It's hard to deny that aging is what we do from the time we get on the planet to the time we leave it. But we tend to fight the process, and search for anti-aging methods, techniques, and products that will keep us looking young, healthy, and active as we get older.

That looking good, and staying active so that you can continue to create and live the life you love are the very components of healthy aging, and good health is where all anti-aging begins.

If you wait until the day you realize that your body just is not the same as it was a few years ago to worry about anti-aging, well, you've wasted a lot of time. That's time you could have been taking steps to insure that you are aging naturally and gracefully each step of the way. So, where ever you are in the process of getting older, why not get serious about healthy aging today.

Here are 4 tested and proven anti-aging tips that will keep you healthy, vital, and looking your best as naturally get older:

Do not smoke

Smoking is always one of the two top leading preventable causes of death in the United States, depending on which list you see. That's because smoking itself is responsible for much of the heart disease, chronic lower respiratory disease, strokes, and many cancers we deal with today. It would be difficult to include smoking in any efforts for healthy aging or longevity of life.

Be careful about alcohol

Alcohol is a two edged sword when it comes to your health, and anti aging efforts. On the one hand it is the third leading cause of preventable death in the United States, and on the other hand reliable research continues to indicate that 1 drink a week for women and 2 for men can improve your life and health. If you drink excessively you may not age well, or long: be careful with alcohol.

Stay active

Who wants to get old and not be able to move? The way to good health, and aging will always include staying physically active. Most health professionals heartily recommend at least 2 h hours of some sort of physical exercise every week. That's 30 minutes a day 5 out of every 7 days. It'll keep you flexible, mobile, and feeling good. Any regular exercise program will help you de stress, which just makes life more enjoyable as you age.

Eat for health

Somehow we seem to have completely lost touch with the fact that the food we eat is to sustain life: life to each individual cell that makes up the whole of our bodies. If you intend to live a long and fulfilled life you need to eat a steady diet of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and healthy proteins. White flour, and refined sugar is the opposite of health, so? Learn about anti aging foods, and think about your health every time you put something in your mouth.

Anti aging should not really be about products to cover up the effects age has on you: it should be about healthy aging and staying active so you can enjoy every moment you live.