The endurance trial known as le Tour de France is the perfect reminder to test how you're traveling in a much more important event called LIFE. During le Tour, lycra-ble guys pedal for days on end in the hope of victory for their team. The Life Wheel can help make you a real 'winner'

For thousands of years the wheel has been used as a symbol of progress and balance. Just like in le Tour, the aim is a wheel that provides a smooth ride: a rough ride should, and can, be avoided.

We know that adding years to our life and life to those years can be achieved by ensuring regular attention to the 7FsF ood, F itness, F interestships, Future, F un, F inances, F aith. By maintaining a proper diet, exercising regularly, nurturing friendships, making sure you always have something to look forward to, having fun, keeping finances in check, and believing in something, a longer, better life can be guaranteed for most of us.

A Life Wheel provides an invaluable way of keeping our eyes on the way ahead. Here's what you can do.

  1. Draw a circle – freehand, traced, computer generated, or whatever.
  2. Mark the circle into 7 equal parts by the addition of 7 radii emanating from one central point 'zero'.
  3. Name each radii as one of the 7Fs. Write the name at the wheel rim end of the radii.
  4. See each radii as a 10-point scale with the center being zero and the wheel rim being '10'.
  5. Record the numbers on each radii from zero to ten.

Mark on each radii where you consider you're currently 'at' on a 10-point scale for that particular quality. If, for example, you consider that your diet is excellent, then you will mark '10' on the radii marked 'Food'. If you consider that your finances are in need of careful attention, then you might mark '2' on the 10-point scale for the radii marked 'Finances'.

Now, join each of the marks ('Xs') you have made on the 7 radii. If the completed 'wheel' is full-sized and smooth, you can expect to have a long and healthy life. If, however, your completed wheel has flat spots, you can expect a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. You will have a clear picture of the area (areas) in need of attention.

Go on, give it a go. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.