Everyone does it – fart, that is – but we do not like talking about it. The amount individuals fart (pass gas, break wind, fluff, or some other euphemism) per day depends on a number of factors. Diet is the main one. A healthy vegan diet, for example, may produce more flatulence than those omnivorous counterparts.

Other information relevant to this topic are as follows.

  • A normal, healthy person (he and she) farts between 14 and 40 times per day. In Australia, the Victorian Government health guidelines, tell us the average is about 15, while in the US the National Institutes of Health puts that number at 14.
  • The average fart is made up of about 59% nitrogen and, in some cases, 7% methane (the stinky gas).
  • Most farts take place at night while we're sleeping.
  • Regular farting is a sign that you're consuming enough fiber, and have a healthy collection of bacteria in your intestines.

The answer to the question being pursued here is (probably) yes. We do get gassier in our old age and there are about five reasons for this.

  1. As we get older, digestion slows down and food moves through the gut slower creating more gas.
  2. As we get older our body functions do not work as well, including the ability to control the anal sphincter, so the physical capacity to refrain from farting diminishes.
  3. As we get older, some conditions and diseases are more prevalent contributing to excess gas.
  4. As we get older, we tend to use more prescription drugs and gas is a side effect of some of these – antibiotics and blood-pressure medications, for example.
  5. As we get older, our social situation changes. Confined spaces such as workplaces, working lunches, and 'catching' lifts, are replaced by longer periods of splendid isolation and freedom to fart.