Amino acids are incredible health nutrients that most people know very little about. However they are involved in every chemical reaction in the body. They are essential for overall common health and reversing the aging process. Scientists now broadly define aging as the inability of the body to restore or rebuild itself. Guess what amino acids do ?? You got it. They rebuild the body.

A lot is known about vitamins, minerals and healthy eating. Just watch the media. Little is said about amino acids. Let's compare the body to an automobile. If you fuel and maintain your car with good octane fuels, oils and lubrication, it runs good. The same is true with your body. Having raw good foods and supplementing with vitamins and minerals your body will function optimally as well. Now if this same car breaks down, it needs parts to repair it. Right? The same is true with our bodies. If our body begins breaking down, called aging, we need amino acids to rebuild ourselves.

Let me introduce you to one of those very effective amino acids .– L Arginine

L-arginine was first discovered in 1866. It's advancing effects startied revealing themselves in the 1930's when researchers discovered that L-arginine was able to remove ammonia from the body and produce creatine a necessary nutrient. Ammonia is a highly toxic substance. But Arginine's real breakthrough happened in 1998 when Nobel Prize was awarded to 3 scientists for the discovery and role of Nitrous Oxide (NO). Arginine sythesizes NO. Since then Arginine has been researched and studied for its extra role in heart health.

Nitrous oxide causes a condition called vasodilation. Vasodilation widens, relaxes, and opens arteries thereby improving blood flow. This is critically important for heart patients. If we think about it, most heart conditions including angina, congestive heart failure, arthrosclerosis and high blood pressure have their foundations in low blood flow or restriction of the arteries. When arteries are widened and blood flow is improved, most of the other heart conditions resolve themselves.

However Arginine is also useful for many other things. Due to it's blood flow improving qualities conditions like claudication (pain in the extremities due to restricted arteries), erectile dysfunction and migraine headaches are relieved. Some studies are now revealing that arginine may even be helpful for Dementia and Alzheimers patients which are nothing more than heart attacks of the brain due to low blood flow. It is known to improve immune system response and actually is an effective weight loss supplement. Arginine increases natural HGH production. HGH speeds up the metabolism, reverses the aging process, and speeds up healing processes through the body. Arginine is also a strong anti-inflammatory amino that will improve any condition like arthritis.

As anyone who regularly supplements with Arginine can tell you, It effects are clearly noticeable. Some qualities to be noted are more endurance, energy, less joint pain, better and quicker recoveries from strenuous pressures or workouts, heightened sexual experiences, skin rejuvenation and clearer and more focused thinking.

It is now estimated that most people over 30 need supplementation. Deficiency results in fatigue, hair loss, repeating sickness, poor skin conditions, and poor cognitive function.