Everybody loves a party!

Make-up parties, naughty underwear or pamper parties at home are still all the rage. And so it sees are cheap Botox parties. But at what cost? It's amazing to find that women, and men, are putting themselves in the hands of any “beauty professional” that can offer a quick, cheap facial fix!

A Botox party – a social event with alcohol and refreshments at a friend's home, may seem like a relaxing and fun way to try this treatment, sometimes at a discounted price. However, there are safety measures required for Botox such as: informed consent, keeping a detailed medical record, sterile injection procedure and continued refrigeration of Botox, which may not be in place at parties in the home, and if problems do arise afterwards there's no access to follow-up care.

Cheap Botox parties held at home, when the product is either self-injected or being administrated by inexperienced hands, can easily go terribly wrong. When Botox is not infected properly, or in exactly the right place, it could end up paralysing the wrong muscles, resulting in droopy eyelids and eyebrows, or in the worst case scenario it could even paralyse the muscles that move your eyeball, which could give you problems with your eyesight.

The risk of infection when administrated by an untrained person is higher than with a fully trained provider. When something gets injected in the skin, it's vital that it's administrated in a sterile, clinical environment, to avoid the risk of infection. At a Botox party, whether in someone's home or in a salon, it's illegally that the environment will be as sterile as it would be in a clinical setting. Administering Botox treatment in a non medical setting is putting people at risk … and the risks greatly outweigh the benefits.

Botox, made popular by a vast number of celebrities who have admitted using it, is a licensed medicine. Administering it, is an art that requires a high level of ability, along with a talent for the craft. Do not let price be your guide. If you see an offer for a treatment that is much less than the standard fee then it's likely that there are compromises being made, either in the skill of the provider, the product's quality or the amount of it being used.

It's better and safer that a trained medical practitioner with knowledge of facial anatomy performances any medical procedures in an established clinical setting, not a Botox party. At a clinic, clients would receive pre and post treatment instructions and be reassured that they can contact the doctor / practitioner in case the need ever arises.

The advice is … save your parties and drinking games for the weekends and visit a licensed medical establishment for any cosmetic treatments. After all, when you look in the mirror, you want to see a face you are proud of. Can you put a price on that?