Whether you're a fresh-faced twenty-something in need of your first-ever moisturizing cream, or introducing a new phase of life in which your former face moisturizer is no longer meeting your needs, searching for new facial care products can be like trying to find a specific grain of sand on the beach. With so many options, how do you determine what the best anti aging cream is for you, and how do you even start looking for that elusive perfect product? Follow these steps to find your perfect moisturizing cream.

First Stop: Your dermatologist's office.
Many people accidentally misdiagnose their skin type. Those with perpetually shiny faces may believe they have oily skin, when in fact their skin may be too dry and their sebaceous glands are trying to compensate for the lack of moisture. A dermatologist will be able to properly tell you what your skin type is, and can make recommendations for the types of products that will work best with your skin. Each time you enter a new phase of life – puberty, parenthood, menopause – you should have your skin checked by your dermo, as your skin may have different needs through your life.

Second Stop: Your friends.
Chances are good you have friends who are in a similar phase of life that you are. Find a friend or two with the same skin type you have and ask them what type of face moisturizer or anti wrinkle cream they use for how to look younger. Do they like their products? What results have they experienced? Friends may turn you on to a brand you might not have considered if you were searching on your own.

Third Stop: The skincare counter or website.
You never know if you'll like a product until you try it! This is why it's best to get samples wherever you can, whether it's via online request or asking for samples at the skincare kiosks at the mall. Some brands may not offer samples, in which case your best bet is to either ask your friend to try her products, or buy the smallest size available. But it does not hurt to ask for samples! Testing out various products will help you determine what type of moisturizing cream your face will like, and which ones do not fulfill your needs.

Last Stop: Your own bathroom.
Once you have your product samples, give them some time to work. Some products, especially anti-acne products, may not give you accurate results for up to two months. An anti aging cream may offer results sooner, but you should use the anti wrinkle cream consistently for at least a few weeks to see the best results.

Once you find the perfect moisturizing cream or anti aging cream for your skin, remember to apply it consistently to reveal your most beautiful complexion.