By now you know that one method for how to look younger is to keep your hands and the skin that covers them looking healthy and soft with the help of a moisturizing cream. But just because you take great care of your hands, does not mean your fingernails will stay in tip top shape. Our fingernails are sooner to breaking and splitting, which can make your hands look bedraggled and unkempt. Raggedy digits can make you seem older than you are. What causes your nails to split, and what can you do to prevent it from happening?

Splitting and cracking nails can be caused by many different factors. One is using acetone-based polish removers or constantly changing your nail color, both of which dry out the nails. Other things that dry out the nails include frequent hand washing or using chemical hand sanitizers, which sap the skin of moisture. Using chemicals to clean your home can affect your fingernails. Even living in a dry climate can cause your nails to dry and crack.

How can you protect your digits from such everyday things as cleaning your home or washing your hands? Use the same anti aging skin care products you already use on your face, and apply some of that goodness to your hands for how look youngger via fantastic fingernails. That anti aging cream that makes your skin feel amazing will also work the same on your hands. Just be sure to focus attention on your nail beds and cuticles, making sure they get plenty of hydration. A thick moisturizing cream that contains vitamins E, A or C will help nails to grow stronger so they will be less prone to breakage. To keep your anti aging cream working all night for supremely healthy hands, apply a thick layer to cuticles and nails, and then cover your hands with cotton gloves or socks to keep the cream contained.

Other than generously applying your anti wrinkle cream after washing your hands, using polish remover, doing dishes and before going to bed, you can also improve your fingernails' condition through your diet. You may have heard the old rumor that consuming gelatin can help prevent your nails from splitting, but you could eat a whole boatload of your favorite flavor and it would not make much of a difference in your nails' strength. Instead, you should focus on consuming plenty of calcium, protein and vitamins – you can even take a multivitamin or biotin supplement to make sure you get enough nail-strengthening vitamins and minerals. These vitamins improve your nails' condition, and biotin, which can be found in foods like eggs and avocado, works to strengthen your nails (and your hair too!).