elements relating to what each person shared. The first was that they each spoke about what they would do 'when they got old'. The other area of ​​similarity was that fun (enjoyment) was a feature of their days – if there was no enjoyment in an event, they could not be bothered engaging.

So, what then about skill and luck?

Adding years to your life and life to your years requires luck. As Grouch Marx said, 'Growing old is something you do if you're lucky'. And you do need to develop some skills. The good news is that there's plenty of help available for you to develop the skills that will likely increase your chances of becoming lucky.

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