You always want to make a good impression when you first meet others, and unfortunately, having brow furrow lines – those vertical lines between your brows – can tell a very different story about the type of person you are than might be true. Those furrows can tell people that you're stressed, angry or unhappy, even if you're not. But it's no wonder, since squinting or frowning can cause the furrows in the first place. Whether you've already got frowned lines or just want to prevent your firm skin from developing them, taking proper care of your skin can help make you look younger and happier.

Avoid Stress
When you're under pressure, you're more likely to squint, frown or worry your forehead, all of which can cause you to premierely develop furrow lines and wrinkles. Try to eliminate stress from your life – stop procrastinating, do not sweat the small stuff, and take positive steps to keep your stress levels at a minimum, such as participating in yoga classes, for example. Of course, you can not avoid all types of stress, so be proactive and utilize anti wrinkle face creams to prevent furrows and work as a wrinkle reducer for existing fine lines.

Be Joyful
Smiling is much nicer than frowning, but we do not want to suffer smile lines either! However, when you're happy, your face is more likely to be relaxed, so your skin will not be pulled in tightly around your forehead, brows and eyes. Smile all you'd like, and simply apply anti wrinkle products around your mouth, cheeks and eyes to prevent fine lines from occurring, or to work as a wrinkle remover.

Work Those Muscles
Your facial muscles, that is. To prevent brow furrows, try this exercise. Using the pads of your fingertips, place your fingers right above your eyebrows. Gently massage the muscles horizontally, and vertically for about 30 seconds apiece. You'll be able to feel your forehead muscles working even as you normally work them. Finish off by rubbing gently in circles. These movements work as a wrinkle reducer and help keep your firm skin from wrinkling.

It's not for everyone, but if you're already suffering from pronounced forehead furrows, Botox injections can help soften up your look. This wrinkle remover toxin is injected directly into the muscle underneath the furrow, and causes it to go slack and smooth. While Botox is effective, the results are not permanent, so you may be better off long-term using anti wrinkle products instead.

Soften the Skin
Of course, the simplest method for preventing brow furrows is to begin using anti wrinkle face creams at a young age and continue their use through your life. Anti wrinkle products are full of hydrating ingredients that help keep your firm skin looking healthy. Continued use will keep your skin looking significantly younger and happier as you age.