Let us Look at 3 Aspects: Diet / Detox, Health & Behavior and Cosmetics.

A) Diet and Detox: Good for you or not? There are many kits and remedies available, but do they work and are they safe? Can they be harmful? Do they help in keeping the body healthy and youthful?

Assoc. Professor in nutrition Tim Crowe, at the Deakin University, says no! He believes they can be harmful, and unnecessary. 'If you're in general good health, you've already got a great system in place for ridding the body of waste and toxins. There is no medical evidence to suggest that detox diets do it any sooner or more efficiently. ' At least ten associate experts agreed. 'Some of these detox programs can actually be harmful, as they cut out entire food groups, meaning that you miss out on essential nutrition.'

A common response to this is 'but I feel great after detoxing.' In this case they advise you to look at your normal life style and what you normally eat. While you've been detoxing, you probably cut out a lot of your normal foods which were bad for you anyway, such as salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. And any resulting weight loss is quite possibly just fluid, which you will quickly replace.

B) Health & Behavior: Now for something more positive. For those who still hold out for the magic formula, there is hope.

The antioxidant resveratrol, found in red grape, red wine, peanuts and Japanese knotweed, is proving to have anti-inflammatory and anti aging properties. Studies at Harvard Medical School showed that mice given resveratrol actually doubled their endurance capacity and showed considerable immunity from the effects of obesity and aging. It is now also being tested as a treatment for memory loss and melanoma. The secret appears to be that resveratrol increases the activity of the gene SIRT1 that protects us against disease.

Junk Food & Processed Foods, should be avoided. They typically contain high levels of fat and phosphates which accelerate the signs of aging and, in quantity, can induce muscle and skin atrophy.

Do not Smoke! If your any way serious about retarding the effects of old age, you simply can not smoke. Overwhelmingly, non smokers of the same age have better skin with fewer wrinkles, better bones and fewer cataracts. Without going into all the nasties of smoking, statistics show that if you do not smoke, you reduce your risk of dying within the next 15 years by HALF.

Exercise Daily: Too much can not be said on the importance of exercise to keep the body (and mind) young. The 'Archives of Medical Study' after considering work concluded 'daily exercise has a comprehensive effect on the body cells – significantly slowing down the body's aging.

Daily Multivitamin Supplement: It is very important to get sufficient daily doses of Vitamins and Minerals to function properly. By keeping your body (and mind) in good condition you can significantly prolong your lifespan. If you have a busy life or can not always get a balanced diet, consider a good Vitamin & Mineral Supplement. The Harvard School of Public Health states 'today there's quite a bit of evidence that taking a daily multivitamin makes good sense.'

C) Anti Aging Cosmetics: this is the third important topic I had wished to include here, but I just just note it now as imporant and have to cover it in our next article.

Finally, to quote the Desiderata, 'Be careful, Strive to be happy'. Avoid stress and bad relationships if at all possible. This really does poorly effect the body; it effects your general health, immune system, intellect and ages you dramatically. In such cases, Yoga and Meditation are still recommended.

Stay Young.