As we reach our middle years we have an expectation that our bodies will begin letting us down and we 'feel' old.

Hitting 40 is a new frontier in your life. You can start looking at yourself and your needs. What is it you really like? What do you want out of your life? It's time to look forward to a life for you. Nothing is impossible, even looking ten years younger.

You can create a future where you stay 'feeling', as well as, looking young. There really is nothing to be afraid of; you need to embrace this new freedom and begin living for yourself.

This starts with feeling good about you; ensuring you feel as young as you are, not as old as you think! The aging process is not a given. It is about how you feel and much of that has to do with how you look. If you're feeling sluggish and gray, it may all be a matter of the mind rather than a permanent state of play.

Consider what you eat; the more processed food you consume the less healthy you become. Take an honest look at your food intake and really do something about it permanently. Make that promise to yourself.

You also need to ensure you keep moving. Many people spend far too much time sitting. You need movement in your life no matter what your age. Rather than slowing down and doing less, try walking a bit more. Pop to the shops on foot, even if it is for a take-away! Have a stroll in the local park a bit more often, no matter what the weather ..

More than anything, though, you really do need to have an upbeat attitude about things that can happen in life, good or bad. If it's good, really feel it. If it's bad, think about how it could be worse. Try to learn from the experience and turn it around so it is not 'as bad' as it could be.

Being gloomy and depressed can only make you ill and dull; try taking meditation classes or any classes (sometimes doing something you've always wanted to do but never had the opportunity). Help yourself to live a fuller, more productive life – one that can be filled with laughter and joy.

Being healthy in mind and body can only help you to stay feeling and looking younger.